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Tori Luv0 Now that's a juicy booty right there. Our people over at found a good one for you big booty lovers. Her name is Toi Luv and she's making a big splash in this modeling game.
Angel Lola Luv Homeless The game is not easy. We're not making fun in any way about this (if it's true). But it's circulating around the web that Angel Lola Luv was recently evicted from her house. Angel is a model best known for her oversized ass. She recently tried to start a rapping career. Keep ya head up Angel, we all must go through hard times when we're on the verge of success.

Luvangel0 Check out this new up and coming model, a hot redbone who likes to tease you with her booty. Very nice! Here's her website

Angle Lola Luv 0Rumor has it that Angel Lola Luv is actually gay and uses men for her career. Supposedly she's gay and has had the same girlfriend for years! Here's her pictures and her name is simply "Logan". She has a fake booty too lol!

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