Shani Ggurls

Britneylove0 This time Britney Love got seductive on that ass. She's posing in Lingerie looking all sensual. Who would say no to that?

Nisheka0 Another totally hot new GGurl, this is Sheka from Dallas and man does she look good! Sheka poses in purple lingerie and you can really see the definition of her body. She has great features all around.
Golden Gurl0 The second set was even hotter than the first set and those were good! This is Ms Golden Gurl from Trill Reloaded studios. They do great work together! We love her sexy ass. Notice her name is "GG" we love that too!
Jenifer Le Grand0 Jenifer is a very versatile model. She looks great in swimwear, fully clothed or taking glamour pictures. You can't go wrong with any picture you snap of this adorable GGurl. Enjoy!
Promysce0 We've come a loooong way! Promysce was on GGurls a few years ago and just like the site she's back hotter than ever. We love promysce!
Dililah0 The definition of eye candy modeling is here! Good looks great body, nice pictures! This model should rate 5 all across the boards! Welcome Feven Tadesse!
Andrea Michele0 New Model! Andrea Michele comes on the scene with some cute pics! Welcome to GGurls Andrea
Lucy Lvette Sweet Cherokee0 ... DAMN. Now this is a picture. The passion in this picture is outstanding, the idea was captured perfectly, and of course those round booties help! This is Lucy L'vette and Sweet Cherokee shot by C.E. Wiley Studios.
Find This Chick0 Twitter? Facebook? Hell does she have a Myspace page? Who is this chick? Pretty eyes, face, skin tone, (tits) and smile. We've even Googled "yellow bone girl in see through lingerie" and nothing lol. One of you pervs know her name. Tell us.
Cubana Lust Show Magazine0 Cubana Lust hit us up and told us she was on the cover of the latest issue of Show Magazine's Black Lingerie edition. Show magazine is our people and we love Cubana (fine ass) Lust. So it was a no-brainer to tell all our GGurl family to go pick this issue up like right now! Soon as we finish typing this we're going to go cop it! You know Show has some fine ass women in it, and now they have one of the baddest in the black lingerie edition. This is a win win situation. Oh, and there's a DVD included!
Shawna Ass Here she is again giving you another hot show in sexy see through lingerie. Shawna Michelle has a lot of sexy videos on the net. 

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