Malea Jae0 Pure cuteness, let's welcome Malea Jae to the GGurls family. She's a 23 year old model from Miami Florida who happens to be a natural in front of the camera.
Jae Choice0 Wow. We weren't even expecting these pictures when we opened up our email today. What a GREAT surprise!
Jessicajae0 Sexy girl alert. You like 'em thick like this don't you? @ChiCityJessica is a thick model with that hyper sex appeal. Not scared to show you her beautiful body, Jessica brings the heat! You'll love her pics, check her out. 
Jae Michelle0 Our other J. Michelle on GGurls lol. J Michelle is one of the owners,
Jae Choice0 Jae Choice. Love this woman. She gave GGurls props on what we do for the modeling industry, and it's props like that, that keeps us going. The fact that she looks a lot like Meagan Good is the icing on the cake. This is one pretty woman.
Jaechoice Annnnnnnd the winner is.... Jae Choice.. Jae with hard with promoting her entry as a contestant for the GGurl's sexiest contest. It was close race too. Rhonda Envy (2nd Place) and Jessenia Vice (3rd place) gave her a run for her money. However Jae ended the race with a clear victory with over 1600 votes! We love grinders and sexy grinders are even better.
Ggurls Jae Michelle is such a hottie. We love her pictures and up until now we had one in particular that was our favorite picture of her. This is now our new favorite GGurl picture of Jae. Look at that sexy ass booty.
Jaemichelle0 This GGurl is not just cute but she's smart! She has her own site and another site to showcase models (our affiliate). She has merchandise to sell and it's sexy! Buy her posters now! Go here ---> Jae Michelle Poster!
Anahversusjae Dig it! Two hot GGurls in another face off! This time it's the cutie bootylicious Anah Mae versus the pretty and sexy Jae Michelle! Which one do you choose?
Miss Jae0 Showgirlz Exclusive always have some hot mamis to view! How ya feel about Miss Jae?