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Kelis0 The first story to start of the new GGurls erotic section is from our columnist Kelis. This is a very hot and very steamy story for mature audiences only. So sit back and enjoy.

Invisible Door This had to hurt! She thinks it's funny but we don't know about that! He almost broke his nose walking into this invisible (clear) door (screen). Ouch!
Secret Moneii Let the haters hate! Secret Moneii made this for all her haters "who didn't believe". We don't know what they were hating on but we love the video!

Twitter: @Secret215
Keep It Real0 For some reason this cracks us up! Simple and silly but cute and funny. Really funny!

Fiveheartbeats0 What's the greatest Black movie of all time? We're going to try to list as many as possible and then you tell us which one is the best ONE of all time? Name any that we forgot.
Hoodrat Dancers0 You know how you go to the strip joint and you see that one chick you like? Well these ain't one of those chicks. These strippers and dancers look like the type you'd pay to stay the fuck away from you. Some of these pictures might be at a house party.
Aaliyah Maria Video Aaliyah Maria has to be one of the thickest and finest white women we've ever seen. Check this GGurl's video out Walk it like a dog and tell us you don't love that thick white ass?

Gemini Twin Now this is a hot video of the Gemini Twins shaking and gyrating to Travis Porter's Make it Rain video. Do that shit!
Rateit Keeping the tradition alive. Rate this chick's ass. She's Brazilian and it's wide yet kinda round! You like?

Booty Clap Video This may be a stupid question because basically you'd hit anything lol! But fuck it! Would you?

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