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Elvida Santos has to get the most attention she can get, because she is just that gorgeous. This Playboy Playmate is just too fine my dude. Take a look.

Miko Milan0 Pretty name for a pretty sexy model. Miko Milan really has it going on and we're proud to present her for your (perverted) viewing pleasure. On a scale of 1 to 10 we give her a 10.5
Everybody seems to really like the new header at top we've designed. The new one features Gorgeous, Shakira, Jossie the Rican Bombshell, Juicy Bad Ass and Anah Mae. Go ahead and download it for your desk or laptop.
Majeedah G0 Our type of woman right here! Beautiful skin, pretty face and very nice body (with a perky booty to match). Majeedah is new and we can't wait to see even more pictures of her. She is fucking gorgeous!
G1 Vote for core Ggurl model Gorgeous for GGurl of the month.
Cell  Phone0 The latest batch of cell phone cuties are just as good as any other batch! You'll love these hotties for their faces, bodies and round and brown booties. Go ahead and scroll down and enjoy these gorgeous babes.

Vanessa Winters0 A pretty cute girl with a body to match is kinda rare. So when you find one you better cherish her. Introducing Vanessa Winters. A pretty cute girl with a body to match.
Leesa Unique0 Damn. Say it again. Leesa Unique has a spectacular body with a face to match. Her shape is unbelievable and her pictures are a blessing to whoever gets to see them. Damn.
Crisana Mariyah0 Well it sure is nice meeting Crisana Mariyah. She has some great eyes and a great body. These pictures were a great introduction piece and we want to give a big shout out to 2020 photography for the submission. Thanks!
GG Gorgeous0 Milestone: We'll start off by talking about these pictures first lol. Gorgeous (Christal Ray) has been shooting with us for a minute now. If you've been watching the progress of our photography you can see the improvements just by looking at her features. We've came a long way baby, and there is of course always room for improvement. These pictures are the shit even if we do say so ourselves. Christal is simply gorgeous. She doesn't have that name for nothing.
Beautiful Dizazter0 Beautiful Dizazter is a GGurl mainstay. We've been knowing her for years now and she's not just a super unbelievably gorgeous model she's a talented photographer, videographer and webmaster. Here are some new pictures of GGurls' baby, Beautiful Dizazter.
Gia Simone0 Finally, we have the sultry Gia Simone on GGurls with hot pictures by our boy Alex Tirado. These are pictures he took for Optimum Magazine and damn does she look good. Really good. Really really good.
Kari Novelli0 Anther hot new Ggurl. It's Kari Novelli showing off her beauty for you. She's a keeper for sho'!
Jessica Red0 Now this is a pleasant surprise. This is Jessica Red nice easy pictures. She's a little sexpot this one. Let's try to get some more from her too.
Shay Marette0 Pretty Girl. Shay Marette took some pretty sexy pictures, so good that we think she's GGurl material, and of course we're always right ;)
Lena Chase0 Very pretty woman. Nice thick body too. Let's welcome Lena Chase to our ever growing library or pretty women.
Nerissa Irving0 When we first saw this woman on Twitter we instantly hit her up for pictures. Now aren't you glad we did? Look at the sexiness and classiness she extrudes in each and every photo. That one bent over the bed is our favorite.
Kiya Renae0 Eeeyow! Now this is done right! This is Kiya Renae's second feature and it's hot as ever. She and 2020 hooked up and made some visual masterpieces! We love every picture!
Macee0 Now this is what we mean when we say we love dark skin women. Very nice complexion, nice shape, nice lips, pretty face. We like MaCee as you can see and you'll like her too after you scroll down. 
Xtina Noel0 Good looking woman here! Xtina Noel is very photogenic and is sure to go far when more people see her pictures. She's a great addition to the GG family. Welcome baby.
Jessica Hassan0 You like her huh? Yeah, we do too. Jessica Hassan has it going on and you're really going to enjoy these pictures when you scroll down. Beautiful chocolate skin, hot look!
Auchane Sierra0 Whoa! After seeing one picture of Auchane on Twitter we requested to see more. So she sent us these and oh man what a great surprise! She's pure uncut dope! Now she did send us a completely nude one that we can't post (too bad for you guys lol) so we know exactly what she's working with. This girl is bad.
Ashle Danger0 Ashle has a strong sex appeal and the tattoos she sport are bold and hot! Photographer Lloyd Parks of 43 Studios really know how to take pictures and he did a great job of presenting Ashle to the world. Ashle is so hot she's also been in Straight Stuntin', (picture by Frank Anotonio) make sure you go pick that issue up soon.
Lucky Lynise0 Damn is Lucky Lynise fucking fine! She has a gorgeous face and a sexy phat ass on her. How can you possible do better than this?
Amber Stone0 We like Amber Stone! These pictures are just what we're talking about. How can you go wrong with this? Our man over at CE Wiley Studios has a good eye for great pictures. Nice work guys!
Nessa Dee0 What do we have here? We have pure sexiness in one Vanessa Denise! You're really going to love it after you scroll down and see the beauty that she presents! Enjoy.
Kiki Kayo0 What do we have here? A hot girl by the name of Kiki Kayo and damn are her pictures fire! @DynastyMagazine sent these over for a feature. They have some hot stuff over that way.

Alba Nitza0 Oh my! If Alba Nitza isn't one of the prettiest women you've ever seen then you need glasses or you're just simply a hater. This woman takes some pretty and sexy ass pictures. Welcome Alba as a GGurl! Damn is she bad!
Sharika Ellis0 Now this is sexy. Sharika Ellis has a strong sex appeal with long legs, full breast and smooth skin. You have to like this.
Ms Dblock0 Ms D Block is so gorgeous it's frightening, here are a bunch of pictures of her to let you see what we're talking about. We love this woman!
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