Who Is This Again0 Okay family, tell us who is this fine ass model. No, we really don't know who it is that's why we're asking you! If you know her tell her about GGurls if she don't already know. Post some pictures of her in the
Jzapal0 This chick is making headlines across the web. Her name is Jzapal. How do you pronouce that shit? I dunno but here are a couple of pictures of her.
Crisjorick0 Okay what about new comer Cris Jorick from CrisJorick.com? Ya like that booty? How about her as a whole? Scale of one to ten what would you give Cris?
Hot Or Not0Hot or not? Would you keep this yellow girl around or would you use her one time? Rate this chick.
Rosa Acosta0Would you consider Rosa Acosta to be the top model in the urban eyecandy modeling industry? She's been in numerous videos and she's splattered all over the web. She has one of the biggest fan bases and is well sought after. If you don't think she is then tell who is. Rosa Acosta is doing the damn thang.
Marisaelise0 Banging or clanging? Keep it or creep on it? This is Marisa Elisa from Showgirlz. Nice booty or no booty? Well what do you think already!? 
Jimmie Walker Ann Coulter0 What a weird world we live in. Okay if you frequent this site then you probably read the article we did recently titled: Goodtimes was corny, which starred Jimmy Walker a.k.a JJ. Anyway Jimmy Walker, one of the ugliest dudes to ever grace your T.V. screen was a corny actor and people who know him says he's pretty corny in real life. Well this goes beyond corny. WAAAAAY beyond corny. Jimmy is allegedly dating, prepare yourself, Ann Coulter!!! 
Blondebunni Let's start exposing these hot sites you may haven't heard about! Here's a friend of GG, Blonde Bunni and check out her website BlondeBunni.com. Tell her we sent ya!
Big White Ass0This is a sensitive subject around these parts. White urban glamour models. It's been several viewers who complain that we shouldn't give white models a spotlight stating that there is enough media covering them. There's even models who complain that the eyecandy modeling genre is strictly for the black model. Even more so there are those who complain of the big booty white models, stating that they are fake and are simply trying to cash in on a black thing.
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