Avia Clevette0 We love brand spanking new models. Avia Clevette now graces GGurls with some sexy new pictures just for you! Dig her.
Majeedah G0 Our type of woman right here! Beautiful skin, pretty face and very nice body (with a perky booty to match). Majeedah is new and we can't wait to see even more pictures of her. She is fucking gorgeous!
Wankaego0 We anticipated this exclusive for a minute now. Wankaego hopped on board with GGurls when she shot with Marchal Marzian, and we must admit it's a great look. She belongs here. Perfect fit. Wankaego (Theresa Runyon) is very pretty with a great body and an amazing booty. She was also super fun to shoot with, her personality is fun loving and she's a people person. Any who, without further ado, here's the feature. Oh you're going to love this one!
Mia Cola0 We just keep getting (very) pleasant surprises. The more popular we get the more beautiful women we get. Here's the latest model who's GGurl material, Mia Cola. Very shapely and very fine.
Benson Twins0 We like a set of twin (you don't say it with an "s" if it's one set), who doesn't? Here are the super smooth set of Twin by the name of the Benson Twins. Wonder if they have other powers other than being sexy?
Heather Nikole0 You like that picture on the top of the site of GG representative Heather Nikole? Well here is the entire set by Risque Curves. Heather has an exotic look doesn't she? Body just looks so creamy and smooth.
Marie Starr0 Hi Marie, welcome to GGurls! Marie said she sent us pictures before but they must have gotten lost in all the email we get because we wouldn't have overlooked her! Love that physique!
Dalivia0 Okay sexy woman show us what you got! Da' Livia is a gorgeous model who's no stranger to this game. She's been published in big name magazines and you've probably seen her before. Welcome her to GGurls.com the proper way, leave some comments and tell this woman how she's your new favorite model!
Junkcandy0 Junk (aka Candy) from VH1 sent us in these hot new pictures! You can never ever get enough of Junk and her sexy booty!
Follow her on Twitter @junkAKAcandy
Melody0 Melodies Facebook: go here

Melody only exists in your dreams! She's the type of girl you see in movies and is larger than life. But guess what? She's real and she's a GGurl. A GGurl who likes to flirt with Lewis buckethead! 
Sdot Carter0 This is what GGurls is all about! Models Like S "dot Carter! Here's her website SDotCarter.com

Titi0 Owwwww! This is one fine chick and she goes by the name of TiTi. Loving these hot pictures. Looks like she has the attitude to match don't she. She knows she's fine. Hit her up @TiTi89 
Sashia Summers0 Better and better, her pics just keep getting hotter. @SashiaSummers has resubmitted new
Homewrecka0 MothaFucka! Look at this girl's bangin' body! So we don't have to explain the title "Home Wrecka" do we? Ladies cuff ya man. Because if he like thick round asses,
Bodytalk0 GGurls exclusive and some super hot artistic pics (the ones against the wall anyway) of Body Talk. She's very photogenic, very sexy and love putting on a show for you. Watch the video.
Simplyfiness0 Classy girl with sex appeal, and GGurls fam.
Zaimlyn0 Another hot one from photographer Nigel Guy over
Kiki0 Was only able to get two get pictures of @MisModelKiki but the two she sent were hot! So Kiki send us some more with an interview! People would love to see more of you!

Geminitwins0 Now what's better than one hot model? Two hot models who look exactly
Arica0 Now this is what's up. She's like butter baby! @AricaChristine (Arica Christine) should go far in the modeling game as she has that look that everybody is looking for. We bring you all the fine ass models on GGurls don't we. You love us. Now love Arica!

Carmenshawn0 Don't hate! This woman is a very hot model with a perfect
NuNu0 Ya Girl @NuShanelle has a bangin' body on her don't she. Love the way that waist line meets those hips and forms her heart shape booty, then it all ends with a sexy pair of legs. She's a vixen.

Armani0 Slim girl with a nice shape! From our friends over
Jessicamarie0 Check out this hot model! She's been featured in
Mvp0 Tall thick and chocolate with a big pretty shapely booty! Nothing more to say check out the newest GGurl MVP!

Jaedash0 Ya like em sexy and top heavy? Really top heavy and sexy? Well meet Jai Dash from

Nicole Parker0 Omg! Is this girl fine or is she fine? There is no other option except maybe finer? Is that a word? Well if it ain't Nicole makes it a word!

Elsuenoespanol0 She's back with even better pics! Don't know how she did it but these are even hotter than before. It's El Sueno Espanol (The Spanish Dream)
CocoaDenise0 This girl is so fucking sexy it's crazy, no enhancements here, just all natural cuteness. She has the "you want to wife me" look and yep, you do! Her skin is smooth and creamy and her face has a high sex appeal. The type of girl who makes you get nervous when she looks at you, and to top of off she has the cutest sexiest butt on her too. This is @MissCocoaDenise
Pictures by FacetStudios
Edited by GGurls Staff
Starr0 Well this is good! Welcome Starr to the GGurls family! She's a cute girl with a very sexy body don't you agree! If you look closely you can see more than you rationed for :)
Dana Lee0 Everything about these pictures are tight! The fine ass model by the name of @MsDanaLee. The Photography by GGurls Fam @Frank_Hotsauce and her incredible body! Hope to see much more of her soon! 
Elle Be0 Now this is fire! Elle Be has come on the scene and she's beasting on you hoes! Lol, Elle Be is gonna make waves in the eyecandy industry watch! Follow her on Twitter

Eden Evans0 Miss Eden Evans is now a GGurl and rightfully so. Damn is she simply fine!
Her GGurls page: Eden evans
Her Twitter: @missedenevans

Mzmika0Seems like all the "Miss, Mz or Ms" Mikas' are fine! This is GGurls' 3rd Mz Mika and she is a sexy something. We asked her for permission to be featured on GGurls and she responded with "Access granted" lol. Well here she go! 

Her Twitter:  @MsMika414

New Autumn Renee0 GGurl Autumn Renee gives us an updated treat with her hot new pictures! Enjoy
Her Twitter: @autumnrenee



Jzapal0 Ask and we you shall receive! Remember the article on Jzapal in which we gave her praise for being so fine? Well she found us, I guess through Google and now she's a feature on GGurls! I know right?
Miss Faren0Miss Faren is that deal baby! She's what's up! Want to see more of her? Click on any of the pics! Register on her site and you're in for a treat! 
Shana Patrice0We like, We Like! This woman extrudes sexiness! This is the newest eyecandy addition to GGurls. Shana Patrice!
Tosha Riea0 Is this bad or is this bad? Tosha Riea has it really going on
Name Her0 This piece of eyecandy is right up our alley. However we don't know who this eyecandy girl is. Please help us name her. She's just too perfect.

Faya0 Unseen pictures of Faya Dynamite have emerged! Y'all remember Faya, the winner of GGurl-Booty of the year! Enjoy and shot out to 50Fifty Magazine. We see ya!
Unknown00 Even more hot unknown models who would make great GGurls. Do you know any of them? Help us by naming them.

Junk Elke0 Can we give you a good battle or what? On one side there is the gorgeous thick @JunkAKAcandy and on the other side you have the sexy thick @ElkeTheStallion. Who do you choose? Tough one!
Unknown0 Are any of these faces or bodies familiar to you? If so where can we find them? These are definitely GGurls Material

Honeyeyes Vs Veatrice An outstanding battle stands before you! Two similar models yet both very unique! 

Brookebailey0 New on the scene (or is she?) is Brooke Bailey with an unbelievable body! We hope to see much more of her!
Janel Latrice0 Sexy friend of GGurls on Facebook, welcome pretty girl Janel Latrice. Enjoy.
Luvangel0 Check out this new up and coming model, a hot redbone who likes to tease you with her booty. Very nice! Here's her website IluvAngel.com

Rosa Acosta0 Some hot pics of video vixen Rosa Acosta sunbathing! Hot! Don't she have the perkiest booty?

Vanessa Del Rio0 Some of your favorite pornstars today still can't touch Vanessa Del Rio. She's the one who started the gangbang and over the top porn scenes, which were basically unheard of back in the day. Vanessa was so outrageous she'd take on five guys at once. One in each hand, one the regular way, one in the shoot and would be blowing another guy all at the same time!
Amanda0 Hot girl alert! This is Amanda and apparently she's new to the game (we never heard of her before). Well let's hope we see much more of her soon!

Butt0 For your viewing pleasure (zip your pants back up please), here's some ridiculous big booty models for you! These butts are unbelievable!

Meagan Battle Which is the hotter Meagan? Meagan Fox or Meagan Good? Both are hot actresses and both are slim goodies. You can only pick one, so which one would you pick?

Prettybooty0 Yesterday on Twitter we did a Prettiest Sexiest booty contest and although we were just fucking around it actually turned out to be very fun and sexy! All these sexy ass women submitted pictures via Twitpic and TweetPhoto.
Amazin Amie0 Is Amazin' Amie the baddest white chick in the urban eyecandy modeling game? Look at her pics and tell us. If you don't think she is tell us who is then?

Tamala Jones0 Big Lewis has a thing for Tamala Jones. He only watches movies starring her simply because she's in it. Between Tamala and Gabrielle Union, Big Lewis don't know who's his favorite. How do you feel about Tamala? Be Careful! Big Lou is watching you lol!
Eee0 Just some randy eyecandy pics from photographer Shaun Hines.

Natalin0 Where have we been? Natalin is fucking hawt and she has a nice heart shaped ass on her too! What do you think about this eyecandy model?
Dimepiece0 Nice looking chick huh? But is she a dime? Break it down to us, tell us if how you rate this girl and why. Really curious to see what it is people think about certain types of women.
Smashorpass0 Which of these three women would you smash? Which of these three women would you pass on? 
Who Is This Again0 Okay family, tell us who is this fine ass model. No, we really don't know who it is that's why we're asking you! If you know her tell her about GGurls if she don't already know. Post some pictures of her in the
Jzapal0 This chick is making headlines across the web. Her name is Jzapal. How do you pronouce that shit? I dunno but here are a couple of pictures of her.
Crisjorick0 Okay what about new comer Cris Jorick from CrisJorick.com? Ya like that booty? How about her as a whole? Scale of one to ten what would you give Cris?
Hot Or Not0Hot or not? Would you keep this yellow girl around or would you use her one time? Rate this chick.
Rosa Acosta0Would you consider Rosa Acosta to be the top model in the urban eyecandy modeling industry? She's been in numerous videos and she's splattered all over the web. She has one of the biggest fan bases and is well sought after. If you don't think she is then tell who is. Rosa Acosta is doing the damn thang.
Marisaelise0 Banging or clanging? Keep it or creep on it? This is Marisa Elisa from Showgirlz. Nice booty or no booty? Well what do you think already!? 
Jimmie Walker Ann Coulter0 What a weird world we live in. Okay if you frequent this site then you probably read the article we did recently titled: Goodtimes was corny, which starred Jimmy Walker a.k.a JJ. Anyway Jimmy Walker, one of the ugliest dudes to ever grace your T.V. screen was a corny actor and people who know him says he's pretty corny in real life. Well this goes beyond corny. WAAAAAY beyond corny. Jimmy is allegedly dating, prepare yourself, Ann Coulter!!! 
Blondebunni Let's start exposing these hot sites you may haven't heard about! Here's a friend of GG, Blonde Bunni and check out her website BlondeBunni.com. Tell her we sent ya!
Big White Ass0This is a sensitive subject around these parts. White urban glamour models. It's been several viewers who complain that we shouldn't give white models a spotlight stating that there is enough media covering them. There's even models who complain that the eyecandy modeling genre is strictly for the black model. Even more so there are those who complain of the big booty white models, stating that they are fake and are simply trying to cash in on a black thing.
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