WEB Lachelle YellowShorts 6148From the first time, she contacted me and I saw her breast on her IG, I thought to myself, "Bruh, I have to shoot her, LOL".

 Dee Manni0 Another GGurl exclusive from Inergee Studios. These are pictures of the gorgeous Dee Manni proving she has modeling skills. She can keep 'em coming this way fa' sho'.

Qu33n  Victoria0 Our second exclusive set of Qu33n Victoria showcases her in nothing but basketball shoes and a basketball. She looks just as good with no clothes as she does with clothes. Not many women can do that. Follow Queen Victoria on Twitter.

Beautiful    Dizazter0 Got a thing for Beautiful Dizazter, one of the first ever GGurls from years back, so imagine our excitement when we found out we were getting exclusives. Which is only fair since she belongs to us lol. Big shout out to Alcole Photography, watch out for more of his work exclusively on GGurls.

These are the infamous pictures that were stolen from us and went viral around the web when Marz posted previews on his Twitter account. Well here are the final touches to this great beach photo shoot with GGurl Wankaego, easily one of our best, from Studio Marz. We so love Wankaego around here nephew.

Shabria  0 We finally got the whole set, and we have it all to ourselves! These are exclusive pictures of Shabria aka Ms Jai from Inergee Studios for GGurls only! You already know how bad we think she is!
Coco Francesca0 Always liked Coco Francesca. Always thought she was just too damn sexy. Now we have exclusive pictures of her thanks to James Williams of Inergee Studios. This made our day.
Monica Carter0 This little sexpot returns in this GGurl exclusive by Inergee Studios. Monica Carter is a lil cutie with a sexy booty!
Beisy P0 Beisy is a hard gem to come by. She's a model we think should be much more popular than what she is. Whenever we get our hands on some pictures of her we consider it a hot commodity.
Charm Killings Ggurls0 Oh. God. Yes. Charm Killings, one of the sexiest women in the game now has a GGurls exclusive thanks to GG photographer Ricky Fontaine ya dig. These pictures will soon be floating around the internet after the word gets out. We must admit how geeked we are just to have these pictures and it's all for your enjoyment.
Jeniffer Morel0 We love Jeniffer Morel as soon as we met her online. She's spunky as she is sexy and it was an instant connection. So when DDG Studios hit us up and told us they took these pictures JUST for GGurls.com we were super flattered. These are four hot picture we're proud to present to you.
Brittani Skye0 After going back and forth for several months, Brittani Skye and Lewis finally met up for a photo shoot and it was well worth the wait. Energetic, sexy and photogenic, Brittani was a very fun shoot. We're now glad to call her a core GGurl and present these hot pictures to you. You'll see more of Brit Brit in the future ;)
Pretty model with a great shape. Formerly known as Red Money Love, Phoenix returns with more exclusive pictures from @StudioMARZ. These angles are great! Phoenix shows off the fact that she's more that a pretty face and a nice ass. She really can model.
Want to be on GGurls yet you need professional pictures? We have you covered, you can shoot with one of our photographers in these many areas around the United States. We have Detroit, Miami, Los Angeles, Atlanta. Greensboro (NC) Houston, San Diego, New York and Chicago covered.  So let us make you glamorous baby contact us today
Jini Kim0 Well look like what we have here. The pretty little Jini Kim now has an exclusive with GGurls thanks to Marchal Marzian. We love her a little sexy self and these pics prove why you should be a fan. Lets welcome her home.
Lissa Misharova0 Now that's what's up. Lissa Misharova (@Russia305) recently shot with Marchal Marzian (@MarchalMARZian) for GGurls. Now of course we don't really have to say how hot the pictures are but then again, of course we're going to say it anyway. These pictures are planet Mercury hot. Lissa's body is so curvy, Coca Cola is remodeling their next glass bottle after her. Look at her sexy booty, now go make that new IPhone screen saver you were looking for.
Karen Jael0 Got excited when we found out that Karen Jael ColombianBadass was shooting with us for a Marz Presents by @MarchalMarzian. It was well worth the wait. Always though Karen was just so beautiful inside and out and now we have exclusive pictures of her just for you. Hopefully we'll have more content to display of this gorgeous model. Thanks Karen and Marz!
Pretty Jamee0 We teased you forever about this exclusive. We showed you the shoot live via Ustream. The feedback was so big we knew how big the anticipation was. Well here it is. Pretty Jamee's exclusive GGurls photo shoot by @MarchalMARZian. The wait was well worth it because we almost didn't post these pictures, Lewis the webmaster was going to keep them for himself! But after giving up his selfish ways, he decided to show them. Yes, the popular @PrettyJamee took some stunning eye candy shots just for GGurls.
Natalie Nicole0 You can never get enough of our muse Natalie Nicole aka @theNatalieDream. We're so proud to have her as a GGurl, not only because of her obvious goddess like prettiness, but because she's simply cool as fuck. @MarchalMARZian says she's always down, always ready to go and she looks good, on or off camera. How can you possibly find a better type of woman? You can't.
Lex Lugo0 Was waiting on this for awhile. It's finally here. GGurls exclusive pictures of Alexis Lugo, and to give you a little more just for your wait, we've included a video to match. Marchal Marzian got 3 looks of this beautiful woman. The third look you'll see in another way ;). So watch this hot ass video of Alexis Lugo and then scroll down to see the pics Marchal Marz hit us with.
Wankaego0 We anticipated this exclusive for a minute now. Wankaego hopped on board with GGurls when she shot with Marchal Marzian, and we must admit it's a great look. She belongs here. Perfect fit. Wankaego (Theresa Runyon) is very pretty with a great body and an amazing booty. She was also super fun to shoot with, her personality is fun loving and she's a people person. Any who, without further ado, here's the feature. Oh you're going to love this one!
Mz Gotti0 GGurl photographer Marchal Martian of Marz Studios is a fantastic photographer. He's an artist really. He paints a scene with several pictures giving you beauty and style with a sexy woman. In his 2nd Marz Presents! presentation he introduces Mz Gotti to the world. This model in one word? Stunning. People, here's a GGurls.com exclusive.
Dynastie Virge0 The first exclusive by GGurl photographer @MarchalMartian features the stunning @DynastieVirje. This is the first of many more series to come. Get a taste of what the GGurls magazine will have in store for you! This series is also available for download in it's original format. Images here are scaled down to fit the screen.

Anahmae0 Anah Mae came back to shoot with GGurls and it was perfect timing. Our pictures are just like Anah Mae, the shiznit (had to say that lol). So it was great getting our girl in the studio to hook up these bad ass pics. A cutie with a booty, Anah Mae is fun loving and dedicated. Did you know she could sing too?

Jenna Shea0Big fan favorite Jenna Shea sent in this smoking set of pictures. The first two are never seen before pics of her in red and of course they're hot! Just for added measure she sent in a bonus picture showing off that great chest of hers in a Little Red Riding hood outfit. Zip your pants back up you pervs and just enjoy the pictures. Damn she got ass.

Neesha Sada0 Merry Christmas! From GGurls, Inergee Studios and new GGurl Neesha Sada. This will probably be the best present you get after you spend all your money buying everybody else a present. See, Neesha is a woman that knows how to please a guy and give you what you really want. Now this is a feature! Only on GGurls.com.
Megan Nicole0 Ladies see why you should shoot with Inergee Studios? He take hot pics. This is a GGurl exclusive of a new model by the name of Megan Nicole. Hot model, hot pics!
Corvette Little0 Word is out. GGurls is where you need to be! Corvette Little found us and requested us to feature her and after looking at her amazing body of course we would. Her body has perfect curves in all the right places. Go check out her website after looking at these pictures.
Ki Oh Shi0 Mexican cutie Ki Oh Shi came through to shoot with the double G and it was a nice match up. She was sexy, cool and fun (a little shy though lol). The pictures turned out great and we actually have more to show you. So stay tuned for more. Ki Oh Shi knows who her master is (insider!).
J Nykol0 Only on GGurls.com. These are exclusive hot shots of the spectacular J Nykol from bad ass photographer James Williams Jr of Inergee Studios. Nykol is working some white pants and hot black lace panties standing against a fence. Damn were these hard to post 'cuz we were staring at them for a long time.

Nicole Ashley0 Another GGurl exclusive! Introducing the fine Nicole Ashley by Alex Tirado!

Facebook:Nicole Ashley by @AlexTiradoPhoto

Halina Miranda0 Good Lawd! Now this is what's up. This is Halina Miranda from ShowGirlzExclusive.com. She is bad as hell! Big shout to both for the pictures.
Shonda Butt0 Your favorite GGurl rapper is back! It's Juicy Badass in her latest photo shoot. She's gearing up to drop a mixtape. What? You didn't know she could spit rhymes? Yeah Juicy is a multi talented model. Go follow her on Twitter.
Nessa T0 Damn is she fine! 'Nessa T found us on Twitter and we're glad she did, because this type of sexiness has to be showcased. Please don't get caught by your woman staring at these pictures. She's going to kill you if you do. Pictures courtesy of Showgirlzexclusive.com and Facet Studio.
Hshanholtz0 Exclusive to GGurls.com, Heather Shanholtz pics are so steamy your screen is fogging up right now. Well probably because you're breathing all hard on it and shit. But aren't these some fire ass pictures? Only on GGurls.com! No other site! Heather is what's up!
Lina M0 Annnnd she's back! Lina Margarita couldn't wait to show you this second set of pictures she recently took, so here they are!
Lina0 Love 'em like this! Lina is sexy!
Chris20 Everybody's favorite GGurl is back with another hot shoot, this time giving you even more sex appeal!
Dolce Meeyah0 Sometimes we're scared to open emails from people we haven't talked to. But every now and again you an email and POW! you have a gorgeous model staring you in the face. Dolce Meeyah is the truth!
Briana Bliss0 Scrumptious ain't she? Briana Bliss ventures into the adult side of modeling. Want to get to know her? Hit her up after taking a look at these pics.
Chris0 Your favorite GGurl is back! The last time she had so many fucking haters that we instantly fell in love with her. Now we're giving the haters something else to talk about. Go ahead we dare you!
Chloe Lucky0 These two GGurls did a shoot together and it turned out to be fire! You guys already love Jai Dash and she properly introduced new core GGurl Lucky into the mix. Welcome Lucky!

Shakira0 Here she is! GGurls Exclusive model Shakira with pictures by Lewis. Go ahead and hate, we can feel it coming. Shorty is bad!

Gorgeous0 Exclusive to Ggurls only this is model Gorgeous , Lewis wants to call her Hiccup but she wants the name Gorgeous, so gorgeous it is. Gorgeous does fit her fine ass, but she always has the hiccups, and... er... forget it... Here is GGurl Gorgeous!
Keke0 Exclusive to Ggurls only. This is the super sexy Mercedez. Now as of right now we're calling her Mercedez but that name is subject to change. We're looking for something much more fitting that describes her beauty. Help us out. What should we call her? Curve? Super Smooth? KeKe? What?
Bodytalk0 GGurls exclusive and some super hot artistic pics (the ones against the wall anyway) of Body Talk. She's very photogenic, very sexy and love putting on a show for you. Watch the video.

Nicole Parker0 Omg! Is this girl fine or is she fine? There is no other option except maybe finer? Is that a word? Well if it ain't Nicole makes it a word!

Gorgeous0 The name says it all! This is Gorgeous, GGurls own! You'll see much more of her in the futu
Ashleysteele Ashley Steele lets you in on her latest photo shoot by giving you this video. She is so freaking adorable. Enjoy!
Russia305 Another GGurl exclusive coming your way. Stay tuned for hot pictures of Lissa Misharova aka Russia305 by Marchal Marzian. Yep, we just keep bringing that heat Lissa is SUPER sexy
Dalivia Coming soon. A GGurls exclusive of Ms Dalivia by Derrick Clegg. We cannot wait to present you with this. Dalivia is fine as hell and Derrick takes some of the best pictures around! This is going to be hot!
 Pretty Jamee0 Pretty Jamee was a big hit on Ggurls. Go look ---> Here. Her pictures were fire and it was downloaded a gazillion times. So guess what? We have a second part that'll we showcase soon! Yeah we know, you love us!
Marz Presents0 You like all the new and popular models we present huh? Are you a sexy girl that wants to get the same treatment? In the Miami area or willing to travel? It's simple really! Just shoot with Ggurls photographer @MarchalMARZian and get the power of GG behind you!
Hustlebunny0 The premier source for sexy models, beautiful girls, and the hottest women. Including entertainment news, celebrity gossip, interviews, videos and more. The perfect blend of sexy
Alexis Lugo0 Coming very soon, and we know you can't wait. Alexis Lugo's GGurl exclusive by Marchal Marzain has the chance to be the hottest one to date son! Stay tuned.
Angeline Meliana0 A different kinda exclusive and a great one at that! You won't see these anywhere else around the web. This is Angeline Meliana showing off her assets and we like the revenue!
Dede Promo Shot0 You seen his other features of Dynastie Virje and Mz Gotti, and you'd think he couldn't do it again right? But see Marchal Martian has natural talent and he'll always bring you sexy women with a distinct artful style. His next GGurl exclusive? Is Dauvanee Damati aka DeDe on the Beach, and you do not want to miss this. Only on GGurls.
Mz Gotti0 Here's a little bit of what's coming next from GGurl photographer Marchal Martian in the ongoing Marz Presents series! This time we're introducing Mz Gotti to the world. This is guaranteed to be scorching hot.

Lia Cha Dynasty Series0 GGurl Lia Cha has an exclusive photo set and video over at our buddie's site DynastySeries.com. Here's the video she made called Luv Faces. Man it's sexy, (pay attention to the last part!)
Mya Bliss Mya Bliss is banging and she's on Show Girls Exclusive! Wow, check her out!
Marisaelise0 Banging or clanging? Keep it or creep on it? This is Marisa Elisa from Showgirlz. Nice booty or no booty? Well what do you think already!? 
Miss Jae0 Showgirlz Exclusive always have some hot mamis to view! How ya feel about Miss Jae?
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