lana lang You like Lana's feature right? Want to see what she looks like through a camera phone? Well here she is! Yep she's hot either way.
Dominique Star0 Check out our latest cell phone cutie Dominique Starr! Dominique has some professional pictures too we wouldn't mind getting a hold of :)
Pr Rocket0 Yep that's right! These are hot ass cell phone pictures of PR Rocket for GGurls! So now you know the curves are real and she has nothing to hide. She's naturally beautiful.
Jnerd0 This girl is the definition cute! She's so photogenic that a cell phone is all she needs to capture her beauty. Welcome J Nerd to the ever growing list of GGurls' cell phone cuties.
Mel Lorenzo0 New GGurl Melissa Lorenzo took some bootylicious cell phone pictures to show you the size and shape of her natural donk. Take a look.
Erica Lane0 Ggurl Erica Lane shows off her natural beauty by becoming her own photographer with her phone. Damn this girl is gorgeous.
Lilah Colon0 18 Year old Lilah Colon is our latest cell phone cutie. She's proud of her booty and shows it off for you! Little hottie, enjoy.
Telli Swift0 She puts the cute in cell phone cutie! Telli Swift is very pretty ain't she? We enjoyed looking at these pictures just as much as you have and we even got a naughty booty pic too! Heaven!
Stephanie Tejada0 This cell phone cutie stuff was a great idea (fuck the copycats)! Here's our latest of GGurl Stephanie Tejada showing you all her natural beauty.
Cell  Phone0 The latest batch of cell phone cuties are just as good as any other batch! You'll love these hotties for their faces, bodies and round and brown booties. Go ahead and scroll down and enjoy these gorgeous babes.

Gege0 Nice shape ass on this one. Her name is Gege and we like that booty! She's our latest cell phone cutie and she managed to get some good angles of that perky butt.
Tierra Michele0 Soon to be featured Tierra Michele wanted to be a GGurls cell phone cutie also. So here are her sexy natural pics.
Star Valencia0 She's pretty! Star Valencia, a Cuban and Colombian mixture,  sent over these self taken pictures of her pretty self for a GGurls cell phone cutie feature! Star resides in Dallas Texas. Lot's of prettiness to enjoy :)
Gurl0 The latest entry in the ongoing series, cell phone cuties! Some more women you can't deny! Which one is your favorite?

Ms5stardimplez0 Check out our latest Cell Phone Cutie Ms 5 Star Dimplez! She's a hottie fa' sho!
Nevaeh Markz0 Natural cutie with cute dimples, a cute face, a cute butt and a good attitude. Nevaeh Markz shows you just how sexy she really is by taking cell phone pictures of herself. You've seen her pro pics now see her cell pics.
Thanks for sending us this Nevaeh. She's so adorable.
Cell0 You love these cell phone cuties threads so who are we to deny you what you want? Here are some more GGurl cell phone cuties.

Keniesha C0 Our latest cell phone cutie is GGurl Keniesha C showing you what she's made of without photoshop! You can't help but to like that sexy shape!
Kat Kashmonea0 The latest cell phone cutie is Shay Monea with her thick self. Scouted by @Real_ShitSucka. She's a hot one! We like!
Madame Sade0 Check out the latest submission. She fits the definition don't she? Cutie with cell phone pictures! It's Antoinette and she's a little hottie.
Kasi Leigh0 Now this is what we're talking about! Look at Kasi Leigh having phone photographing herself. (Bet you're having fun looking too aren't ya?). Well Thanks Kasi! You're now a Ggurls cell phone cutie.
Mizzkatie B0 Welcome Mz Katie B as a cell phone cutie! She's already a featured ggurls ggurl -Click Here To See- and now she's proving it's all natural baby!
Aminah Desire0 Another cute self photographer. It's Aminah Desire taking cute photos in her mirror. She's also a real model. Hopefully we'll have those kinda pictures soon :)
Aaliyah0 Say hi to our GGurls latest cell phone cutie Ms. Aaliyah D. She's so cute that she doesn't have to take off anything for you to like what you see!
Zuri Latrice0 Zuri Latrice shows off her hot body by being her own photographer with her cell phone. Only equipment she needed was a mirror. She's bad!
Jhonniblaze0 Jhonni Blaze took some cell phone pics showing her natural body and after looking at them you're going to love them. That one naked booty picture from the side is a keeper!
Veatrice Cell Phone0 Next up is Veatrice as a GGurl cellphone cutie. Veatrice loves her chest and you do too punk. So here are some candid shots of her being her own photographer.
Kyra Chaos0 Today was like Cellphone Cutie day on Twitter thanks to all the Ggurls family that retweeted the link for us (we love you). What was a promotion turned into a picture tweeting frenzy! Hot chicks was tweeting us pics all day. Kyra Chaos was one of the women who stood out so we had to post these! We'll post more of the hot chicks who tweeted us their pics in upcoming cellphone cutie features.

Cellphonecutie Want to be a Cellphone cutie? All you have to do is send us 4 or five (hot!) pics or yourself using your cellphone. Send 'em to Staff(at)GGurls(dot)com. Make sure you title the email "Cellphone Cutie" and include your name, and social network links (Twitter, Facebook etc). Need an example of what we think is hot? Here ya go!

Tessa0 One of our favorite people to mess with on Twitter is @cocoabeachPEACH (Tessa). One because she post pics like this as her avatar all the time and two because we're trying to snatch her away from our other lover @_AlexisNicole_! Heh! They're gonna trip when they see this article! But anyway enjoy the view!
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