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Quantcast Just a little while ago we were venting about Alexa rankings and how inaccurate they were. Nothings changed. We still say fuck 'em for having such a fucked up system that doesn't tell the truth. If you go by Alexa remember you're getting super raw readings based on how many people have the Alexa toolbar installed on their web browser.
Alexa Higher Why do you need a higher Alexa ranking? The top advertising click programs actually look at your Alexa score and value how much you should make per click depending on it. Alexa is not fool proof however and it's algorithms are not easily explainable or understood for that matter. Basically the more people with the Alexa toolbar installed visiting your site will increase your ranking, page views and etc.

Advertise BannerDoes it work? Did you just click that banner? Yes it works. GGurls is viewed by over an average of 200,000 unique people a month with an average of just over 3 MILLION page views a month.
Faceoff0 So here's the deal.,, and is having a Model Face-Off! It's a battle of the sites.

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