Shani Ggurls
Ashley Danyielle0 Cute little woman here, with some nice easy curves. Let us showcase the astonishing Ashley Danyielle!
Kayla Cross0 Hot all over! Sexy eyes, face, skin and booty! Kayla Cross is the shit.
Rima Lovelace0 Like 'em thin and sexy? Here's hot Asian Model Riema Lovely. Perfect for you :) Sent in by photographer Darren Gray of
Holly Mj0 Our family over at has some of the most gorgeous models on the internet. Here is one of these pretty ladies by the name of Holly.

Shonda Butt0 Your favorite GGurl rapper is back! It's Juicy Badass in her latest photo shoot. She's gearing up to drop a mixtape. What? You didn't know she could spit rhymes? Yeah Juicy is a multi talented model. Go follow her on Twitter.
Kiki Kayo0 What do we have here? A hot girl by the name of Kiki Kayo and damn are her pictures fire! @DynastyMagazine sent these over for a feature. They have some hot stuff over that way.

Karmathebaldie0 We love a model that's bold enough to be different. Karma the Baldie is sexy ass fuck, nude as nature and wears her hair short and we love it! Do that shit Karma!

Jessie Apple0 Great find! Where has this perfect fit for GGurls been hiding? Jessi Apple has a nice apple behind her and a great package all around that apple! Destined to be one of your favorite models now, Apple is a great addition to the GG lineup!

Starr0 Well this is good! Welcome Starr to the GGurls family! She's a cute girl with a very sexy body don't you agree! If you look closely you can see more than you rationed for :)
Panama Bomb Real0 Hot chick. Is she real or is this surgery or Photoshop? If this is real she has an amazing body. Her name is Panama Bomb.
Candi Coated0 Now this is what the fuck is up! Candi Coated is bad as hell with a body from heaven. Easily you can see why she's the picture (or should we say pictures) of the day. This might be picture of the year!
Thick Asian0 Somebody please please please tell us who this is? This Asian girl got ass and it looks like it might be real! Anybody knows?

Real Or Fake Banana0 Why she has a banana in her ass we'll never know, however that ass is holding that banana in place ain't it? So can a real ass do that or is that booty suspected to be fake? Well?

Find This Chick0 Twitter? Facebook? Hell does she have a Myspace page? Who is this chick? Pretty eyes, face, skin tone, (tits) and smile. We've even Googled "yellow bone girl in see through lingerie" and nothing lol. One of you pervs know her name. Tell us.
Yn0 Been looking for a controversial Yay or Nay picture to make you think. This one could go either way. Would you hit it or would you hit her?

Yayornay0 That's a lot of ass right there and we know you're going to say Yay just off the ass alone. But look at the whole picture perv. Is she a Yay or a Nay?

Big Black Ass11 We love the Yay or Nay game and you do too! So we're going to keep it going with random pictures of chicks and you tell us Yay or Nay. What about this one?

White Girl Unreal0 This white girl's ass is big as fuck ain't it? But is her ass real? That's the question! What do you think? Is that ass real? Photoshopped? or are those ass implants?
Sophia Marie0 What a sexy ass chick. Sophia Marie extrudes super cuteness don't she? Tell us where to get in contact with her. Can't find her.
Not Modeling0 When will this stop? Every chick with an outfit and a point and shoot camera think she's a model. Did she actually look at these pictures after they were taken? You really wanted this on the internet? Sorry but we had to post this.
Nopantieson This woman did this on purpose. She had to. She knew damn well she didn't have on any panties and wanted to show her bare ass. At the end of the video you can see she was a-okay with what happened.
Diddy0Woman Makes Crazy Accusations Against Diddy; Claims He Is To Blame For 9/11

This situation’s nuttier than a can ofPlanters!!! Reportedly, there’s a woman running around accusingSean “Diddy” Combsof fathering one of her children. Believe or not, the woman,Valerie Joyce Wilson Turks, is also claiming Diddy and his baby mama,Kim Porter, are to blame for the September 11 World Trade Center attack, and has filed a request for a restraining order against the hip-hop mogul. According to

White Girl Beat Down Brotha's don't bring a white chick to the hood if you don't want her to get beat up by Tamika. This black girl beats up this not willing to fight white girl. She didn't have to do that.
Miosotis0 Even if you like big ass knobs, these have just got to be too damn big for anybody! Don't know if Miotsosts is her name or just the name of a website for chicks with big ass breast but here are some pics.
Anna Maria Christina0 How's this one? They call her a "pawg" around the internet (Phat ass white girl). I know some of y'all are just going to say she's fat and start screaming "Photoshop"! Which is it?
Johanie Taylor0 Nice package right thurr! Proportional, tight and a perfect little frame underneath an easy on the eyes face. But um...? Who is she?

Ignorant White Girl0 The media likes to blast black people all the time. They especially love to try and make black women look like ignorant sluts. However everybody knows that people are people and color doesn't matter. Well most of us do anyway. Check out what this white chick put on Facebook. Ignorance knows no color boundaries.
Wouldyou0 Well, would you? Body is tight, fake breast though. Nice little rump on her. Face? Well it's okay at best.

Hot Or Gross0 We say ewww! But our opinion don't matter, it's yours that count. What do you say? Is this chick hot or is she gross?

Phat Ass Asian Chick Kinda rare but you're starting to see this more and more. Asia women with phat round asses.
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