Getting back to my old roots, I used to love posting moving booty gifs. Let's see how they do these days. Posting sets of pictures of models takes time. I gotta put the logo on and resize the pics and then make sure I have all the credentials right. This is easier and more fun actually.

Posting these in honor of Stephanie Tejada's booty. It's so nice it needs it own post. These are actually a throwback set from @dynastyphotos (instagram)

This should be fun! Now we're asking you to vote for your favorite GGurls with the nicest ass! Of course, like always it won't be easy as you'll have an awful lot of sexy booty to choose from, but choose you must! If you were referred here by a GGurl do her the favor and vote for her, then vote for others you like, you have a total of ten votes.

We don't know much about Mayara except that she's Brazilian and that she has one of the infamous Brazilian asses people have fell in love with. In this video she puts nothing but her booty in the camera and does various things to it. Wouldn't you like to do some things to that ass yourself?

Just like the tile says, this is a phat booty girl video. Supposedly this girl was in a Nelly video awhile back, if you can remember her just by her ass, which is all you'll see, that's amazing. Her ass is also amazing as hell too, it's nice and fucking perfect.

You like the girls with the jiggle booty correct? Well here are some animated booty gifs of girls shaking and jiggling their nice looking asses. Nothing but the best butts here, real shapely and nice to look at. Get a gander.

Even nowadays, a white girl with a phat pretty ass is not a normal thing. Molli Cavalli has one and it's perkey too. It's not just some big ass with lots of dimples. She doesn't have a huge stomach to match. It's a nice beatiful shaped booty. However, it seems Molly Cavalli only likes the ladies fellas. When we Googled her, we found out she was an adult star but she only had pictures and videos with other women. Well it's still nice to look at though right?


Shay Moss has appeared in a number of print advertisements, including promotional print for Milwaukee’s premier nightclubs, and an array of hosting duties for premier nightclubs in Milwaukee and Atlanta. It was through her involvement and exposure to the club scene that Shay Moss envisioned

You like this ass quit lying. It's not big but it's damn near perfect. Watch as she walks and tease you with her near perfect ass. Must be 18 or older to view this, because she ain't shy and shows it all.

Jessica Legend0 Couldn't pass this up. This is the ever glamorous Jessica Legend from GlamourXposure photography. You already know which one is our absolute favorite picture: Booty!

Yo! Introducing nice booty cutie Sekira Leroz on with exclusive pictures from Studio Marz. We think she'll be a hit, nah, we KNOW she'll be a hit and we're glad we got her. Scroll down and enjoy this beautiful ass woman.

Kimmie   Lee0 Fuck that. Kimmie Lee belongs to bitches. We know you steal our pics but so what, she's ours! We gotta cuff something this damn fine! Thanks to James Williams of Inergee Studios!

Thinking about getting that booty done? Well we're not going to tell you either way what you should do. You know your body better than anybody else. For some women, butt surgery might be the answer to all your booty woes and it might just boost your self esteem. But (no pun intended) we bet your booty is just fine the way it is now. Take a look at this picture and tell us which version of the booty you like better.

Princess Kai0 One of our favorite GGurls has new pictures for you! Princess Kai aka Princess Dairys is back and strutting her stuff in each and every pose. You're really going to love this set.
Your favorite thread is here yet again! Girls taking pictures of their booty with their cell phones. We like to call this one Cell Phone Booty! Enjoy you pervs.
The title pretty much says it all BUT for the say of getting this thread picked up by Google and other search engine sites here's the title again. Butt. Booty. Cake. Donk and ass. alright done.
That's a very pretty thing right there. New model Cyresa is sure to please a lot of viewers with her pictures. We're just waiting on photographer DJ Jerome Smedley to send more for a full feature!
The glamour veteran Absolutely Amber has the body of a goddess. Here are some candid cell phone pictures that she posted on Twitter. You can't get mad at this homie.
These girls got cake and they know it! Here are nine pictures of girls with almost perfect booties. Depends on your type actually.

Okay this is a really good one. This might actually be her ass and if it's not, it was a really good doctored up photo somehow. What do you think? Is this booty real or fake?

We love these installments. Now tell us what you think about this big giant yellow booty. Is it real or fake?

Trista T0 Oooh just when we thought Trista's other pictures were very sexy from the back, we got these from Inergee Studios. These show that she's sexy from the front just as well as the back.
Bea Taylor took some smoking hot pictures with 2020 photography. We like Bea so much this is like her 4th installment of some sort around the site. She has booty of the day, a cell phone cutie article, a feature and now pics of the day.
Suhmer  Amir0 We love our exclusives baby, and this is one of Suhmer Amir just for us. She's even showing some pretty booty in one of them. Thank you Suhmer, we like it a lot!
Nicki Bottomz0 Talk about a heart shape round booty! Nicki Bottomz body is bangin' ain't it? Glad she sent these pictures in because we know y'all pervs will love it!
Lovely Chanel 0 So sexy. Chanel has a nice slender body with curves, especially a nice curve on that booty. Here are three hot pics of her just being sexy. She's a keeper.
Renee G 0 We can't get enough of Renee G and it seems the internet loves her too. Racking up impressive numbers on Facebook and Twitter in a very short period of time Renee G is primed to take over as the new Whooty in urban glamour modeling (white girl with booty).
Chassie0 Brand new! Nice lips, thick round booty! Her name is Chassie and she's the latest GGurl. Pictures by Nikon Shon.

Now these are some nice shots here. Cell phone pictures of girls with nice donks and round booties. You can't beat this son. Go ahead and scroll down.

What are they doing exactly? Looks like they're battling putting lotion between their ass and then squeezing it between booties. But who's the winner? Let's see.
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