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Everybody loves a heart shaped booty. Shana Trenette has a perfect heart shaped booty. Now we just want her to send in even more pictures so we can have a full feature. She only sent in two, the other one was too small to post.
Almost let this one get pass us. Katana tweeted us a picture of her pretty booty a while ago and thanks to a retweet we remembered the picture. So here it is, Katana's pretty booty as Booty of the Day
Here is a preview that's going to tease the fuck out of you. Bubbles shot an exclusive for with Studio Marz. This is a very promising upcoming series that we're all going to be pumped for. Counting down the minutes.

When I took a trip to Vegas, I met several girls there, who knew I was coming. One was crazy ass big booty Erica who was fun to hang with. Didn't really plan to do shoots, but I did bring my camera, after we got drunk Erica wanted to take some shots. Not a serious shoot but after messing around with the camera here is what what we did. Had a good time in Vegas.

Haven't seen Danyell on the scene in a minute. Miss DMV Finest always makes an impression with her pictures. Here she is in her latest picture as GGurls booty of the day!
Layna LOOOOOOOOVES to be naked. Hell, GGurls is Layna Britain's site we show her so much! Here she is again showing off her voluptuous body! (yeah that's how you spell voluptuous, Google it)
That's a very pretty thing right there. New model Cyresa is sure to please a lot of viewers with her pictures. We're just waiting on photographer DJ Jerome Smedley to send more for a full feature!
Nice perky, sit high, round booty! This is GGurl Jasmine Love and this is GGurl Jasmine Love's nakee booty picture. You'll love it.
Some of you (a lot) will absolutely love this post. It's all about Kartie Kittens' booty! She joined GGurls awhile ago and we just caught wind. Soon as we did, we immediately posted these pics for the front page!
Chrislynn Jacqueline is a triple threat! First she was a cellphone cutie, then she became a pro feature and now she's back as the "Booty of the Day". Basically she has it all. See for yourself.

Now who is this? Damn she got a nice booty don't she nephew? Somebody finds who this booty belongs to and report back to us. Thanks!

Here's a treat for you big booty lovers. Recently we just featured Tami Kupcakes as the booty of the day. Sir BX recently did a shoot with her and sent us this nakee (naked) booty picture of her we're sure you'll enjoy!
Good one! Miss DMV Finest shows you her nice round booty in this hot new pic. But unfortunately fellas you can't trust a big butt and a smile! Lol, that's our girl though.
You see the valley in that motha'fucka? Er, 'cuse us. This is Melanie Virden showing you why she's the Booty of the Day
Oh my. That's nice right there home team. This is new model Anette Nicole and you can see why we made her the booty of the day!
Oh man! Does Cynthalia Bella know how to tease you with that nice black booty or what? That's a nice ass right there boy!
Man oh Man! Kandy Kisses is stacked son! Take a look at that backside and get super happy! Those last two pictures are exclusive to
We love it when we have multiple pictures to post for a Booty of the Day thread. Here is new model Tami Kupcakes and her wonderful booty. Follow her on Twitter.
This is actually a throwback pic of GGurl Mercedez when Lewis first got into photography. Check out that tattoo on her booty!
So Beautiful Dizazter is back in action and we couldn't be happier. We so love her. So imagine when she texted (why is there a red underscore "texted?") Lewis this picture how excited we were? Sexy booty! Go follow her on Twitter and instagram: "BeautifulDiz"
Sekira Leroz is a pretty girl with a pretty nice ass. Not too big, not too small, but just right and shapely. Those nice long legs don't hurt neither.
Avani Miracle JUST sent us some cell phone pictures and they were hot. Now she just sent us a booty picture and oh man is it even hotter! Look at that pretty yellow thang man!
Core GGurl whose been down with us for a minute now. Body Talk the diva has a perfect round booty. We shot this a while ago. Looks great!
Booties come in different sizes, shapes and colors, but a nice booty is a nice booty no matter these factors, of these seven booties choose your favorite shape color and size.
This picture caused a big stir on Twitter today. It's GGurl Babi Doll Q and this is one of the most perfect bodies we've ever saw, let alone booty.
Sophia Christina has it going on from head to toe. She has a pretty face, a shapely body and a nice big booty. Scroll down and see why she's the GG booty of the day.
Oh me oh my! Nikki Bangz tweeted us this pictures saying she owed us. Well we're sho' glad she paid up! this made our night. Nice booty.
Now thats a nice booty right there my dude! Shay Moss is killing the internet right now due to dangerous curves like this! Bet you love this picture.
The booty of the day belongs to popular GGurl Shakira Lynn! That's a nice shapely booty right there son.

Layna Britain LOVES to expose her body. In this picture she shows you her nice natural heart shaped un-Photoshopped ass. Don't hate.
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