Ms Jrabbit0 Wowee! Now this is definitely going to be a hit. Here's Jessica Murphy in a bathtub scene teasing the hell out of us. This is like THE photoshoot baby.
Miss Diva Now this is hot. @KYMissDiva shoots with our people over at @EnfluenzMag in a steamy shower scene. Take it off baby take it off!
Naked Racist0 Read this before you look. If you look closely at the pictures you'll notice something that can be construed as racist. Why do we say "construed" instead of just saying it's racist? Well numerous reasons actually. After you notice it, you'll also notice it's backwards or reversed, which could mean that she's against it. Other people will argue that the symbol has many more meanings than what the modern world view it as. So you tell us, is she being racist?