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Persia0 Exotic looking beauty. Any man would be proud to have her, Persia now graces the pages of GGurls with these two great pictures by MQ Tease. We would love to see even more.
Cell Cell0 Some more random cell phone cutie pics! A couple of these you'll probably try to rip lol, just scroll down and see what we mean. Women love to take pictures of themselves!

Cell Phoney0 Let's give a big yes to modern technology! Since all cell phones have camera's and everyone has a cell phone this type of pictures will flood the internet via social networking sites. See these pretty women take pictures of their pretty smiles, flat stomachs and perfect bodies! We like We like! And yes that's Vickie 6 in the last picture :)
Cellhottie0 19 pictures of random girls taken pictures of their perfect bodies with their cell phone. Guaranteed you'll find something here you like. If you don't, you must not like women.
Cell Girl0 We love these cell phone pictures of these hot ass babes. They all look great, but pay attention to that very first picture. Is she not like the sexiest cutest thing you've ever seen? It was hard to even make this post after looking at that picture.
Cell Babe0 You can't go wrong with a bunch of hot ass babes like these. Zip your pants back up! This ain't that type of site!

Joling0 Joling was worried that maybe the pictures she sent in weren't sexy, we think Ms Ferro is crazy because these pictures are so hot it took us a second to stop drooling before we posted them. Wow does she have it going on. We're already looking for a second Joling Ferro feature.
Jessenia Vice0 These pictures are so kold we just had to post them as soon as we got them. This is Jessenia Vice and she is the shit! Gorgeous young lady and now a featured GGurl thanks to IEC Studios. It took us a while to post the feature because we were too busy staring at the pictures. Check out her website:
Yuri Edwards0 We like Yuri! As you can see because this is her third feature on and this time she took pictures with the talent of 2020 Photography so you know when you scroll down the page you're in for a treat! Enjoy.
Alissa Liv0 What a hot find. Alyssa has a nice perky firm body, her pictures are kold! The Miami Beach resident looks to be a fun loving sexy girl. But be careful, women who look this good are usually heart breakers!
Ky Miss Diva0 Now she's a banger! Body on point with a really cute face. Kinda naughty yet nice looking. We like Miss Diva around these parts. Check her site out too www.KYMissDiva.
Awards: Ggurl Week
Twitter: @KYMissDiva scouted by @FollowKrisspy
Claudia Sampedro0 Hot photographer and model scout Joel Alvarez of Venge Media sent us these pictures of Claudio Sampedro, and we couldn't believe how hot she was! These are some great pictures and this is a hot model.

Heard it through the grapevine that Claudio is Reggie Bush's new girlfriend. She's currently published in Maxim's esp June issue.
Gabriella Amorosa0 Well well well, we love opening up our email box and seeing pictures of a hot model. We got a pleasant surpise with Gabriella Amoroso
Alana Jung0 Beach pictures rock. A hot chick on the beach taking pictures makes it rock even more. Alana Jung gave us that scenario and here are the pics! They rock!
Alba Nitza0 Oh my! If Alba Nitza isn't one of the prettiest women you've ever seen then you need glasses or you're just simply a hater. This woman takes some pretty and sexy ass pictures. Welcome Alba as a GGurl! Damn is she bad!
Sammi0 Sammi has some new hot pics for you to gawk at. This time she's showing off her best poses and we have to say she's a natural. Do ya thang Sammi.
Ikandy0 Hot babe here by the name of IKandy scouted and photographed by C E Wiley Studios. These pictures make for a great set! Good job guys!

Pretty Perion0 Great find! Super hot babe alert, and she's from the motor city! Shawn (Fyne Girls) took some great shots of this sure to be winner that we had to showcase to you! She's is a definite 10 piece.

Bobbi Dean0 Stupendously gorgeous! (We hope we used that word right) But you get the gist of what we're saying. These are really some glamorous pictures Bobbi Dean took, and she has model written all over her. Nice huh?
Rali Ivanova0 Burning up the web with hot ass pictures, Rali Ivanova was a no brainer for GGurls. She is hot as fuck! So here she is, the Maxim cover model, also featured in FHM, American curves and MIXED magazine. Now she's a GGurl!
Sweets Moore0 We love 'em like this, hot black and curvy. Sweets Moore has some steamy pictures for you to gawk at and she has a website for you to click on! Thanks for your submission Sweets, you've just found a new home! 
Montana Fierce0 She loved her first one and so did we so here's another feature of Montana Fierce and it's fierce! Did we say that already? Well it is fierce so we'll just say it three times! Here ya go.
Ayisha Diaz0 Ayisha Diaz is a published well known model and is possibly the best looking model you've ever seen! Her body is amazing. Her booty is spectacular. Her face is that of an angel. You really can't do any better than this.
Karen Tysin0 Another hot one brought to you by Real_ShitSucka! It's new GGurl Karen Tysin! Hot babe here and we love having her on the site. Enjoy :)
Diina Meana0 True definition of a shorty right here. Diina Meana is fucking cute! Dig her pics and tell us otherwise.
Roe Merolla0 Don't ya love to have a pleasant surprise? That's what we got when we opened this email from our boy REAL SHITSUCKA with pics of Roe Merolla. She's a true banger ain't she? Love that back shot!
Eve Canela0 The big Homie over at C.E. Wiley Studios presents to you his model of the day featuring Eve Canela. We absolutely love both of the pictures. She's stunning!

Ya0 Meh! Too easy. Don't think anyone will say nay to this babe. I mean she's just too gorgeous. But fuck it, Yay or Nay?

Sagia Castaneda0 Oh Sagia, you are fiyah! Sagia Castaneda (yeah we have trouble pronouncing it too) is a pleasant surprise every time you look at her. She's unbelievable, nobody can look that damn good can they? Well Sagia does.

Marisa Elise0 If you don't like this girl then you're either gay or you're a straight woman. But you still might like Marisa Elise because she has a damn near perfect body. Talk about a babe.

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