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Worst Rappers EVER! Featured

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worst rapper ever Okay let's get it popping in here. This list is of the worse rappers ever to grab a fucking microphone knowing damn well they shouldn't have. These are the people who live by the "it's not what you know it's who you know" rule of life. These people have absolutely no talent and have made an argument for all the people who think rap is not real music to begin with.

Wacka Flocka Lame. The reason why he's not higher on the worst ever list is because he's still relatively new. However if these songs he has out now is a preview of whats to come let's give up our right to non-censorship and censor his ass.

12 Hurricane Chris. This dude came out right after the number one worse rapper ever did, and he capitalized on stupid rap. He didn't even rhyme dammit! Hurricane Chris was proof that rap was now a game and only what big executives thought would sell would be what was heard. This was the beginning of the end.

Hurricane Chris

11 Gucci Mane. I actually like Gucci but no he can't rap. Sorry. Catchy beats and cute songs, but his rapping skills are non-existent. With the constant yelling of "Gucci" throughout his songs, you can tell he's just drawing attention to himself just in case his rhyming doesn't catch you. Which it won't. Gucci needs to really thank his producer.

10 Nicki Minaj. I don't care how much you want to fuck her. Nicki Minaj simply cannot rap. She's surviving on shock, sex and gimmicks to sell records. Her voice is akin to 10 yawing cats.

9 Hammer. Or as remembered by most folks "MC Hammer". I actually liked Hammer, but let's face it... He couldn't rap. He could dance his ass off but he couldn't rap. More like screaming.
Mc Hammer

8 LiL Mamma. You know what? I don't even know if she ever made a song lol so how could she even be considered a rapper? But her little antic during Jay Z's performance at the BET awards (or whatever award show that was) earned her a spot on this list. Wait a minute! I just googled it and came up with this!

 Lip gloss? Yeah you have a spot here.

7 Vanilla Ice. Smash hit! Ice Ice baby! Yeah he had one big gigantic hit because he hit at the right time. There were no white rappers and rap, at the time, was simply connecting A to B to C. He was suspected to be a white guy faking to be a rapper when he began ignorantly comparing himself to Hammer and Luke (2LiveCrew). Hammer never acknowledge him and Luke dismissed him. Speaking of Luke...

6 Luke (aka Luke Skywalker). Rapper no. Hype man yes. Good hype man no. Sold records because he was basically the first to start porn rap. Sex always sells.

5 Chingy. Talk about a copycat! Nelly was successful with his thick (done on purpose) southern rapping style. Nelly made it fun. It was unique. Chingy made it corny, over played and tried to hard. Notice how quickly he faded. Rappers should never be copycats.

4 Daddy Yankee. What the fuck? (fuck saying "WTF" I had to spell that shit out for this lame). His name alone makes him wack. Hits? What hits? All his songs sound the same and he took Spanish rap back two or three steps. Wish Fat Joe would have kicked his ass like he said he would.

Daddy Yankee

3 Soulja Boy. Yes that's a no brainer. This dudes voice is so annoying and his demeanor makes you want to smack the shit out of him. He needs to thank every single ignorant kid for buying his version of rap.

2 Plies. One word. Coon.


1 The absolute worse rapper ever? WACK ASS JKWON! remember that bullshit "Everybody in the club get tipsy?" This mothafucka had absolutely no lyrical skills or flow what so ever! Everybody must have been tipsy when they bought this bullshit.


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