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Why Women Are So Sneaky

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When I was a little boy my father told me that women are smarter than men. I asked why and he said that they had to be because they are sneaky as fuck and if they get caught cheating or taking your money, some men might beat them up. I didn't believe that then, and of course I'd never hit a woman but the older I got I found this to be true.

Today on Twitter, while fucking around as I always do, I tweeted: "Women ain't shit, they're sneaky as fuck and they cheat more than men". Now of course I was just playing. Somewhat. Women are fucking sneaky and they just might cheat more than men. The fucked up part about women cheating is, it's emotional and if your woman is cheating or has cheated then that other guy has got in her head and maybe you should dump her. When a man cheats it's usually no emotion involved and it's just sex. So because it's just sex with us then we don't have to be so fucking sneaky. You make rules for your sidepiece and she better follow them or you just dump her. However with women, since she's now attached to the other guy, she's gonna wanna be with him to some extent, which means she's going to do sneaky ass shit to do it.

Women are so fucking good at being sneaky that they could be talking to their other man on the phone right next to you and you'd think they were talking to their girlfriend. They do shit like hide clothes, especially new clothes in their cars, and you'll never see them. He will, but you won't. It's like they're masters of the sneak and maybe because they have to be or maybe because it's just in their nature.

Maybe my father was right, maybe they're just smarter.

It also could be society's fault. When a man cheats, he does the fucking, when a woman cheats, she gets fucked. That's how society has it labeled, actually that shit is true. Therefore women, not wanting to be called whores or anything else bad, mastered sneaking around so they won't get caught just so they won't get labeled. Society has put a double standard on men versus women cheating. This is very true considering that even if you catch your woman with another man's dick in her mouth she still will not admit it. She does not want that label under any cirumstances.

If you have a sneaky woman, a woman who you caught being sneaky about anything, chances are, it's a lot of shit you don't know. Dump her! Save yourself from a future massive headache. No, I'm not bitter and no I didn't just catch my woman doing anything. Just wanted to have a little fun and get a rise out of you ;)


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