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quantcast Just a little while ago we were venting about Alexa rankings and how inaccurate they were. Nothings changed. We still say fuck 'em for having such a fucked up system that doesn't tell the truth. If you go by Alexa remember you're getting super raw readings based on how many people have the Alexa toolbar installed on their web browser.

Use Quantcast instead. It's not %100 percent accurate but it's much more accurate then that crap we mentioned up above. If you read GGurls' Quantcast rankings it shows a much better reading on how much traffic we really get (still somewhat off but much better). It shows we're the biggest in our niche (which we already knew) and it's much more reliable. Quantcast traffic is directly measured. So once again, FUCK ALEXA RANKINGS.
The absolute best rankings you'll get from your website is Awstats thats on your Cpanel