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Top 25 Urban Strippers

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You already know we get a lot of strippers on here and people been asking us a lot lately who did we think are the top ones in the game. We had a few in mind like Jhonni Blaze, Nya Lee or Miracle Watts but to be truthful we never paid much attention to who strips and who does not. So we took to twitter and we met some booty shakers we never even hear do before. Nya Lee New York - Love and Hip Hop has propelled this stripper's popularity Jhonni BlazePeople love to hate her she's made 13 IG pages so far and has taken the internet by storm MizhaniDetroit - Easily the most popular out of Detroit, everybody knows Mizhani Miracle Watts Los Angeles - Took the game by storm in the last year or two Tip DrillMiami - When I asked for popular strippers on Twitter her name came up the most along with Jhonni Blaze So Spyda Los Angeles - Spyda is tearing the west coast up BambiWashington DC - Her apperance on a reality show appearance propelled her to the top GucciDallas - Ever saw her pole tricks? Probably the most talented ever, owns the Triple D Yummy JPretty stripper with a nice back side, lot of naked booty pics online Mercedes MorrTincidunt mauris eget condimentum Secret MoneiiAtlanta - Ever seen her sextape? Lira GaloreHouston - Recently made a name for herself in the last year Kash DollDetroit - The hottest stripper currently in the D Nikki CashLos Angeles- Don't know where she dances but she's bad Flawless FruitMiami - Newcomer and already making big waves Redd StarrMiami - If you ever stop in Miami you'll see why we put her on this list PersuasianMiami - Just discovered her this year, she's getting very popular and well known Taylor JonesCleveland - Her moutain of a booty is one of the largest in the game Red Diamondher popularity online is killing most Blac ChynaWashington DC - kinda slowed down after marriage and a kid but still one of the biggest period Tresure PHouston - Houston has some of the finest strippers and Tresure is proof Montana BalfourHollywood -One of our favorite GGurls is also a stripper, didn't know that Htown CiaraHouston - heavily tatted up stripper making a name for herself Royalty MasonAll we know is she dances at a KOD somewhere but that KOD is lucky Keisha Kokiana Los Angeles - easily worth checking out

One of the names that kept popping up was a girl name Tip Drill out of Miami, she's so popular that some idiot said we were being salty because we never heard of her before. Yeah, that makes a lot of sense. Jhonni Blaze was mentioned so many times it's crazy. Mizahni saved Detroit, she's like the only big name of out the D that dances, we do have one by the name of Kash Doll who's making some noise in the D. 

Some girls I didn't even know stripped were mentioned a lot. Strippers like Montana Balfour, Htown Ciara and super fine ass Tresure P. Now a couple of these made the list due to their popularity from reality TV or fame from a rapper, that's not a bad thing at all, but it gives them maybe an unfair advantage. Girls like Nya Lee and the ever popular Blac Chyna. 

Taylor Jones with that big ass came to the rescue of Cleveland. Miami and Atlanta probably has the most popular strippers, but you can't ingore Texas with Houston and Dallas being mentioned an awful lot. We stand by our statement that Gucci is the hottest thing of of Dallas. If she's not then name somebody else. 

All in all this was kind of a fun list to make. We sure we'll get cursed out about something we didn't do to somebody's liking but that's part of the fun. We'll have to do this again soon.

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