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Kelly Divine Freaky Interview! Featured

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kelly divine Kelly is so fucking hot it's crazy! So know see what a fucking hot girl like her really has on her mind in this crazy interview with her. Follow Kelly on twitter while you're at it: @kellydivine
GGurls: okay... what's ur favorite? Being analed, sucking someone off or just getting fucked?
Kelly Divine: Yikes! Graphic.... Anal 4sure

GGurls: who gives you the best head? A man or a woman?
Kelly Divine: gotten bad n good from both, overall girls r better

GGurls: do you prefer to make love or fuck?
Kelly Divine: LOVE over fucking anytime!

GGurls: what's ur favorite thing to do to another woman?
Kelly Divine: flirt

Kelly Divine
GGurls: do you make eye contact when giving head?
Kelly Divine: I'm pretty good at reading ppl if the guys into it I will but sum don't

GGurls: favorite position to get fucked?
Kelly Divine: reverse's like spoon but I'm facing you so my ass is out... hella Porno but I love it!

GGurls: Are you currently dating someone?
Kelly Divine: I'm not single

GGurls: do you like the taste of cum?
Kelly Divine: at times lol n none of that lumpy rice pudding looking shit

GGurls:  what's your favorite body part?
Kelly Divine: on me? My ass cause it's nice n REAL n in shape... Other girls?... Lips

Kelly Divine1
GGurls: do people recognize who you are in public?
Kelly Divine: Yes! And sometimes at my worst times! I love saying hi though :) 

GGurls: While filming a porn have you ever made a guy cum too quick?
Kelly Divine: Yesss n its even better when they try to hold back! 

GGurls: have you ever took a dick in every hole at the same time? (Vanessa Del Rio Style)
Kelly Divine: I think so

Kelly Divine2


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