Kathy Bentley - Is She a Real Person?

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Why her again? Well because she has two names we guess. Originally Kathy Ferreiro on Twitter, now Kathy Bentley, it seems her Twitter page was shut down, probably due to some jealous person. Or was it? We found this site on the internet just recently: KathyFerreiro.com

and something odd seems afoot. Yeah we said "afoot". The site contains hard core porn links and Kathy is NOT a porn star. No, it's not her doing porn but it's affiliate links to porn sites, meaning if you click them and buy them then the person running the account makes money. Now take that into consideration that nobody knows much about Kathy Bentley. She supposedly hangs out in Miami and/or California. Got a strange feeling this person may not be a female or at least not Kathy Bentley or Kathy Ferreiro at all, probably some guy who photoshopped some pics of some cuban hottie and is trying to turn a buck off her. Reminds us of that other girl, Real Sexi Barbie. Whoever this girl is though, you can't deny she's bad. 

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