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kami2hot naked Kami is ggurl family. So much so that she gave us an exclusive super sexy interview revealing stuff she's never told before! We love you Kami, not just because you're hot as fuck, but because you're so down with us and so down to Earth.
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Q: Would you classify yourself as a nice girl? A naughty girl? Or a nasty girl?
A: I would classify myself as naughty because I usually do things to get a reaction from folks. Its how I get my kicks

Q: Are there any nude pictures of you on the internet?
A: There's a few nude pictures of me floating around on the net. Tickles me when folks see them bc they expect that from me.

Q: Are you into girls too? 
A: i don't have any problem giving a female a compliment but i'm only into guys *thumbsup*

Q: Spit or Swallow?
A: since only a few get that treatment, swallow always *thumbsup*

Q: What's the freakiest sex act you've ever commited?
A: freakiest sex act i've ever committed would have to be having sex in the meat freezer at krogers when i worked there back in '99

Q: Would you do a Threesome with your boyfriend?
A:i wouldn't agree to a 3some with my boyfriend; i don't like to share. if he was really serious about it, we would have to part ways:(

Q: Wasn't it cold fucking in a freezer?
A: at first but i got warmed up real quick.. i think that added to the excitement:)

Q: Was it awkward fucking in a freezer?
A: Trying to balance my hands & feet on hooks while bent over wasn't an easy feat but it was fun

Q: Do you get off on giving head?
A: Yes i do climax while giving it. Its a mental thing.i enjoy it because of the control it gives me.

Q: Do you like to have you booty hole fingered, fucked or licked?
A: Can't speak on the other two because i haven't experience them yet but being fingered was pretty cool

Q: When it comes to head do you...? Deepthroat? Give Slow Head? Believe in eye contact? Jerk it?  
A: I do it all.. just depends on my mood & what type of reaction i want to get from the guy at the time

Q: What celebrity would you like to fuck?
A: That's easy ... @jeremypiven

Q: Would you ever consider doing porn?  
A: Nah because then what i do would lose its shock value and what would be the fun in that?

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Q: Favorite part of your body? 
A: Legs because they're long, in excellent shape & strong enough to hold someone down or wrap around them tightly

Q: Can you make that ass clap?
A: Sadly no:( i don't have skills like that but hopefully my twin @niagrafallz will teach me how soon:)

Q: Ever gave head in front of an audience?  
A: Mmmm does in the car at a drive through count? lol

Q: Do you like to be either choked, slapped, or have your hair pulled while being fucked?
A: I LOVE rough sex especially being choked, thrown around & up against a wall, and being smacked on my rear end *thumbsup*

Q: Do you walk around the house with nothing but high heels on?
A: I walk around my house naked all the time no matter if my dude is there or not.. i actually prefer not to wear clothes

Q: What do you hate most about the modeling industry?
A: What i dislike the most about the modeling industry would be the closemindness..folks are so scared to broaden their viewpoints for and being different from the majority.. for instance i would love to see more models that sport natural hair like @sweetgloss [email protected] get featured..their individual styles are amazing *thumbsup*

Q: When are you taking pictures with GGurls? 
A: Next time i'm in detroit after my nephew arrives:)

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