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Is Detroit Really That Bad? Featured

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detroit You hear so much stuff about Detroit, from the violence, to the school system to the former Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick. Is it true or is it exaggerated? The answer like anything else you hear from the news is, it's exaggerated, but not by much. 

Detroit is a city overrun by uneducated individuals. Individuals who're breast fed rap music and were not disciplined when they were kids. I'm going to skip the history of the riots in '68 and the white flight stuff. Let's jump straight to the 80's when crack cocaine was introduced into urban America. What Detroit is suffering from now is these crack babies have grown up. Also when the Sharmikas and the Sheniqua's had 5 to 7 kids by 5 to 7 different men what did you expect their kids to turn out to be?

When you turn on the news at night in Detroit, at least two people will be shot for that day. Somebody in the city's government will have done something corrupted. The Lions will have lost for that week. The Mayor will come on and remind you how broke Detroit is. It's all bad news in Detroit.

Facts about Detroit:
The school system is more akin to a zoo system.
Kilpatrick led the way in further embarrassing Detroit with his arrogant buffoonery.
There are probably just as many vacant houses as there are decent houses.
The dropout rate is larger than 60%!!!
The Lions went 0-16 to prove they are the worse team in sports history.

Detroit basically is suffering from lack of education and discipline, and the good citizens in Detroit (and yes there are a lot of good people here) are really suffering.

We're based in Detroit so we know this stuff to be true. Detroit looks like its hit rock bottom, hopefully this is true and there is nowhere to go but up. Detroit
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