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fakebook The say Twitter is taking over. We hope so. But as of right now Fakebook (as it will be referred to from here on out) is the 2nd biggest site in the world. Why do we call it Fakebook? because that's what it's full of. People who befriend you just to report your pictures and Fakebook makes it very easy for them. In our particular case their is a stalker who hounds GGurls simply because he's jealous as fuck.
He basically said it on Twitter by coming out the blue, talking shit for absolutely no reason. The idiot has a weak modeling site that is a pale comparison to GGurls and we know it's him doing the shit. But to be truthful we don't even give a fuck about him, he just confirms that we're kicking ass. It's Fakebook who has us beefed out. They make it too easy for pathetic people with no talent to be jealous of you and your talent.

Fakebook is getting more stupid by the day. The new picture system sucks, spammers flood your inbox with a bunch of shit and those stupid gaming apps have taken over. Can't wait 'til Fakebook goes the way of Myspace. Want to talk to people for real without all the clutter, hate and goodie two shoes admins? Join Twitter. Now.

So guess what hater? We're going to push even harder now. Your hater meter is about to kick into overdrive. If you worried more about you instead of GGurls maybe you'd be more successful yourself.

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