5 Sexy Ways to use your Mouth

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The mouth is a tool that can be used in various ways from encouraging or tearing down to comforting and attracting.  When it comes to sexual  arousal, the mouth plays a huge part in sending signals to the body to let the brain know that it’s time to get ready to get it on. However, the mouth is often used over and over again in ways that can become mundane.  It’s time to turn up the sexy and use your mouth in more seductive ways that are sure to impress.  Here are 5 sexy ways you can use your mouth to get your man hot and ready for some good loving.


By @glamazontyomi

(1)  Run your lips slowly across your man’s hip bones as you move closer towards his package. There are a ton of nerve endings in this area that will make his body light up with desire

(2)   Graze his ear with your lips lightly while you whisper all the nasty things you want to do to him

(3)   Flatten your tongue and lick the underside of his penis.  It’s a surefire way to get him up in 2.5 seconds

(4)    Use your tongue to trace the corona of the penis…that’s the outer rim of the head of the penis.  It contains 80 percent of his erogenous tissue, which is tissue that helps spark sexual arousal.

(5)   When he is lying on his back, straddle him and use your lips to place kisses down his back until you reach the base of his spine. 

The mouth can be used in many ways during foreplay, and when coupled with confidence and sensuality it brings spice to the bedroom. Be bold, be sure of yourself and experiment with techniques.  Your man will thank you later!


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