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Miss Thickness - 3.0 out of 5 based on 30 votes
Miss Thickness Hey what happened to her website? Well the site ain't up but we were able to salvage this booty shaking videos of hers! Miss Thickness shakes it just for your enjoyment (and now it's free lol).
Christa0 Who is this fine chica? Her name is Christa and that's all we know. Nice sexy body.

Is Ass Real0 Now y'all know we can find some nice ass from here and there but damn even we're stumped on this one! Is this a real chick? Is that a real ass? Are we seeing a photoshop trick? Or is it ass injections? No way is that natural ass.

Regis Smack Nicki Ass Regis got him a hand full of Nicki's Ass on 'Live with Regis and Kelly. After Nicki performed her song Right Thru Me she was interviewed by Regis and Kelly. Regis began to comment on her outfit when he sneaked a good smack on her ass! He then told her he wishes he could "go hard" (on her). Wow, Nicki's body got everybody amazed!

Mariela0 This girl name Mariela has a nice package on her, that's the only way she takes her pics! Now don't get us wrong, that there is a nice ass, but don't you think she'd look 100 if she toned it up some?

Diamond Doll's Donk - 3.5 out of 5 based on 2 votes
Diamond Doll Diamond Doll is a new video model or at least trying to be. She has a big ass but is it nice? You be the judge. The way the video comes on is kinda scary: ♫ happy birthday to you ♪ ?!?

Booty Control How long did it take for this chick to learn to jiggle just one ass cheek at a time? That's some great ass control. Hmmm? Is this a good thing?
Suicide Bomber0 Want to see what our American troops go through to keep us free? Want to see why you should shut the fuck up and quit complaining about dumb shit when you could be in this situation? Of course you do, so scroll down and see the nightmare that is Afghanistan! Warning these pictures are very graphic and not for a weak stomach. You've been warned!

Parking Lot Fight What kind of friends does this guy have? They ran off as he got kicked in the head twice very hard.

Black Male Model0 Alright Fellas
Did you know that women like for a dick to have a curve?
They say it hits that G-Spot just right! But don't go trying to put a bend in your dick if you don't have one. You'll end up in the hospital embarrassed!
Now here's a list of some other things women like that your dumb ass didn't know.
Ass To Damn Big We know y'all like big asses, but damn it's just a little too much jelly back there ain't it? Let the argument begin!
Diznee0 The urban glamour modeling industry is no exception to the color game. In this industry amongst the black models, there is a fine line separating the dark skin models from the light skin models. What's the difference? Since most people are Americanized and (stupidly) prefer lighter skin, the lighter skin models get more love. You'll see more lighter skin on magazine covers, videos, websites, etc.
Dp Sed0 Networking is what it's all about! Our friends over at DP Seductions have officially launched as of 12-1-10! Good news for booty watchers young and old alike!
Panties, Thongs or Boy Shorts? - 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 votes
Thongs0 What makes that booty look better? What makes that booty pop out when a chick pulls her pants down? What would you rather see? Some regular panties, boy shorts or a thong?

Jodeci0 Two hot throw back groups, Jodeci and Dru Hill. Which was the better one to you?
Jodeci had more hits but Dru Hill had the better singer in Sisqo, (yeah that'll piss some of y'all off but face it, Sisqo was the best singer amongst all singers in these two groups). But fuck all that, If you had to choose one group and the other one would disappear from history which would you choose?
Butta Face This is definitely the definition of a 'Butta Face'. Everything looks good "but her face".
Facebookmurder Social networking gone wrong. Two people kill one girl over a facebook beef. Hard to believe but it happened and here's the video to prove it.
Lil Kim Tittie0 Didn't she do this before? Is it really a nipple slip when it concerns Lil Kim? Well if it's big news to you it's big news to us. Here's Lil Kim having a wardrobe malfunction. Again.

Most Hated Ass Ass so tough all the other bitches hate on it! Well so she thinks. But why else would she have MOST HATED tatted on her ass? But a nice ass it is!
Racist Porn Stars - 3.6 out of 5 based on 10 votes
Racist Porn0 It's there. We know that. But what are the reasons? When you boil it down to the core it's pretty much the same ole reason racism exist in the first place. Ignorance.
Razz B Razz B has another shocker for you. He claims that on the behest of Chris Stokes he and B2K member J Boog would perform oral sex on each other! It's been a lot of talk about this over the internet. With people being divided about who to believe. Think about this. Why would this man say these things if it wasn't true? Everybody wants attention but not to this extent. Where there is smoke there is fire.
Lindsay Marie - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote
Lindsay Marie0 This hot little momma is also talented! Check out her new track! Fast Car
Sexy ain't it?
Follow her on twitter: @LindsayMarie

Kim Black Friday They're taking turns dissing each other, and now it's Lil Kim's turn. She pulls no punches and lyrically murders Nicki Minaj in this track.

Booty of the week - 1.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote
Booty Of The Week Presenting the booty of the week! We know you'll love this one. Not to hot in the face though and the ass has a little too much flab for our taste but y'all don't care.

Would you do Monica Danger? - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote
Monica Danger0 This chick has some sex appeal. This chick has some crazy appeal too. Would you do Monica Danger if she offered you some?

Lbj Heat So you're wondering? What's wrong with the Miami Heat huh? They only won 8 out of 15 games and lost their last three as of this writing. The answer is simple. They suck!
Patti Labelle So? Who do we think is the best ever? You see the picture don't you? Anywho here is our top 10 greatest female r&b artists. As usual when we do this, somebody is going to point out that we forgot such and such or somebody shouldn't be on the list. Hey make your own list! Grrrrr!
You need haters because... - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote
Fuck Haters1 We get our share of them. You know, the haters. From people who check us out everyday just to talk shit, to wack ass rival websites who try to blast us on twitter to get hits for their site.
Karrine Steffans Abuse0 Thought these two broke up? Darius McCrary aka Eddie Winslow are still married despite previous relationship problems. Now Super dick sucker Karrine is now claiming that he abuses her.
Mya Bliss Mya Bliss is banging and she's on Show Girls Exclusive! Wow, check her out!
Longest Booty Clap We always thought that booty clapping was kind of weird. I mean, how is that sexy really? Well this chick has it mastered and does it for a while.
Sharon Leal0 Break her on down! Sharon Leal is a hot ass actor who has grabbed our attention. But let's just judge her on physical appearance solely. What would you rate her?

Phat Ass Asian Chick Kinda rare but you're starting to see this more and more. Asia women with phat round asses.
Jhonnie Blaze Video Now that's what we're talking about! GGurl Jzapal aka Jhonnie Blaze has a smoking video out letting you see that body in motion!

No We have to start setting standards on what a nice huge ass is. Just 'cuz the ass is fucking big doesn't mean shit. It has to have shape, it has to be sexy, and it has to be on a nice body. Just cuz you oil up your huge flabby ass and put it in front of a camera don't mean shit. But I know some of y'all would still beat this shit wouldn't you?
Dani Hanni0 GGurl Danni Hannah presents some new eye candy pics just for your enjoyment.

Follow her on Twitter: @DaniHannah

Would you do Elise Neal? - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote
Elise Neal0 Always thought she was sexy, of course we all know she's talented as an actor and dance choreographer. But the question is how hot do you think she is? Would you get with her?

Soulja Salad Toss0 Explain this shit? This boy is suspect. Every time you turn around it's some weird shit going on with this boy. Why is this chick smelling or tonging his ass?
Tracythebombshell Rob Meggett does a hot photoshoot of a new model by the name of Tracy the Bombshell, just look at the video, you'll love it!

New Veatrice Video! - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote
Veatrice Vids Now you can see that hot ass body in motion! Here's GGurl familiar Veatrice showing you what she's working with!

Latin Booty Shake We all know that black chicks can shake that ass. But what about those sexy Hispanic chicks? Can they shake that ass with the rhythm a black girl has? Let's see.
Candice Nicole GGurls fam, Party Guy Drew, presents to you Candice Nicole in Detroit at the famous Cheetah's strip joint! Don't miss this if you're in town.
Dmx Fuck Jayz DMX don't give a fuck. Whenever he talks people listen, it's hard not to with that voice. DMX says whatever the fuck he wants to say and this time he said "Fuck Jay Z" and then went on about the so called Illuminati. DMX don't give a fuck. Or maybe he really did lose his mind up in there?
Sidney Starr Our girl the Hip Hop Socialite (Mara) does it again! First she broke the story that went viral about Chingy and the tranny and now she has the infamous tranny Sidney Starr (same transvestite?) on her show confessing that she smashed Lil Wayne before he went to prison! Wow! You gotta listen to this!

Dynasty Magazine - 3.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote
Dm0 Now this is hot! Dynasty Magazine has opened up a new avenue for models. Great photographer and a nice site and magazine. Check out these pics they sent us to showcase on GGurls.
Visit their site
Lady Ass Alot - 2.7 out of 5 based on 3 votes
Ladyassalot Right to the point. Lady Ass Alot. She got a lot of ass and she loves to shake it and get naked for you. She's BUCK ass naked outside in broad daylight shaking her oiled up ass. Wow.
Good Booty Just a bunch of eye candy booty for you to look at. You love it and ya know it!

Racist Mail You will not believe these two videos. This white woman is wrongly upset at this black postal worker for not accepting mail that she wants to return. She calls him a nigger and then slaps him. Now get this, later (off video) he's fired! No one is sure why he was fired but he was.
Freaky Dancing Are they killing this shit or or do they just need to get a fucking room. It's a fine line between dancing and doing it. They call this dance "Get Some Booty." Whatcha think?
Yuck Or Fuck Really want to see the responses to this one. Most of you would probably beat it and then wouldn't tell nobody. Wouldn't you? Yeah you would.

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