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Jai Dash Nude! - 4.5 out of 5 based on 18 votes
Jaedash0You like big titties huh? Well you'll these big titties on a super sexy small frame and a pretty face! It's GGurl Jai Dash! Wow! Tell a friend... No really tell a friend, we need the hits.
Bowwow Omarion Okay this has been speculated for the longest. Is Bow Wow gay? If he is, is his boyfriend Omarion? People have been suspected this since they made an album together and especially after former members of Omarion's old group B2K came out with the molestation accusations. Then a certain website comes out with a picture of a top rapper being banged from behind and the majority of the people said it looked like Bow Wow. Now this video surfaces, supposedly off of his hacked email account. In the freestyle he says: "You know I'm gay". Listen.
Reggie Amber 0 Damn man really? He looks desperate to us. Now let's see. Supposedly Kim broke up with him because of Kanye, so is this payback? If so Kanye is laughing at his ass.

Cocobikini0 Hows does she look to you now without all the photoshopping? Is this flattering to you? This is Ice T's girl Coco at the beach.
Lilru Lil Ru from Def Jam Records get beat up because he claimed he's the king of Columbia, South Carolina. In other words some ignorant ass jealous Niggas who don't have a life of their own assaulted him for absolutely no reason. Long as niggas like this exist the black race will always have a problem.

George Bush0Look at the pic. 'Nuff Said 
Candace Jai - 3.7 out of 5 based on 3 votes
Candacejai0 Some sexy hot pictures of Candace Jai. We were wondering were she went!

Luvangel0 Check out this new up and coming model, a hot redbone who likes to tease you with her booty. Very nice! Here's her website

Facebooktag0 Quit tagging people that don't want to be tagged in your pics on facebook, especially if you're taking fruity pictures like this!
Finger In Butt0 Now y'all know we're crazy right? So here's a crazy ass question.
for 10 thousand dollars would you let somebody put there whole finger up your butt on national tv?
Rosa Acosta0 Some hot pics of video vixen Rosa Acosta sunbathing! Hot! Don't she have the perkiest booty?

Vanessa Del Rio0 Some of your favorite pornstars today still can't touch Vanessa Del Rio. She's the one who started the gangbang and over the top porn scenes, which were basically unheard of back in the day. Vanessa was so outrageous she'd take on five guys at once. One in each hand, one the regular way, one in the shoot and would be blowing another guy all at the same time!
Mel Gibson0 Caught on tape! So there is no denying it! Mel Gibson was recently secretly recorded by his ex Oksana Grigorieva in a verbally abusive racist and sexist rage. In one of the outrageous rants he told her that the way she was dressed would get her raped by a pack of niggers
Ghettomess0 Why oh why do people let themselves get photographed like this? Do they look at the pictures after it's taken? This is trifling.

Fatfetish To each his own, but if this is your own you own an awful lot! For real man?

Anotherfatass Who likes this one? Is this the same girl as last time? Why does she think all that blubber look good? That's gross man!

Hot Model Amanda - 1.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote
Amanda0 Hot girl alert! This is Amanda and apparently she's new to the game (we never heard of her before). Well let's hope we see much more of her soon!

Beyonce Ewww0 Have you ever seen Beyonce look so terrible? She should have paid this guy not to put this picture out there

Nickibeef0 Nicki got class! Now in this video, when asked how she feels about Trina and Kim she saids "They don't matter". You can't blame her for saying that because she's just being defensive (they started the shit she didn't). Now the class part. During the entertaining B.E.T. awards Nicki Stated "Shout out to all the female rappers who paved the way for me. Now Kim and Trina need to heed her coolness and let the shit end. 
Big Round Booties - 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote
Butt0 For your viewing pleasure (zip your pants back up please), here's some ridiculous big booty models for you! These butts are unbelievable!

Meagan Vs Meagan - 3.5 out of 5 based on 2 votes
Meagan Battle Which is the hotter Meagan? Meagan Fox or Meagan Good? Both are hot actresses and both are slim goodies. You can only pick one, so which one would you pick?

Prettiest Sexiest Booty Award - 1.5 out of 5 based on 2 votes
Prettybooty0 Yesterday on Twitter we did a Prettiest Sexiest booty contest and although we were just fucking around it actually turned out to be very fun and sexy! All these sexy ass women submitted pictures via Twitpic and TweetPhoto.
Baby Got Back0 Quit hating bishes, she got back and she's sexy as fuck. Don't deny it, you're denying it! But for real. Everybody can't dress sexy, this is just some hot garbage.

Cop Punch How do you feel about this one? Now before you answer, I want you to look at the whole thing and notice the actions of all particpants, then comment. 

Rape Condom0 Imagine having a condom with a bunch of teeth inside stuck on your dick! That's what a rapist will have to worry about in the near future. A South African doctor has created an anti rape condom. The condom pictured below is made so that a female can insert it in her vagina and then when a rapist inserts himself he'll be entering the condom. When he retracts, the teeth will dig (ouch!) into his penis causing pain! It's also very hard for him to pull it off.

Miss Joie0 Dig it. Video vixen Miss Joie is a hot commodity right now. Bow Wow in an effort to prove he's straight is supposedly dating her, however she just did a recent photo shoot with Gucci Mane and according to rumors it turned out to be a little more than just a shoot. The girl is smoking, but which one of these rappers is she dating?
Amazin Amie0 Is Amazin' Amie the baddest white chick in the urban eyecandy modeling game? Look at her pics and tell us. If you don't think she is tell us who is then?

Steve Urkel0 Oh no! Jaleel White, better known as Steve Urkel from the (super corny) TV show Family Matters is gay! Well this is what we speculate after seeing this picture. It's not from some movie or tv show (when was the last time you seen him in a movie or tv show?). It's just a normal picture of him. Then to top it off, he was in Detroit talking to WJLB FM 98 and they asked him about his gayness. He was with Penny Hardaway? Huh?
Chyna0 Now this is a super model! Chyna has the look and poise to be on the cover of Vogue and in a season of America's Next Top Model. She's simply gorgeous, has great features and length. She's also a very humorous and cool person to talk to. You can follow her on Twitter: @Gr8wallzofCHYNA

Tamala Jones - Would You? - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote
Tamala Jones0 Big Lewis has a thing for Tamala Jones. He only watches movies starring her simply because she's in it. Between Tamala and Gabrielle Union, Big Lewis don't know who's his favorite. How do you feel about Tamala? Be Careful! Big Lou is watching you lol!
Amber Rose Twitter0 Amber Rose posted some twitpics of herself and her girlfriends yesterday. You like? Hey, what's up with the shaved heads? We know Amber rocks it but her girlfriend too? Do you like that?

Katstacks Ceecee0 Okay here's something kind of interesting. If you find anything about Kat Stacks interesting that is. GGurls' Fam Cee Cee New New hung out with KatStacks in D.C. and of course something happened. Kat Stacks was photographed on the ground with Cee Cee holding her. So of course people speculated that she got beat up. Then it was rumored that VH1 Hot Wings knocked her out. However in Kat Stacks favor, Cee Cee saids it was nothing. Cee Cee also said Hot Wings just flipped her off and that was it. After looking at the picture it seems that Kat Stacks got drunk and fell out. If you didn't know the girl has an alcohol addiction problem. 
Katherine Jackson0 It hasn't been a year just yet however Michael Jackson's mother, Katherine Jackson has a new book schedule to be released on the anniversary of MJ's death. The book will be called never can say goodbye. Tsk. She's just cashing in.
Random Eyecandy - 2.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote
Eee0 Just some randy eyecandy pics from photographer Shaun Hines.

Unknown Celeb0 Who the fuck is this? Somebody and we have to keep them anonymous sent us this grainy ass picture, saying it's a celebrity doing a dirty deed. Who the fuck is it? Is this a hoax? Well help us figure it out please because we really want to know who it is. They offered us a price but we're not paying for something that could be a fake. Now if it is real, we'll be seeing her (we have our suspicions) all over the net soon, and we know those other blogs will buy it.
Not Enough0 To each his or her own. To some people these asses look great! To other's this is not enough ass. Does the size of these asses matter to you? Do you deny that these asses are great looking asses? Or do you think they look good but you want a little more junk in the trunk?

Natalin0 Where have we been? Natalin is fucking hawt and she has a nice heart shaped ass on her too! What do you think about this eyecandy model?
Fat Black BootyOkay some of y'all pervs would take even this. There is nothing attractive about this. This is just a plain ol' big FAT ass.
Free GGurls Wallpaper - 2.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote
Ggurls Wallpaper0 Some freebies for. Some GGurls wallpapers for your 'puter desktop. The first one is 1024x768, the second one is, damn I forgot! It's bigger than 1024x768 though so it'll fit. Right click on them and save it. The size is reduced here so you can see it. 
Dime Piece? - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote
Dimepiece0 Nice looking chick huh? But is she a dime? Break it down to us, tell us if how you rate this girl and why. Really curious to see what it is people think about certain types of women.
Jada Pinkett Nude0 Jada was bold enough to get naked for essence magazine. She took two covers. Nothing much to say. Just hope Google picks up this article on GGurls and we can get some more hits. (Hey at least we're honest)
Danielle Staub A sextape with a twist! Danielle Staub one of the members of the Real Housewives of Jersey (I think it's New Jersey) has a sex tape out that she purposely put out! You know what? I can respect that she said that, instead of trying to act like it was a mistake just to gain notoriety. However I don't think it'll do as well as she think it will. In today's world everybody and their Momma has a sex tape out. Nice try Danielle.
Bad Modeling0 Okay just because you have a sweet background and a nice camera and you may be good at touching up pictures don't mean you should take pictures of any random hoodrats. Golden rule: One bad bitch beat three funky hoes.

Smash or Pass? - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote
Smashorpass0 Which of these three women would you smash? Which of these three women would you pass on? 
Yay Or Nay0 Would you do this chick? We know everybody ain't perfect but is she a lil too sloppy for you or is she doable?

Who Is This Again0 Okay family, tell us who is this fine ass model. No, we really don't know who it is that's why we're asking you! If you know her tell her about GGurls if she don't already know. Post some pictures of her in the
Brianna Frost Okay GG family, is this enough ass for you? We think Brianna is sexy, all models don't have to be thick ya' know.
Terrel Owens Sellout1 After that article on Chad Johson, aka Onco Cinco or whatever the fuck that Uncle Tomming ass negro calls himself, I started thinking about Terrell Owens. Here's another black pro football player that had a tv show and other than his friends, he dated anything but black women. Now here he is with his girlfriend. 

Detroit0 You hear so much stuff about Detroit, from the violence, to the school system to the former Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick. Is it true or is it exaggerated? The answer like anything else you hear from the news is, it's exaggerated, but not by much. 
Nice Brazilian Ass! - 1.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote
Brazilianass Wowee! Is this not a perfect bubble butt? Why do Brazilian girls have butts like this? This is nice! Warning! Not Safe For Work!

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