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Kid Cudi0 What's wrong with Kid Cudi's head? It's Enormous!

Hittable Is she hittable? Or would you hit her in the eye and tell her to bounce?

Dont Call Me Nigger Wheelchair or not. Watch your mouth bitch. After this obviously crazy and racist wheelchair bound woman calls a black man a "nigger" for absolutely no reason, he hoses her down. Pretty good reaction!
Nicole Jossie This time we have two more fine unbelievable Ggurls. The type of women you never see in real life! Who would you choose?
Kinky Kim Love Doll0 Kim Kardashian is pissed about this and is trying to get them to stop making and selling it. She thinks it's made in her likeness. But wait a minute. Suppose the chick (who does look like Kim) name really is Kim? Then hey it's all fair game.

Bethany Storro Remember this trick? Bethany Storro claimed that an unidentified black woman for absolutely no reason threw acid in her face while she was walking down the street. Well, the police were skeptical of her allegations after a search turned up nothing and she began to seem nervous after further questioning. She admitted it was a hoax (lie!). Thanks for furthering the race relations gap. It's bad enough as it is but now we have racist people just making up shit. Wait a minute that's what racist people do anyway. 

Leprechaun Alabama This is just fucking stupid! A leprechaun in the hood huh? These motha'fucka's are serious, and had the nerve to have a sketch of the leprechaun.

Featured Booty - 2.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote
Marica Linn 0 Now is this just gorgeous or is it gorgeous? This is a rated 10 ass and it belongs to Ggurl model Marica Linn. Make friends with her by going to her page click here

GG Battle Kimmi Vs Amber - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote
Kimmi Vs Amber Two smoking hot unbelievably gorgeous GGurls face off and the winner is up to you!
Shape Of Ass Look at this video. Now rate the ass. What did you give it? We think you should have rated it a 7 or above. If you rated it a 9 we can see why. The point is, it's not the size of an ass that matters, it's the shape, and you gotta admit that's a nice looking ass. Ass comes in all different shapes, pear, apple, round, etc. Which means that any nationally can have a nice shape ass.

Careworker Caught on tape! An elderly caretaker manhandles and abuses a 92 year old woman in this video. You can easily see her slap, choke, push and pull this woman with total disregard. She's been arrested and charged with endangering the welfare of an imcompetent person.

Male Dancer0 Man, we don't know what to put here. Should we make fun of this or do some of you ladies like this? These dudes got matching socks on their dicks? Lol. The dude with the perm is leaving us at a lost for words.

Chingy Transexual Remember when the Hip Hop Socialite (our family) broke the news about Chingy and the transsexual? That was over a year ago. Well he did it again! If you get caught one time with a he/she then you might be able to used the "I didn't know what it was until it pulled it's pants down" excuse. But twice? Nah son, you like that shit.
Chelsea Handler Sex Tape0 First it was just a rumor, then it was a rumored joke. But nope it's real! After over 10 years the Chelsea Handler sex tape is ready to hit the internet. These pictures don't even look like her, but hey fame and money always make you look better. We'd like to see Chelsea's opening monologue after this hits the net. Chelsea, who's extremely funny will probably laugh it off and keep going like a great comedian.
Thick Spanish Ass Damn! Nothing more to say here but look at that thick Spanish ass. That's nice!

Lady Gaga Bra Panties0 It's working bitch. You have our attention. You're so over the top that you can't help but to be talked about. Lady Gaga arrives at JFK airport wearing a bra and panties. Arrest this bitch already. Gawd what a horrible body and face. 

Nasty Tits Just 'cuz you got some big ass tits don't mean you should be making videos. Big tits follow the same rules as big asses. It's not really the size that matters but the shape. Okay tit size does matter but these mugs are just nasty!

Pinky Bad Bitch Can Pinky flow? Would you buy this? Yep it's that Pinky, the pornstar one with the big ass. Now she's rapping and we believe she has an album coming out, not sure though. Should she consider a career in rapping or should you stick a dick her mouth?
Nicki Minaj Nose0 Well, well, well, Nicki got a nose job and after looking at these pictures it don't seem it went well! Why do celebrities always alter their bodies? And what's up with female rappers? They always seem to make drastic changes to their bodies.

Lady Gaga Meat0 Wasn't going to post nothing about the MTV VMAs or whatever it's called. These awards shows are too plentiful and very cornball-ish. But this bitch Lady Gaga, who loves attention, found another way to get it. She wears meat as an outfit to the awards show. I wonder when will people get sick of lames, gimmicks and no talented people like her and Soulja Boy.
Gay Atlanta0 It's not just a rumor anymore, according to statistics compiled by Advocate Mag, Atlanta is America's 'gayest' city. But for all of us who've visited or live in the ATL this is not that surprising. Wonder what attracts them to Atlanta?
Prank Gone Bad Nowadays you can't tell if something is real or not, but damn if this don't look real! This is why pranks are not always funny and should have a safety plan if you plan on doing something like this, rather it's real or not. Is it real? They say she actually died. Damn!

Bethany Benz Sneak Peek0 Guess who we tapped for our magazine? Bethany Benz a.k.a. VH1 Caviar! Yep she's going to be in the first issue of GGurls print magazine. Here's one pic and yeah we know she's fully clothed but we can't show you the good stuff for free! Just know we're doing it big for you in the magazine! Stay tuned.
Waka Embarrassed Aww man. Waka. Flocka. Flame off man. When it comes to school, voting and education man, you have to sound intelligent and know what you're talking about, or you won't convince anybody to listen to you. "Going back to school for Geometry". What are you talking about? Awww man.
Ricky Hatton What do we have here? It's boxer Ricky Hatton caught on tape snorting cocaine! Nowadays celebrities and athletes are getting caught either fucking or snorting cocaine. We think getting caught fucking is better. Let's see who's bold enough to get caught fucking and doing cocaine. Lady Gaga? Probably.
Best Ass Don't know who this chick is but we know she's a porn star. Now the question is, how is that ass? Is that one of the best asses in porn you've seen? It looks real too.

Sexystripper Is this girl doing it right? Is she sexy or should she sit her ass down and quit making these movies? Hmmm? You'd hit it and you know it.

Gaboureysidibeelle0 Gaborey Sidibee is now on yet another magazine cover after just one movie! This time she covers Elle magazine. C'mon now, we believe black is beautiful but is this girl really cover girl material?

Nicki Minaj Signs BARE ASS! - 3.0 out of 5 based on 7 votes
Nicki Minaj Sign Ass0 Talk about fan appreciation, Nicki shows she appreciates her fans by signing this fat chicks naked nasty ass. Now that's a real celebrity for you. Most male rappers would have kicked her dead square in her ass. She probably wouldn't have felt it.
Would you smoke this? - 3.0 out of 5 based on 2 votes
Weed Pussy0 Would you smoke this weed if it was presented to you with pussy like this?
Girl Using Computer Don't get so excited when you're online and you see an icon of a beautiful chick. You think you're getting play right? WRONG, you can be talking to anybody on the internet and when you're chatting, tweeting, facebooking (is that a word?) you could be talking to ANYBODY. Word to the wise!

Mirror Pic0 Love those sexy camera phone mirror shots. These sometimes beat the professional pictures! Here are a few for you to enjoy

Maliah Michel Cubana Lust - 3.4 out of 5 based on 9 votes
Maliah Michel Choco0 Two beautiful ladies, a can of Hershey's equal eyecandy for you! Maliah Michel and Cubana Lust satisfied your sweet tooth and that itch in your pants with these pictures!

Homo Thug0 How else can you explain this picture? They have to be gay. The guy behind him is laughing as he pats the dude in front with his entire ass out! You can't play like that unless you're really gay. Homo thugs.

Street Stripping0 We have officially seen it all! This trick is pole dancing on a street sign pole! Where the fuck do they do that at?

Super Star0 If you are then you have a problem! This shit is nasty!

Soulja Boy Fab0 Caught it while it happened! Soulja Boy was talking recklessly about Fabolous on Twitter. Calling him "fags and bitches!" Apparently Soulja is mad about a statement Fabolous supposedly said in a rhyme. Something about having pretty boy swag yet snorting cocaine. Okay fuck it, just read the tweets. (Soulja Boy later deleted the tweets)
Tamara0 Our homegirl and bff on Twitter! @_cumonmyass keeps Twitter live and freaky! (Warning: she keeps it super freaky hence the name!) So if you need somebody to follow then follow @_cumonmyass.
Hot dancer? - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote
Dancergirl Our boy @VilleKlassik showed us one of his models video and we knew instantly we had to post this for you to see.

Who Is Yaris Sanchez? - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote
Yaris Sanchez0 Video vixen? Model? Rapper? Rapper's girlfriend? Who is Yaris Sanchez and where can we find her?

Bambi New GGurl Bambi told us she was a musician in her interview and then sent us this video called "Throw it Back". Like it? We do!

So Sexy Solei Hot Video - 3.5 out of 5 based on 2 votes
Solei Video Sheesh! This girl should be much more popular than what she is! With a body like this and a great attitude to match she should have like 50 magazine covers right now. Check out @SoSexySolei in this photoshoot.
Murder Caught On Tape Madness. Guy is caught on several cameras wildly shooting at several people running. Actually hits and kills one guy, even after his friend begged him not to do it.

Snoop Dog So Simon is out, he's retiring from American Idol and now they're looking to replace him. Enter Snoop Dog. Snoop is actually being considered as a judge for the show and according to him, if the money is right he'll do it. He states the show needs more fire and that's just what he'll bring. Snoop would make a nice pick up in the lost of Simon, however Snoop or no Snoop, after Simon leaves the show will lose a lot of it's audience. It's people who only watch the show because of Simon's honesty with the contestants. 
Neyo Gay0 In case you were still wondering if Ne-yo was gay or not these pics should put it all to rest. Look at his pants.

Destinybg0 Another Freebie for you, and this time it's GGurl @DestinySache sexy self. Right click it or something, it's actually much bigger than what you see, in other words dummy it's scaled down to fit this screen! Argh! (That's a nice booty!)
New Thickbusiness0 Another photographer that's GGurls fam is @TSJStudios and after looking at this picture of GGurl @ThickBusiness you see why we all get along! Wow!
The Backshot! - 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 votes
This is the "Backshot" to that picture from this article about TruthIs007! Wow is all we could say when @jamesrich68 sent it to us. @Truthis007com is the truth! Oh, that's why she calls herself the truth!
Weird Titty Vid What the fuck is she doing? She's not playing with her titties right. This is kind of freaky in a weird way.

School Fight These kids these days. A school cafeteria fight breaks out and the mayhem ensues. Just watch

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