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Issii Versus Next up!
Jessica Marie vs Issii!
Both are super hotties with nice bodies and nice round booties!
Who do you choose?

Natasha Alamin0 This chick is supposedly a new Arab chick into the urban glam modeling. Gotta admit she's fine. Now where in the hell can we find her? Her name is Natasha Alamin.

Ass Real With the ass injections taking over it's sometimes hard to tell if an ass is a real ass or a fake ass. Black women have always had voluptuous asses, but we have to play the guessing game. Is it really real?

Early Jay Z Ever wondered how Jay Z got started? Here he is rapping with Jaz O on a track called the Originators. Wow has his theme changed. Why is it, whenever you see a rapper when he first started he's nothing like how he portrays now? Is it all an act?
Nicki Pink Friday Nicki makes it official. The beef with Lil Kim is now on vinyl (that's a record for you youngins which you now call "tracks"). Any who, with the help of Slim Shady this might be a hit. This is no dis on Nicki but if you want to keep it real? When it comes to rapping? You can't touch Lil Kim. No hate, just truth.

Dick So Good What the hell kind of infomercial is this? This woman is explaining how her girlfriend got some "dick so good" she had to slap the dude giving it to her. Talk about funny
Mchammer Jayz In perhaps the wackest diss track ever recorded, Hammer goes after Jay Z in this video. He claims Jay Z stole his swagger. Um? When have you seen Jay Z dance?

Nice Ass or Weird Ass? - 2.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote
Weird Shape Ass This ass has us perplexed. At certain angles it looks pretty good. At other angles it looks kinda flat. Overall the chick is banging, but what do you think about her ass? Is it flat or round?

Rateit Keeping the tradition alive. Rate this chick's ass. She's Brazilian and it's wide yet kinda round! You like?

Bodytalk0 For your viewing pleasure here are a couple of pics from our shoot for the GGurls 2011 calendar! Get ready to purchase yours really soon!

Fake Ass Rappers0 Wanna be thugs and fake ass rappers imitate what they think young black men are suppose to be. Here's a hint, put the guns and mics down and open up a book.

Happy Halloween0 That's scary and gross at the same time! Probably the scariest costume ever invented for Halloween! Ewww!
Kat Stacks Modeling Pics - 4.3 out of 5 based on 3 votes
Katstacks Model0 Check these new pictures out of Kat Stacks! You like? Actually to be truthful they look pretty damn good. Since we know GGurl users are ass lovers, rate that booty honestly.

Twitter: @IHateKatStacks

GGurl GiGi in Sweets - 5.0 out of 5 based on 3 votes
GiGi0 Not just a website people. Besides the print mag and calendar (and photography, graphics, and other websites) GGurls is a gateway for models for other media! GGurl GiGi was blessed enough to be shot by Maria Scott Photography (good people!), and will be in the Christmas issue of Sweets Magazine (nice mag!).

Dominican Poison - 4.0 out of 5 based on 4 votes
Dominican Poison Check this beauty out. She's the definition of Stacked! It's Dominican Poison.

Twitter: @DominicanPoison

Big Butt Split This huge ass can actually do the splits, all be it not all the way to the ground. We know what you pervs are imagining!

Phat Booty Lovers Rate this chicks booty. Scale of 1 to 10 you'll give it a ....? Yeah a 10 you pervs!

Jay Cro Up and coming spitastic Rapper Jay Cro releases his video It's Nothing featuring Detroit based GGurls! Hot video, tight song.

Twitter: @JayCro877
Alayah Sashu Who the fuck is Alayah Sashu and where do we find her? That booty looks almost like a perfect round bubble!

Midget Mac0 Don't hate. Lil man is doing his thang, breaking hearts and getting paid! Midgets can be professional strippers too! As long as he's big in the right place is all the count right ladies?

Can She Dance Sexy little momma and she knows how to put the arch in that ass! You like? Of course you do. 

Blowjob Class The funny part about this video is it's not considered to be x-rated because the dick she's sucking is plastic. This bitch is giving instructions on how to give head and she looks like a natural at it. The world we live in smh.

Prentice205 Why does this exist? What kind of world do we live in where this guy actually is allowed to do this shit? Exactly what the fuck is this? The thing's name is Miss Prada and the song is called Uncut Dick

White Jiggly Ass She knows how to make that ass jiggle. She may not be able to dance but that ass does look right when it jiggles

Sexy Fail Watch as this girl tries to be sexy. Watch as this girl falls off the chair and hurt herself.

Hispanic Black Aren't Blacks and Hispanics in America like kindred souls? Well that's what we thought until recently.

There is a Hispanic GGurl (and no we're not going to mention her) who doesn't necessarily like Blacks. She believes in a lot of stereotypes about black people. We don't believe that she's racist, just very ignorant. 
Shanice0 Some eyecandy for you. This is @MsShaniceB presented to you by @JamesRich68 

Nice huh?
Angel Lola Luv Homeless The game is not easy. We're not making fun in any way about this (if it's true). But it's circulating around the web that Angel Lola Luv was recently evicted from her house. Angel is a model best known for her oversized ass. She recently tried to start a rapping career. Keep ya head up Angel, we all must go through hard times when we're on the verge of success.

Courtney Jaguar Check out this new track by Courtney Jaguar Cameron: How We Ride featuring Dolly Gray, Dorrough & Eskabel. With big thanks to Mics and Models for the promo!
Stupid Ass This chick's body and ass is so ridiculously sexy it almost looks unreal. Very perfect ass, very flat stupid, with very buttery smooth skin.

Big High Yellow Booty - 2.7 out of 5 based on 7 votes
Highyellowbooty Can she dance? (do you care?) Like her dress? (do you care?) How's her hair? (as if you care). Okay just go ahead and gawk at this big high yellow ass in your face. You like?

Thinkshegotthejob This is a real audition for this chick to be a stripper. Judging by her ass would you give her a job? Is that ass nice enough to make money? 
Girl Swallows How in the world? She puts the entire thing down her throat like it's absolutely nothing. No gag reflex no problem!

Flat Ass Now y'all know we love us some big booty models on Ggurls. But then again we just love nice looking booties to keep it 100. So tell us, what do you think about this ass? Is it to flat for your taste?

Detroit187 1 GGurls headquarters is based in Detroit. So we were looking closely at this show. In Detroit there was a mild buzz about it. After the first episode the buzz quickly wore off. The Detroit Police department doesn't even use the code 187 which means the death of an officer. The show's pilot episode was shot in Atlanta. The cast did not fit the personalities of the Detroit Police or the citizens. This show was just another Hollywood creation hoping to cash in on the famous yet infamous name of Detroit. It sucked. Only after 3 episodes in, it was cancelled.

Rate the Ass Thread - 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote
Blue Panty Ass Ya boy Lue Diamonds is making a lot of booty shaking music that girls like to... well shake their ass too.. Or is this a rip from a porn movie? Either way rate this nice looking ass.

Gorgeous Mika - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote
Mika Gorgeous0 Check out GGurl Ms Mika on the next issue of MyGorgeousMag! Do the damn thing girl!
Follow her on Twitter: @MsMika

Kim Kardashian Naked0 A completely naked Kim Kardashian poses for W magazine. Supposedly the pics are not touched up. Damn Kim has a big ass.

Hood Models - 2.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote
Hood Hoes0 Only in the hood baby. Only in the hood do you see shit like this. Just because somebody got a cell phone with a camera on it doesn't mean you have to look a damn fool in a picture. Actually those two chicks on the first pic don't look that bad!

Rikki Versus Eka - 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 votes
Riki Eke A very good face off here! Rikki Renee battling Eka Samone! Both of them are cute in the face, slim in the waist and phat in the ass! Their asses are not grossly phat but just right! We know this one is a tough one for you to choose! Let the battle begin!

Good Hair0 What exactly is good hair? The answer: There is no such thing as good hair . If this baffles you then you have being Americanized (i.e. brainwashed) into believing black hair is inferior. When scientifically it's actually proven that black hair is better suited to protect the human head from the environment. But let's not get into that. 
Craziest Shit Ever And here we thought Americans did crazy shit. This is somewhere in the middle east on a busy fucking highway! Would have been better with an accident.

Hotbooty Okay, this is one of our favorite segments, in which we post hot booty videos and you guys come in and rate that ass. Rate this one.

Booty Pole0 This girl ass is so big it can swallow a dancing pole! Now that's a big ass!

Dominique vs Candy Girl - 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 votes
Model Battle Okay this is a battle between and our homies at
The scenario: We recruited models to represent our sites for a Model FaceOff and you guys get to vote the winners of each particular battle. Each site alternates in hosting the battles. Enfluenz hosted the first faceoff between Team GGurl Pleasure PussC and Team Enfluenz Latoya Maureen.
Red Ass What a very lovely ass this chick has, and she knows it. Duh! That's why she made the video. Wonder what that face looks like?
Naked Girl Walking Where in the fuck is this? This chick is casually walking down a public street buck ass naked! (or as they say in the hood "BUTT ASS NAKED").

Turk Slasher And you thought South Central was bad! This is in Turkey. This guy is not even robbing the place! He's another store owner who's pissed off and decided to slice and stab people at a rival store.

Vickie6 Kandi0 GGurl moderator and just plain sexy woman Vickie 6 will be in two magazines! She'll be in straight stuntin' for the second time and now she's gracing the cover of our friends over at KandiGirlz magazine! We always knew Vickie should be in more print media. I guess everybody is now coming to their senses.
Karate Chick These women are tough! They'll kick your ass without thinking about it. Well most of them actually kick their own asses lol.

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