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Dime Piece? - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote
Dimepiece0 Nice looking chick huh? But is she a dime? Break it down to us, tell us if how you rate this girl and why. Really curious to see what it is people think about certain types of women.
Jada Pinkett Nude0 Jada was bold enough to get naked for essence magazine. She took two covers. Nothing much to say. Just hope Google picks up this article on GGurls and we can get some more hits. (Hey at least we're honest)
Danielle Staub A sextape with a twist! Danielle Staub one of the members of the Real Housewives of Jersey (I think it's New Jersey) has a sex tape out that she purposely put out! You know what? I can respect that she said that, instead of trying to act like it was a mistake just to gain notoriety. However I don't think it'll do as well as she think it will. In today's world everybody and their Momma has a sex tape out. Nice try Danielle.
Bad Modeling0 Okay just because you have a sweet background and a nice camera and you may be good at touching up pictures don't mean you should take pictures of any random hoodrats. Golden rule: One bad bitch beat three funky hoes.

Smash or Pass? - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote
Smashorpass0 Which of these three women would you smash? Which of these three women would you pass on? 
Yay Or Nay0 Would you do this chick? We know everybody ain't perfect but is she a lil too sloppy for you or is she doable?

Who Is This Again0 Okay family, tell us who is this fine ass model. No, we really don't know who it is that's why we're asking you! If you know her tell her about GGurls if she don't already know. Post some pictures of her in the
Brianna Frost Okay GG family, is this enough ass for you? We think Brianna is sexy, all models don't have to be thick ya' know.
Terrel Owens Sellout1 After that article on Chad Johson, aka Onco Cinco or whatever the fuck that Uncle Tomming ass negro calls himself, I started thinking about Terrell Owens. Here's another black pro football player that had a tv show and other than his friends, he dated anything but black women. Now here he is with his girlfriend. 

Detroit0 You hear so much stuff about Detroit, from the violence, to the school system to the former Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick. Is it true or is it exaggerated? The answer like anything else you hear from the news is, it's exaggerated, but not by much. 
Nice Brazilian Ass! - 1.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote
Brazilianass Wowee! Is this not a perfect bubble butt? Why do Brazilian girls have butts like this? This is nice! Warning! Not Safe For Work!
Lacey Remember Lacey Duvalle a few years back? She was a small pretty girl. Well after looking at this video Lacey got ass! Did she get an ass injection? Her butt is looking much bigger than when she first started doing porn.
Basketball Wives0 Hate to admit it, but this is one of the better reality TV shows to date. Basketball Wives keeps you tuned in due to the members ongoing drama and arrogance. For some reason we can't stop watching this show, something about this show keeps you wanting more. Well it looks like your prayers are answered because Season 2 has been greenlighted! So prepare for more drama, fights, and arrogance! 
Cookingcrack0 ARGH! Why does this exist?! This IDIOT tries to educate you on, yes, how to make crack-cocaine. I mean he actually goes step by step (forgetting step 2 mind you) on how to do it. He can't spell for shit! Oh the irony! Look you stupid ass bitch, go to school, learn to spell and maybe you wouldn't be cooking crack for a living! What the fuck is wrong with some of us?
GayrappersHardcore gay ass rappers are seriously trying to make a run at this. The world is coming to an end. These dudes are not joking and this is not a spoof of any sort.
Divorce Court0Can you get anymore ghetto or ignorant than this? Black people like this make me want to fucking shoot them. You ever wonder how does a person like this not know how ignorant they are? Hence the word ignorant I guess.
Vickie Six0 Everybody's favorite glamour girl and GGurl (well GGurls stand for glamour gurls!) has a contest! Here's the deal, you can win a free one month's subscription to!!! All you have to do is tell Vickie your ideal scenario of a date with her and she'll pick the best one. (Vickie is an admin here so she'll directly reply) The contest ends June 6th, this Sunday. 
Booty4cell0 Twitter has a thing called "Twitter after dark" and man do the freaks come out! Well here's a chick who basically only post pics of her pretty booty even though she's fine all over. Her name is "Booty4cell"! Hit her up @Booty4cell
Doll Contest Model much?, Mics and Models, VH1's Doll and Jaguar are holding a contest to give you great exposure! You already know GGurls help put you out there, now take advantage for this wonderful opportunity! Here are the details:
Is Angela Simmons Hot? - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote
Angela Simmons0 Would you do the Rev Runs daughter Angela Simmons? She does have a hot ass body don't she? But she reminds you of Run just a little tomuch!
Lastarya Dance Lastarya shows you what she's working with in this hot little teaser. Damn LaStarya give us some more please and quit teasing us!
Facebook Fuckups0 Ever posted something on your timeline on FaceBook that you meant to do in a message? Ever read something on facebook you know the person meant to be private? We call those FaceBook fuck ups!
Shanie Love Strips! - 2.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote
Shanielove Here she is again. Thanie Love is just so fine with some nice big tits and a perfect ass and lucky for you she's not scared to show it.
Dick SlangNow this is borderline here. Any guys doing this this close to each other must enjoy it. We're not asking your opinion, we're telling you its gay!
Shay Uk Bombsell 0000 Whoa! Sooooooooo... Kanye dumped Amber, we already knew that, but what we didn't know was that he was dating GGurl Shay the UK Bombshell! Good choice Kanye, Good choice.
Kat Stacks Slap She got what she deserved or was it too much? Let's be truthful, you know this was going to happen and to be even more truthful she's not going to shut up and it's prbably going to happen again. Even worse.
Fail0 Get a load of this shit! You ever wonder what the hell somebody is thinking when they allow pictures of themselves to be taken like this?
Kelly Divine Freaky Interview! - 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 votes
Kelly Divine0 Kelly is so fucking hot it's crazy! So know see what a fucking hot girl like her really has on her mind in this crazy interview with her. Follow Kelly on twitter while you're at it: @kellydivine
Ghetto Tattoo0 Are you tatted up to your neck? Do you have tattoos on your face? Maybe you're addicted to tattoos! Do you see a spot on your body and think "man that would be a great spot for this certain tattoo"? Do you like the pain of getting the tattoo? Do you like a person with a lot of tattoos? Why are tattoos taking over in the urban world? What's the big fascination with tattoos?
Ladycache Cover0
Y'all remember this sexy girl right? (Click here for her feature -Lady Cache). GGurls was the first to bring her in the limelight thanks to Big Dee (a hustling mothafucka!), and when we did the photo shoot with her she sky rocketed! Cache is a great looking girl with a phat ass on her. 
Evelyn Lozada Naked Pics Leaked - 3.1 out of 5 based on 14 votes
Evelynlozada0 Karma? Remember on VH1's 'Basketball Wives' Evelyn Lozada told Royce she should behave in a more classy way? This was after Royce did the little freak dance at the pool party. Well look what we have here. Evelyn naked taking pictures of herself with her cell phone. Wow, Evelyn do you take your own advice?
Tongue Tattoo0 Tattoo failure never gets old! Some of these are funny but all of them are stupid! Who would permanently mark their bodies like this?
Fat Black Ass232 Okay now this is just fucking fat! Look at all the dents in her cellulite ridden ass. But some of y'all still like that nasty shit don't you?
Kat Stacks Ass0 What the hell is that? I know this is what Kat Stacks want, for people to keep blogging about her and even though we didn't, this picture is irresistible. Is she wearing booty pads? Did too much air get in her pants? Is that a pillow? A diaper? Whatever it is it looks so deformed she should not have allowed this picture to be posted. Kat is now on her final two minutes of Twitter fame. She's finally being exposed (as she likes to put it) as a liar and an ignorant hood rat. 
Gaga Girlfriend0 Now this is funny, maybe in response to her posing with the two white chicks wearing blackface, GaGa is caught making out with this black chick on a boat. Coincidence? We think not.
Black Erotic0Something new to GGurls for you ladies! Hot, steamy and erotic stories just like in those novels you read. Hell this teaser is probably better than the novels.
Joseane Oliveira0 Former Miss Brazil bares all! Joseane Oliveira says fuck it and just give it to you raw! No more pretty princess here just flat out naked!

Wendys0 You're hungry and it's late at night. You throw on some pants (and a shirt too you nasty mothafucka!) There's a Wendy's and a White Castle still open and they're right next to each other on the same street. Which drive through do you go through?
Amiyah Scott0 Warning! Before you go "Oooh that looks nice!" or something, THATS A MAN BABY! Yep these are pictures of Amiyah Scott. He/She/It is suggestion that he/she/it has had a previous "gal pal" relationship with Trey Songz on his/her/it's Facebook page. 
Hot Barbie0 Would you take her out? Does she have a phat booty on her or would you pass this up?

Fattassbutt Now that's a phat ass right durr! Round and meaty, and it looks real too!
Muhammad Ali0 Let's get into this shall we? Who is the most famous black man ever? We have the most famous 4 listed. I'm sure somebody is going to come in here and say: "You forgot so and so." Just read the article:
Janet Jackson Haircut1 Come on Janet! You always look pretty damn good but not with this hairstyle. Bad Hair day? 
Veatrice0 A GGurl favorite and just a plain fucking fine ass woman. Veatrice has ass, titties, beauty and an unknown freaky side to her. Well GGurls dared to ask her some questions you'd be afraid to ask and Veatrice didn't disappoint! Wow did she get us horny!
Her twitter? @Veatrice
Booty Clap Video This may be a stupid question because basically you'd hit anything lol! But fuck it! Would you?
Truckflip Who the fuck was driving this thing? Were they drunk? Was it fight going on or something and why was so many people in the truck?
Trina King0 The baddest bitch takes some hot pics for King Magazine. Funny thing is, Trina is known for her nice ass but she barely shows it here, and yet she still looks good!
Alana Wyatt0 Mos Def met and married this chick in less than 4 days! Now (of course) they're separated, and she's found a new gig! Naked modeling! She's also coming out with a tell all book about her life. Wow, didn't expect that one!
Rosana Babii - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote
Rosana0 Hey here's a treat for ya, GGurl pal @RosanaBabii is a little hottie! And as soon as she get some more pics we're gonna feature her. Look at that pretty face and those thick legs. Looks like she got a nice booty on her too. C'mon Rosana we're waiting!

Ayisha Ass Again - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote
Ayisha Perfect Damn this girl's ass is just so round so perfect and she knows it too. Notice how the camera is always below her waist. Damn Ayisha.

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