meagan good vs lauren london You got a choice, you can get with either Lauren London or Meagan Good. Only one! Which one do you tell to get lost?

rap duoWho's the best rap duo ever? We have our opinion (*cough* OutKast) but we know you have yours. So instead of just giving you a list we'll give you an option! Choose and let's settle this once and for all!
chase dupree video Chase Dupree owes us a video! Argh! Where is it? Well here's the sexy little momma shaking that sexy booty in this video. It's hot when a girl doesn't take off all her clothes and teases us with something like this.
hulk vs supermanThis battle all depends on one thing. How angry is the hulk? Starting off, Superman is the Hulk's superior in strength, and has more powers than the Hulk.
kat stacks tpain Here's a tale from KatStacks latest blog. Source

I had recently gotten fired from The Beach House club for stomping some bitch out, so I decided to try out club Encore. That’s the first time I saw T-Pain he was making it rain on mostof the girls on stage, when it was my turn to show my pole skills he threw over $500.00 singles.
lebron james championshipWell what about this year? Last year Superman (Dwight Howard) and the Magic ended the Cavaliers chance of winning it all. Which proved to us that if you can beat the refs you can beat the Cavaliers. What? Why'd we say that?
weezyAlthough we may not be Weezy's biggest fan, we don't like to see our young brotha' locked up! Let's face it there are other rappers who are far worse, lyrically and mentally than Lil Wayne, and other people who should be locked up. Anywho, Wayne (Weezy) keeps in touch with his fans while being locked up through his new website, check it out if you're a fan of Weezy.
another modelSee the top of the website with the 3 hot models (Mercedes, Vickie6 and Double Dutchess)? Well there is room for one more. Who should it be? Should it be you? Are you hot enough to be the first thing people see when they type in in their browser? If so hit us up and let us know.
black ass shakingFreak in the tub shaking her naked ass. Classy and sexy? Or trashy and nasty?
Butt Clap Video - 3.5 out of 5 based on 2 votes
butt clap Check out Lady Cache making that ass clap! Wow that's nice!
ludacrisLet's face it, rap sucks today. Yeah you keep hearing that and if you don't agree you're probably 12 years old and shouldn't be on this site anyway. With all these gimmicky rappers, you know the one's that are so over the top they have to draw attention to themselves with buffoonery? (Plies Stand up!)
Sexy Police Girls0 What is it between Black people and the police? A lot of black people do not trust the police. Why? Well it's the history between blacks and the police. Back in the day the police were a tool used against black people. They not only represented the law but they represented racist law. Can the same thing be said today?
lizz robinsLook at the cakes on this model. King Magazine got a good one her with Lizz Robins!
Kelly Rowland Titty Slip! - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote
kelly rowlandDang how'd this get pass us? One thing I like about Kelly Rowland is she obviously didn't go that fake route and get some titties. Look at that nipple!
nicki minaj & drake xxlOkay I'll try to keep my opinion out of this one as I'm not to fond of hip hop nowadays. But XXL has Nicki Minaj and Drake on the cover and it talks of them dominating the genre. What do you think? If Drake and Nicki are the king and queen of hip hop is that saying hip hop is not worth listening to?
kat stacksKat Stacks does it again! She shakes up the internet with a video of her giving out rappers numbers! She also puts down Mediatakeout. Kats don't give a fuck lol.
Ayisha BEST ASS EVER! - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote
ayishaIs this not the perfect ass? Round, brow, firm and juicy! Ms Ayisha girl that ass is perfect! How come we don't see more of her?

shawna michelleShawna Michelle is sexy if she's just sitting in a chair staring at you. So imagine how sexy she is in this video.
black girls fight SMH, this may be entertaining but it's sad at the same time. Watch the ignorance and titties fly as these two group of girls fight in the middle of the street in downtown Detroit. Man y'all make Detroit look bad.
New Model GiGi Did a photo shoot this pass weekend and this hot thick momma was there. However Lewis didn't get a chance to shoot her. GGurls fam Brian from Detroit Essence and his crew did however. When we get their pics back we'll post them. Here are two Lewis was able to shoot though.

Best Female Rapper Ever! - 1.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote
left eyeOkay let's do this! Nicki Minaj? No! To be truthful Nicki Minaj is not even in the top ten of best female rappers. She's more of a gimmick than a rapper. A female rapper should have what a good male rapper has, a serious flow, and her style should be unique. Let's just do it like this, our top seven female rappers list!
legsThink about this. What good is a nice ass if it's not sitting on top of a pair of sexy legs? If the ass is big the legs need to match. Not just big fat legs but sexy thick legs. Why do men like high heels so much? Because it accentuates the legs! Makes 'em look taller longer and firmer. Quit over looking the legs.
ligerAnd here you thought Napolean Dynamite was crazy! Liger's really do exist! Here's one by the name of Hercules. Okay here's a question. Why is this dumb bitch sitting on it? When she's killed by this thing watch people say "Oh what a tragedy!" No it's not. You don't sit on a fucking 9 foot Lion/Tiger bitch!
kim kardashian ass Is her butt getting droopy? Sorry but that ass looks like it's saggin' a lil bit. Time for another ass injection maybe?
jenna sheaCheck out these hot unedited pics of GGurl Jenna Shea! Is she thick or what?

george bush don't like black peopleLooks like Kanye was right! George Bush is obviously disgusted with black people so much that he thinks blacks are dirty! Look at this video and see for yourself. After shaking hands with a Haitian man, Bush wipes his hand on the shirt of President Clinton. WTF?

beyonce pregnantRumors that Beyonce is pregnant are not true. Read this from Rolling Stone's website:
desiree t Damn this girl is fine as fuck! Her name is Desiree T and we could only find this picture of her taken by Face Photography. Where is she?
drake popeyes WTF? Rapper Drake moonlights at Popeye's chicken? Is the game that messed up? Naw. This dude is just as ugly as Drake is that's all lol.
devin nunesApparently when white people get mad it's okay to call black people nigger according to Californian Republican Congressman Devin Nunes. White protesters called a black congressman "nigger" because they didn't agree with his views on health care. Watch the video of this idiot.
groupies A groupie is a person who seeks emotional and sexual intimacy with a musician or other celebrity. "Groupie" is derived from group in reference to a musical group,[1] but the word is also used in a more general sense, especially in casual conversation.
joslyn jamesOh my goooodness *She-nay-nay voice* Tiger woods is a dirty little freak! Check out these text messages left to (ugly) porn star Josyln James.
kimora lee life in the fab lane Are you gonna watch this? Yet another reality show and this time it's Russel's ex-wife Kimora Lee. It's called "Life in the Fab Lane" and it's previewing this Sunday on the Style network. I dunno, sounds like another celebrity bragging about her life while we the Joe Schmoe's sit and watch with envy. I'm sick of these reality shows and would rather see talented actors act out scripts. You?
What's the hold up? - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote
leftMoving a lil slow for you? Sometimes notice the site's look change while you're logged on? It's because we're restructuring around here. Yep we'll giving it a more glamorous look along with some new features. Stay tuned and be patience dammit. You know you love GGurls.
bouncing booty kai lynn gizelleYou're in for a treat with this video! This is Gizelle the Stallion and Kai Lynn bouncing and playing with those big round asses!
angry woman Even women know that women are crazy?! But why? Why do women start shit? We just took pictures of a model and for no reason her female cousin started ragging her and sending us harassing emails attempting to intimidate us! Didn't work of course but what the fuck? We had a feature of a hot model up, which you may have notice is now down which is because her female family members kept spamming the feature trying to make her feel bad for modeling. She wasn't even naked! They started threatening to send it to her father!
tattoo failMan these youngins nowadays just don't give a fuck! Look at two of the dumbest tattoos ever created. Hope you don't plan to have a job in your life dummies!

booty battle The first in a new ongoing series! Booty Battle! You decide who has the best ass between the two!
gabourey sidibe preciousWhat do you think about Gabourey Sidibe? Her looks aren't the concern, it's her weight. Do you think she's obese and should lose weight? Do you think that she doesn't care about her weight but should? Or do you think it's okay for her to be that overweight? Would she look better to you if she lost weight?
girls who like girlsLadies have you ever seen another girl and thought she's pretty? Have you ever taken it further and felt her up? If so why did you do it? A lot of girls say they're not gay and they like to look at other women or even feel them up. Huh?
Draya - Chris' Girl? - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote
drayaIs this Chris Brown's new girl? Her name is Draya and yeah she's banging! But is Chris banging her? No, not banging her around, that's messed up that you thought that!
Shorty is Thick! - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote
thick shortyLook at these amateur pics of this unknown girl! Shorty is thick as fuck ain't she? Anybody know her?
Spanish Vs Black Ass - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote
spanish ass versus black ass Notice that black women ain't the only one with big round asses nowadays. Spanish women are popping up all over the net with phat round butts. It's whole websites dedicated to Spanish booty (this is a good thing!). Which ass do you prefer?
Light Vs Dark Skin - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote
light skin vs dark skin Okay here we go. Seems like we've been getting a lot of comments concerning skin complexion. Some people saying they prefer lighter skin females and some saying they prefer darker skin females. There's one particular member, a black female, who says she dates white men only. Of course this has pissed some of the black male members off. What's the big deal about skin complexion?
april assRemember the feature on this bootylicious model Mz April? (Click here dummy) Here are some more pics of her to add to that collection
girl taller Ladies would you date a guy shorter than you? Fellas would you date a girl taller than you? Does it really make a difference?
fantasia teenyWould somebody please smack this lil whiny ass free loading bitch? Fantasia get rid of this ass!

what chili wantsHere's a teaser (if you're interested that is) of the new reality series What Chili Wants.
wacka flocka When I started typing this I was worried if I spelled "Wacka Flocka" correctly, but now that I think about it who gives a fuck? It's now official that rap music no longer exist, it's all hot garbage now. I was hoping that Soulja Boy would have been a passing fad, however now you have Plies, Soulja Boy and now this ignorant non-pronounciating idiot, Wacka Flocka. Maybe he knew he was wack and just said fuck it, that's my name. This idiot, along with Soulja Boy and Plies are everything the black man shouldn't be. Stupid, ignorant and proud of it. Just listen to this shit.
no photoshopHow do you know when you're a bad bitch? It's when you have super curves that people swear are photoshopped. How do you know when you are an even badder bitch? When you don't need airbrushing techniques to hide blemishes. Are you that bad? Doubt it.

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