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New to the game, Model Mercedes is tyring to make a name in the industry. She has a tight body and she's nice looking we don't see her having many problems.

Our inbox be off the hook don't it? Shout out to the lame talking shit about us on IG, too bad nobody wants to shoot with your unknown wack brand. You ENVY us don't you? lol.

The name fits, Mini Thickums is just that, small and thick, she's a pretty girl too. She left a message in her email saying she loves photographry and hopes to work with us soon.

Mazerati submission was hmmm interesting to us. Definetly different no doubt. She did the whole interview questions and all.
Ebony said she saw our post on Instagram and she was interested in being a GGurl. She also said she booked a shoot with James Williams in Greensboro (Inergee Studios) for us.

Had fun this past Wednesday, had two hotties show up to shoot. One was Jucci TM and the other was Pros Vixen. There is nothing more fun than a photo shoot when the atmosphere is great.

Adiz Bambi Benson also known as Bambi from Basketball Wives L.A.  She popped on the show of Basketball Wives LA as the best friend of Malaysia Pargo whose husband is Jannero Pargo who currently plays for the Charlotte Bobcats.  Bambi made her debut on Basketball Wives L.A. as a hustler who is about her game.  By remaining cute yet lyrically talented enough to keep up with the fellas and make them respect her she has made a name for herself.  Bambi is also an aspring model and actress but her main priority is her rap career; per she is worth $ 300,000, not to shabby for a girl from the hood.

Probably the weirdest yay or nay session we've ever had because this girl is nice! So why are we asking you for your opinion on her? Well because even though she's nice and the photography is nice too the pictures just don't show anything.

We just featured Ebo Brown in the GGurls section, and then we got these in our inbox right afterwards. Good enough to be the pictures of the day.

Urban Harem Magazine (UHM) sent us over some exclusives to promote their new latest issue and it's looking very good to us.  

Got this email today of Ms Miami and that booty was the first thing I noticed. I posted it on Instagram telling people what's coming soon to the site and she instantly got over 120 comments.

Look at the pictures and I can't say it left a lasting impression, however some people say I judge way too hard. Are they right?

She didn't send us nothing but a model release form and these unedited pictures, with an intro of; "interested in a spot, white girl ;)" and you know what? I like them to be honest.

Bout to start something new call "Pretty Girl Post" and it's pretty self explanatory. Whenever a pretty girl (or who I think is pretty 'cuz I've been told I don't know what pretty is) submits pictures and it's not enought for a full feature or yada yada, I'll just make a PGP.

Raymond Scott better known as Benzino is an American media executive and record producer.  He is currently a cast member of the hit reality show Love & Hip Atlanta.  Benzino is known for being a principle owner of the hip hop magazine The Source which was launched in 1988 as a sincle sheet newsletter.  He began his rap career as a part of the group Almight RSO, comprised of DJ Deff Jeff, Tony Rhome and E-Devious; they were signed to Tommy Boy records, with his reputation in question Benzino decided to attack Eminem.

Thought this submission was very interesting just because she calls herself "Skinny Thick". Actually for a very skinny girl she does have a poke out booty.
That first picture was on point, the other one similar to it I wasn't feeling. The all black picture with Mz Spyder buck naked was okay but either her titty should have been

Jessica Emerald has some new pictures out and of course she sent them to us. We love them, but what we really like is this video of her getting oiled up before the shoot.

Dominique is not ugly, but she needs to hear the truth and I'm counting on y'all to tell her in the comments. These pictures are horrible in so many ways, and once again not due to her looks but to everything else. The poses, the angles, the lighting, the outfits, the clarity and the horrendous post processing (Photoshop).

There is no comparison between Erica mena and K. Michelle however the beef has started and season 4 of Love and Hip Hop has not even began

Simple answer? Most are brainwashed. Okay so sue me for speaking the truth, but that's the real answer. Now of course I'm going to go into a lot more detail but before you get all emotional or no matter what your opinion is, read the whole article.

Here we go. We asked this question a long time ago on Facebook and it started a 300 comment argument. Simple question yet a lot of feelings got involved, mainly from people who rap, it's a lot of so called rappers nowadays but not enough singers. Hmmm? Wonder why that is. 

You know where we get all those top ten list from? We always link Monique the Physique but you might not have seen her. Well if this 10 reason lists we'll also include her latest pictures.

The homies over at Rebel Life Media compiles a list of the top 50 models every year. It's always an interesting video to watch and we love all the girls they choose, basically they're all GGurls. You know you're making noise ladies when you can make this list considering the thousands of models and wanna-bes out there.

Our friends over at sent us a gem today. We never heard of her but we're very glad we have now. Her name is Catherine Eliz and she's a cutie.

Simple. One is a soulful singer,  one is a pop artist. Although many people compare the two there really is no comparison at all. Robin Thicke is an actual singer with a very deep rooted love for soul. Justin Timberlake is a pop singer who women find attractive, that's his claim to fame. 

DAwn Perily loves to tweet us wet sloppy kisses and naked booty pictures. This time she emailed us some nice naked ass photos. Really starting to like this girl. She has a nice butt on her too.

Last time Jay Nicole was on here she was the booty of the day. Now she's the pictures of the day. These are some nice pictures too but what we really want is a whole set to make her a full feature. We like her.

Hmmm? Usually on a yay or nay, I have something to say. Rather it be negative or positive, I'd have something to say. I'm going to be completely neutral on this one. I don't see nothing necessarily bad about Tay Dash or the photography, but I don't see something very outstanding. What do you think?

One bad bitch beat five funky hoes. Sometimes when we schedule shoots the girls don't turn out as hot as their IG or Twitter suggested. We can have five girls shooting and usually only get one that's hot enough, making the day long, boring and a waste of time. Luckily since we got for content, we find a use for pics anyway. Yep, I just admitted, content is king.

People need to shut the fuck up. Been hearing a lot about this video lately and how explicit it is (or suppose to be). After watching it on Youtube  I noticed people were leaving comments saying this video is soft pornography or just straight porn. People really need to think before they speak. She's not naked nor is she performing any sexual acts. You'll see more controversial material at any recent rated R movie. 

Model L Shima always take what we call cool ass alternative style pictures. She can truly be defined as a model with the expressive stories she tells in front of a lens. Lecreme Nation, the people who took these great pictures call this "Parental Advisory" and it's a very unique and stylish set. Give it a look over.

That set of Kookie Kae by Inergee Studios was very well liked. Whenever 1028 pics your picture to hook it up he must have really liked it. His graphics always be sweet as hell.

J Alex just gave me a sneak peek of girl in an email. He didn't name her, but the pic and her body was so damn bangin' I had to share it. Don't know who it is but we'll find out soon.

The Queen of Hearts is back in this steamy hotel shoot at the LeMeridien with Polo for Go Hard Magazine. Her first set of pictures here cause a stir and we love it when models can create a hype. You'll like this.

Her name is Rayven and she has a really nice booty on her don't you agree? This is an exclusive set sent over by Willie Murray. We don't have any social networks of her just yet but you know we'll find 'em.

Love this woman! We post an awful lot of Jessica Murphy on here and we'll keep posting her too. She's just so damn fine to us! This is her posing in a white dress, making it look like a second skin. We want more more more of Jessica Murphy my baby.

Just featured Sara Gold a week ago, and then Polo sent us even more. She's a pretty hot commodity and we can see her being very popular very soon. After the vultures (people who snatch these girls for their mags and give us no credit for the find) see her, she'll get hit up for more projects.

I know somebody is going to be surprised to these pictures up. These were some pretty nice shots we did in the studio with Carrie. Tried to capture her attitude and style with these pictures and I think we did. Follow Carrie on Twitter and Instagram.

Been posting a lot of Sugah Sweetened lately and you probably know why. She's very daring yet classy with it. That smooth body and round booty will always get love over this way. This is Suga posing naked with nothing but pearls. 

No social networks given, we had to respond to her in an email telling her what we need. This is definitely a Yay. Read that again, it's a yay! The only thing we find wrong is it's not a theme shoot, the pictures don't go together. We need Shandea to get some good pics from a good photographer just for us.

Never ever understood why weed was illegal in the first place. Alcohol and tobacco kills more people than weed ever has but you can buy liquor and cigarettes anywhere. My logical assumption was that the government can regulate the sale of tobacco because you can't just grow it anywhere like marijuana. If weed was made legal than anybody could grow it and the government couldn't collect taxes. Wrong.

 Stay calm, it's all good! Remember there is basically one person running the show here and with that being said, a break was needed. This ain't all it's cracked up to be. People think I'm always around pretty girls just taking pictures. Not true.

Okay, I'm a nerd and I love being one so what? Anyway check out these new logo designs and this sweet ass GGurl intro video. Bet you'll love 'em.

Sugah Sweetened shot with D Brown for the "What is Sexy" pictorial and we finally seen a side of her we always wanted to see. If you know about the what is sexy series then you already know what's in store for you. Yes baby!

 You gotta pay attention to details when looking at pictures of nice asses. If the booty is just too damn nice then it's more than likely a Photoshop job. Most people already know about the liquifying tool in Photoshop that allows you to reshape anything and since booty is what it's all about these days that's just what people focus on. Let's see how good you are and see if you can spot the difference in the background of each picture. 

Our Instagram went a little haywire today. Tanisha texted me and asked did I see her new pics? I said no and she said she'd email them to me. Before she did, I went to her Instagram page and saw what she was talking about, her little big headed butt knew she had some fire to show me and couldn't wait.

Now some of you are going to say we're not picking Lola because of her afrocentric look, and you couldn't be more wrong. We encourage the natural look of black women so do yourself a favor and shut the fuck up before you say even bother to say it. What we don't like is (as usual) the pictures and the lack of make up artist, hair stylist and basically everything else. I bet if Lola got with the right person she'd produce some bomb ass pictures.

Some would say she has a nice butt at least from a certain angle. But what do you think of Paradise Lovee overall? Do you think she's model material let alone GGurl material? Yay or Nay

So this white girl Nicky Small says she has a "black girl booty". Does she? Is that mug nice round and big or do you just think this is ignorant? Let us know.

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