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New Candy Girl CeCe

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candy girl cece New bootylicious pictures of the sensual Candy Girl CeCe, she just sent these in for you pleasure. She has a really nice booty don't she?

Twitter: @CandyGirlCeCe

Where are you from? Harlem, NY But raised in Cali

How long have you been in the game? (modeling) in urban modelling seriously since 2009.

Single? I don’t have a wedding ring.

What are your measurements? 36-28-42

What's your favorite part of your body? I like my tongue but most people say its my natural butt

Would you date a guy/girl off the internet? I have and their my favorite people to hang out with.

What do you hope to accomplish (in the modeling industry)? I just like to meet people and earn money in a way that doesn’t involve me being in the same place 8 hrs a day, everyday.

What turns you off? Liars, being stank...breathe, genitals or under arms, dirty tennis shoes, guys that don’t have a few cars 

What turns you on? I like funny people, honest and can dress well and bout their money.

Favorite pair of jeans? My breast cancer awareness true religions.

Are you wifey material? Yea.....

Where else can we see you besides GG! and your site? Of Course you can catch me on twitter @CandyGirlCeCe , Facebook at and Youtube/CandyGirlCeCe

Anything else you like to add?

Thanks so much for having me and lookout for my new blogsite Thanks xoxo =)

Candy Girl Ce Ce
Candy Girl Ce Ce1
Candy Girl Ce Ce2
Candy Girl Ce Ce3
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