kichelle renee Damn does this woman have a body or what? She is fine from head to toe! Her looks are intimidating she's so damn fine. Kichelle Renee really has it going on. Big shout out to Inergee Studios for the set
el_sueno_espanol Exclusive pictures of Adrienne Coronado, aka EL Sueno Espanol (The Spanish Dream for you people without Google translate). We so love this woman, we have about 8 or 9 articles on her, and now we have exclusive pics by our boy CE Wiley.
natasha georgette Our people over at Dynasty Magazine presents Natasha Georgette look out for her in their next print issue. She's featured on the website now.
kendall b Yet another hot one from TL Glam Studios, Kendall B is sooooo GGurl material it's crazy. Pretty face, nice frame and a sexy booty. You ain't doing much better than this!
nikita bell Another hot one from TL Glam Studios, This time it's Nikita Bell and we're happy to have her on GGurls. She's a pretty one ;)
rose royce New model by a new photographer! TL Glam Studios is now submitting her hot work to GGurls and judging by the first three sets she sent in this is a win win for you, her and us! First up is Rose Royce and she has that GGurls' type body that you guys really seem to appreciate.
nene Thick. Cute girl with a thick frame and one bonus picture for you gawkers. It's Nene. Now everybody go tell NeNe to send us some more pictures soon!
athena anestiSometimes the word pretty is stretched and overused. Trust us that it's properly used when describing Athena. She is a very pretty woman. Just having her on the site makes us look that much better. Now scroll down and see what we mean.
yoncee Now how did we not have one of the hottest models out there on Man were we slipping on Yoncee! She's the epitome of glamour modeling and now she's on Ggurls. Check out these pictures of her in Smooth Girl magazine and a bonus picture for extra points. Yoncee + GGurls = Heaven.
lewis twins No, they're not related to Lewis the owner of GGurls. These are the Lewis Twins. Identical sexiness, identical hotness and twice the fun! Venge Media needs to send us several more of these two, would love to paste them around the site.
yailen rodrigues Yet another hot one from Joel Alvarez of Venge Media. This time it's Yailen Rodrigues who's showing you what she's working with. She is bad as hell.
roxy rage Venge Media has the hot girls. This is Roxy Rage from Joel Alvarex of Venge Media. We like every. single. pic. Ladies if you're looking to be glamorized the correct way, then you must get in contact with Venge Media.
madelyn rivera Exclusive to GGurls (We love saying that) this is Madelyn Rivera aka Angel NYC from one of our favorite photographers Derrick S. Clegg. Madelyn loves to show off her perfect frame in her birthday suit and we love displaying it for you. We hope the two of them shoot together again soon. These pictures leave you wanting more.
suzi q New flicks of model Suzi Q
sydney Damn. This is pure fire right here. Joel Alvarez of Venge Media sent us these pictures of Sydney, a very gorgeous model has a gift for posing. There should be absolutely no hating in the comment boxes. Everybody should be pleased with this one.
chazadey dominique Cute and thin Chazadey Dominique took some great eye candy shots in this set. Let's give her a proper GGurl introduction!
i kandy land These are exclusive pics of sexy model Kandy Land from CE Wiley Studios. We love them and hope to see more of this beauty. She has a nice sex appeal going on and should be showcased much more. Let's see what Wiley sends us next!
khalilah patra Ya know we like it slender and sexy, so Khalilah Patra is a perfect fit. She submitted us four sexy pictures by Maurice Chatman and we approved it immediately. Comment and let her know how much you like them.
layna britain Erotic. We couldn't show you all the pictures Layna Britain had in her portfolio because they're just too hot! But she doesn't mind exposing it all. Layna has a very nice shape and her pictures are very sensual. She's going to be hit on here for sure. We love her already.
keara jones Talk about a gorgeous ass woman. Look at her face, body and booty. She is stacked and super adorable. Keara Jones would make any man happy to come home to her. Now we want even more pictures Keara.
britini nikole This is cool ass Britini Nikole with 4 nice pics showing off her toned body. She's a pretty cool person and a good look. Go follow her on Twitter now
carter rose Carter Rose just looks so innocent and cute. Here are some steamy pictures of her just lying in the bed making you wish you were there too. Pretty face girl ain't she?
vanity billz Now check out the multi talented Treasure the Goddess AKA Vanity Billz pictures by Jay FK images. She's a model, a hostess and a hairstylist. All we know is she's a thick gorgeous redbone. Get a gander.
joling ferro Joling was worried that maybe the pictures she sent in weren't sexy, we think Ms Ferro is crazy because these pictures are so hot it took us a second to stop drooling before we posted them. Wow does she have it going on. We're already looking for a second Joling Ferro feature.
gladys rodriguez Big beautiful eyes mounted on a pretty face and a nice slim sexy body. Gladys Rodriguez is new to this game and we welcome her with open arms. Sam Rambo Photo knows how to find the hot babes, as you can see we're displaying more and more of his work.
jasmine jannay More hot pictures of Jasmine Jannay. She really has it going on don't she? Cute in the face small in the waist and fine all over the place. She's bad.
laeann amos She's a hit. Laeann Amos shows you a little more in this photo shoot with CE Wiley. Every single picture is hot. Go ahead and click follow now.
deanna franklin Talk about a pretty girl. Deanna is very pretty with a cute shape. Her smile looks like it'll light up any soul. Glad to have her as a feature on
heaven lee C.E. Wiley Studios always have the hot models and he always send us his work to showcase. This is Heaven Lee and we like! Keep 'em coming Wiley, your work is always welcomed here!
jenn jerez Now this is a keeper, and perfect for GGurls. This is Jenn Jerez sent in by our friends over at GlamourXposure. Oh you are going to so love this feature. There's nothing that needs to be said. Just look.
kelly symone Kelly Symone knows how to pose. She's a natural at this with a nice sexy body. We love it when Kelly has new pics to showcase. They always come out nice and crisp. Kelly is a real model.
lekendra Lekendra also known as KY Miss Diva is back! With four new pictures in the shower. This vixen is making her rounds on the internet and it's getting great exposure. Make sure you follow our girl on Twitter.
villaina duvall New Villaina Duvall by OTF Photography. We were so waiting on this because her first set of pics (Click Here) were the shit! Not to disappoint, the second feature is hot too! Check her out.
corrina kylie Corrina Kylie oh my! These are some hot pics Corrina sent in for a spotlight. We consider them a tease though really because now we're Googling her for more. You are too ain't you? Such a pretty face model

diana k levy We like when Venge Media sends us pictures. It's always a hot babe. Diana K. Levy has already got some momentum going with her modeling. Here are some pictures to show you why.

rikki leigh chante michelle Double trouble. Not twins but sexy. If you like the sexy girl on girl playful action then this shoot with Rikki Leigh and Chante Michelle is for you!
lynnzie-cherelle We like Lynnzie, so we were happy to hear that she wanted to give us some more pictures to showcase. She's just so freaking nice with the cutest smoothest face. Enjoy!
anowa adjah Fitness is the name of the game with Anowa Adjah. CEO of Powerhouse Physiqes LLC, fitness expert and motivational speaker Anowa Adjah is known as the Nigerian Powerhouse. Stacked.
keyera sanders Keyera Sanders 2nd GGurls feature. This time she's posing in long socks and a sports jersey. Only a cute girl can do that.
adrianna di ossi Check this out. This is Adrianna Di Ossi and it doesn't get any hotter than this. Her pictures leave you wanting more and that's exactly what we'll get from Dri very soon. So basically just consider this a teaser. Damn.
lady dii Nice! Sexy little brown skin girl appeared in our inbox. She sent us some pics and we liked them. So here she is 18 year old Lady Dii.
cavel We know sexy when we see it! So when we saw Cavel aka Pretty Beyes we asked for her sexiness to be put on GGurls and now we have it! Welcome to the family sexy!
kansas patrick Always wanted this pretty vixen on GGurls, and she's finally submitted us pictures along with an interview. Thanks Kansas! We so love your look!
asharia sunshine We have a winner! Asharia Sunshine was a pleasant surprise sitting in our inbox. Every single picture was on point, and every single picture was GGurls material. What a nice little ray of sunshine we got today!
dhianne pina New GGurl and she's a keeper! It's Dhianne Pina and she a scrumptious little something. We hope to get more pictures of her soon to showcase
erica lashay Love it. Every single picture. Erica Lashay with pics by D. Brown, will make you stand at attention son. This woman is simply beautiful and tasteful and we love having her here on GGurls. Keep sending pics Erica, you found your new home.
kristal solis Kristal constantly updates her site. She just sent us these to let you know she's dedicated to the cause. Kristal Solis is not only beautiful but she's a hustler. She don't just do this for fun, she does it for real!
sasha dai Always keeping it hot as hell. Sasha Dai has some new fire for that ass. She's easily one of our best. Go Sasha

Twitter: @Sasha_Daii
keani cochelle We love our exclusives baby. This is part of the GGurls iKandy series by Ricky Fontaine featuring the thick-a-licious Keani Cochelle. Soon we'll place all of the iKandy series in it's own section.
crystal unique Part two. Crystal Unique brings the heat again with hot photographer CE Wiley. Small in the waist, pretty in the face and thick in the booty Crystal is the definition of eye candy.
vivica cruz Our fam C.E. Wiley Studios has submitted some more pictures of one of our favorite GGurls, Vivica Cruz. We can never get enough of her hot self or Wiley's pictures. Check it out, Vivica has a website too:
nicole-mejia Does Nicole Mejia have a super strong sex appeal or what? This woman has an all around nice frame and no matter how many pictures we see, we want to see even more. Let's see if our people, Venge Media will submit some more of this hottie.
Kaisha Diaz With a bangin' body like Kaisha Diaz has, you want to see more and more pictures of this woman. Sir BX has unleashed these pictures for our audience to enjoy. We think you'll more than appreciate them, especially becasue Kaisha has and outstanding thick booty ;)
rubi rafaela de franca Stacked! Damn is she stacked, this woman has curves on top of curves and is good looking to match. How can a woman be this damn good looking all over? Rubi Rafaela De Franca is definitely what's happening and we're glad to have her here. Thanks for the pictures Rubi, was very nice for you to hit us up. You can send more at anytime ;)
metisha Yep! Another smoking hot woman from 305 Media. This is Metisha and the best word to describe her is damn! Eyes, skin, face, lips, body, you name it, Metisha has it perfected. Gorgeous woman here.
kitti kouture It's been a minute since we had new pictures of Kitti Kouture and now 305 Media has supplied us with some with her wet and in a pool! Kitti is that woman we all dream about, and now she's back teasing us with these hot photos. Damn!
ashleigh hue We need more pics! Ashleigh Hue is a looker fa' sho! This new model has great potential judging by these pictures and we can't wait until we're able to get more. C'mon more pics!
jayonna fabro New pictures of Jayonna Fabro are always welcomed, and when it's 305 taking the pics you know it'll be good. Jayonna is known for her round booty and thick legs, she's eyecandy extreme!
just miss paris flexi lexii Put two sexy women like Tracy Rosentreter (Just Miss Paris) and Flexi Lexii together and you'll get heat every single time. Sensual and erotic yet very tasteful best describes these pics. You simply can't do no better than this.
lana lang She's back and this time Lana Lang is modeling a black bikini. She sports it well! These pictures are from a new photography group by the name of Team Strider.
rebecca london A great example of a sexy woman, Rebecca London smacked it during this photo shoot! That see through dress makes us all feel like pervs after looking at them. Wow is she bad.
jasmine adams It's about time we got Jasmine Adams back on the scene. This woman is what's happening. She has a nice slender body and perfect lady lumps. Welcome back Jasmine, thanks to MQ Tease Images!
diana k levy Our people over at @VengeMedia get all the hot ones. This is Diana K Levy who is currently Birdman's girlfriend. As in usual style when you shoot with Venge Media he develops you into a star! These pictures are outstanding and you'll enjoy everyone of them.

jenny v What a hot photo set this is. Jenny V and 305 Media took some eye catching pictures didn't they? Jenny is sexy and tempting and we love every shot. You will too.
trae stiles Shapely. Trae Stiles flaunts a unique hair cut and a nice shapely booty. Tell us you don't like these pictures and we'll tell you you're lying.
kandis love 36dd-24-38. Fine as fuck. Kandis Love is new and presented to you by Pony Boy. Expect to see Kandis in Asis, Assets, Paperdolls and Stunnaz magazines really soon. But first check out these exclusive GGurl pictures! Kandis Love is fine as fuck.
miss cream brttany west Damn is Brittany West fine as hell. This Houston model shot with D. Brown and turned out pure perfection. This is one bad ass GGurl. We really want to see more of Brittany West really soon. She also goes by Miss Creme.
lexi de la rosa Lex is back with some more hot pictures. This time she does some implied nudity and keeps it very tasteful. Lex is going to build up a fan base soon ;)
keshia parker Short hair don't care! Couldn't resist typing that. Keshia Parker sexy ass has come on the scene with pictures by Chicago's own Pony Boy. Yeah buddy, we like this set. Go Keshia!
carmella currency We were waiting on more pics of Carmella Currency. Her booty just drives us wild and she knows how to sport it well! Carmella posts pics of herself quit frequently and goes hard for her features. Follow her now for fun loving tweets.
myame Myame, Myame Myame is a thick'ems with a coke bottle curve. Her pictures are pretty damn good and we like how she displays the goods. Myame has some good potential don't you think? Myame is part of the @MaryJaneModels group!
belliza uniica Well what do we have here? A hot model with an unforgettable name Belleza Uniica will stick in your mind after you see what she's working with. You wish your girlfriend looked like this don't you. We like Belleza Uniica
jasmine juicy j Bad as hell ain't she? Lewis been trying to get Jasmine on GGurls for a minute now. She's a hot little thang. So we finally got her sexy ass on here with pics from bad boy Shawn Darnell. It's a big win for the hometown team (inside joke!). We'll find some JJJ videos too and post those soon. Go follow her on Twitter immediately!
daisy dips Blonde with a nice ass, Daisy Dips will make you google her immediately after looking at these pictures. She's an adult entertainer. Yep, now you're really going to Google her ain't you?
tyomi Hell yeah. These pictures had us staring at them in disbelief. They are so sensual it's crazy. Now we want to meet Tyomi in person and set up an exclusive GGurls shoot. She's bad as hell!
misty stone People love porn stars and a hot porn star is even more adored. Misty Stone has so much sex appeal its scary. These pictures will make you Google her after seeing them. But before you do that, go follow her and our boy Alex on Twitter right now.
carmen leigh Yay! We now have the beautiful Carmen Leigh featured on GGurls. This UK model has it going on and we're glad to present her to you. Follow her on Twitter now.
ife whitaker Looking classy and sexy, Ife Whitaker joins the ranks of Ggurls thanks to C.E. Wiley Studios. We always wanted a set of pictures of this hot model and now we have them!
elicia solis See why we love the UK? They have a lot of models that are hot like this! This is Elicia Solis and she sent us a whole set of pics by Koshmo Photos! We like every one
tabori hawkins Dang! Now you will enjoy these pictures for sho! We barely know Tabori but after looking at what she sent in we're going to get to know her better. Let's give her a warm welcome.
tiffany stage We like want we see here. Never talked to Tiffany but she found us some how and submitted these pictures. Glad she found us.
lacresha lacy Nice model here. Lacresha Lacy wants to show you what she's working with so here goes!

Twitter: @buityfullae

angela Her name is simply Angela, however there is nothing simple about her or these pictures. Venge Media has come through again with fire and we're happy to post every picture of Angela. Outstanding.
laeann amos Here hotness again! Laeann Amos picturs always leave you wanting more and this set is no different. Enjoy all four pics and lets see if we can get her to do a GGurl exclusive.
sasha cream Sexy and sensual. Sasha Creme has a body of a sex goddess! Her curves are sharp and she has a gorgeous face to match. Check out her pictures and follow her on Twitter. Trust us, you want to.
lana Got a thing for this girl already. She has a sex appeal the with those pretty eyes. Let's welcome Nichelle aka Lana from We're going to get in touch with this model and we're going to see more of her.
dmv finest Eye candy overload dude! Miss DMV Finest took some steamy pictures this time and we're glad to showcase 'em! Go ahead and get an eyeful!
shay marette Pretty Girl. Shay Marette took some pretty sexy pictures, so good that we think she's GGurl material, and of course we're always right ;)

nicole ashley Another GGurl exclusive! Introducing the fine Nicole Ashley by Alex Tirado!

Facebook:Nicole Ashley by @AlexTiradoPhoto

lynnzie cherelle Sexy little thing here. Lynnzie Cherelle is a hot little number with some great pics for you to look at. We love including her in the GGurl line up. Hot model
lora lynn We love the school girl series by CE Wiley. This time we're presenting a new model by the name of Lora Lynn. She has 8 hot pictures for you to enjoy. So go ahead and scroll down.
crystal platnuim We like these pictures. She's naked but she's not showing you anything (implied nudity). Okay we know you see that a lot on GGurls but we in particular like how wee these were done.
lena chase Very pretty woman. Nice thick body too. Let's welcome Lena Chase to our ever growing library or pretty women.
chyna black Damn. This photo set is on fire! It's Chyna Black from Koshmo photos and we like every. single. picture. She's bad as hell and you can even more by clicking the link below :)
camilla New on the urban glam scene is Camilla. For you thick booty lovers you may have just found a great discovery with this sexy vixen. Here's a set of pictures and video by hot photographer Rob Meggett. Enjoy. We know you will!
ashlai box Here she is again with new pictures just for you. It's Ashlai Box aka Beautie box. Such a cutie
megan b Nice shots here! Megan B looks pretty damn good in these pics. Big shout out to CE Wiley Studios. Enjoy.
j nykol Pretty with great pictures, J Nykol makes her debut on GGurls with pictures from Derrick S Clegg. We like!
nerissa irving When we first saw this woman on Twitter we instantly hit her up for pictures. Now aren't you glad we did? Look at the sexiness and classiness she extrudes in each and every photo. That one bent over the bed is our favorite.
lala sweets Lala landed the cover for F.E.D.S' Sweet Magazine shot by one of our favorite photographers C.E. Wiley Studios. We know you'll love this one.
brandi wine Brandi's third feature on Ggurls (yeah we like this model) this time by 2020 Photography. These cakey pictures are the truth and know you'll enjoy what you see!
kiya renae Eeeyow! Now this is done right! This is Kiya Renae's second feature and it's hot as ever. She and 2020 hooked up and made some visual masterpieces! We love every picture!
melanie ferrera Look at the body on this woman. She knows we're looking and we can't stop. Let's welcome Melanie Ferrera home, because with a body like that this is where she belongs.
gucci Gucci. That's right, it's Gucci Bitch! Lol that's what she goes by, but however she calls herself all we know is that she is fine as fuck. It's Gucci plain and simple.
nikki sweets Nikki Sweets is back and this time she's done up by 2020 Photography. These pictures show you what she's working with. After looking at them you'll want to work Nikki.
meeca Now what do we have here? Look at the curves on this model. Pretty and sexy. This 100% pure woman right here. It's Meeca and we love every picture she sent in. Wow, just wow.
mz amour Another one! This model is so hot, you'll be locked on this page for a minute just staring. 2020 captured her perfectly and we're showcasing it here. Welcome Mz Amour to the GG lineup.
lux lucciano Hottie alert. New model by the name of Lux Lucciano with some hot pics by Ricky Fontaine. Love her size and shape. Follow her on Twitter.
teli swift New Series! Exclusive to Introducing the iKandy series by GGurl' photographer Ricky Fontaine. So who's the lucky lady to be showcased in this grand idea? We chose Telli Swift, a voluptuous pretty model making noise around the web. These pictures are stylish and shows that both Teli and Ricky are good at what they do. Welcome to the first set of pictures from our new iKandy series. We can't wait to get this going.
court nicole Wowzers. We like these pictures of new model Nicole by 2020 Photography. 2020 has promised us some more really soon so make sure you come back and check to see. You already know it'll be hot!
nefertiti A Haitian and Mexican mix, Nefertiti brings subtle sexiness to GGurls. If you like slim goodies here ya go! 
destinee milian Meet Destinee Milian again! How shall we start this? Destinee sent us that second picture and we requested the stars be removed but she wont send that version! Blah! Lol, great pics anyway. Hey, maybe would should Photoshop the stars off?
netta poppin Sexy Mama! Netta is what's poppin! Check out her pictures and follow her on Twitter.

Twitter: @I_amPOPPIN

vivica We have the hottest models! Vivica is back with shots from C.E. Wiley Studios and oh boy are they sexy! With nothing but tape, thongs and a football, Vivica did an interview for GGurls.
Adrienne Coronado This is Andrienne Coronado's 4th feature on GGurls! We love every picture she takes! Want to see more? Go check out
heather shanholtz New pics of Heather Shanholtz is here! Venge Media got some great shots of this woman, posing that unbelievable body with a bike in the background. Scroll down and check it out!
alba nitza So damn fine. Alba Nitza is gorgeous all over and she makes the sexiest faces when she poses. Here's her second set of pictures for showcase
kathy sanchez Now this is what we mean right here! This is Kathy Sanchez by Mind Fusion FX. These pics are fantastic and we're glad we can showcase them on GGurls! Good job guys!
danielle marie Super fine! Great body, pretty face. We like what we see and we're glad to showcase these pictures of Danielle Marie. She is definitely GGurl material.
simmy wilson Queen Simmy is a multi talented model who raps, produce and directs. She's a sexy dime piece out of the UK and she just made her way onto with these great pictures by Fab Pix Photography which were edited by Lewis from GGurls. Go ahead and them up and tell them you appreciate their hot work! Welcome home Simmy ;)
tay simone Now this is hot! Tay Simone did a quick questionnaire and submitted these pictures by VXN Studios. It's a must look and a must read of a little sexy ass model.
stephy c Now these pictures are so fucking fantastic they could sell a magazine with nothing but them in them! It's new Ggurl Naked Stephy C with pictures from the amazing Rho Photos! Check his website
alisha tran We like these pictures. They're sweet looking and they feature the popular Alisha Tran. MQ Tease is changing his brand around and we have to say he's off to a great start!
kristal solis Look who's on GGurls! It's Kristal Solis and if you don't think she's sexy then you must be a gay dude. After looking at these pictures and videos she sent in, done by our fam MJ Flix you'll instantly be a Kristal Solis fan! Damn she's bad!
nadean imani We couldn't wait to get Na'dean Imani back on the site after we got her first feature. Lewis thought she was the sexiest thing ever. So when we found out hot photographer Derrick Clegg shot her, we harassed them both until we got the pictures! Well here they are, now you see why we wanted them
halina miranda Good Lawd! Now this is what's up. This is Halina Miranda from She is bad as hell! Big shout to both for the pictures.
shanelle taylor Nice! Shanelle Taylor takes some sweet ass pictures and she has a strong sex appeal you can't dismiss. Enjoy her pictures fam.
chelsea hagan Welcome Chelsea as a GGurl! She's a curvy model who knows how to pose and bend! We like!
brandi vonne Photographer D. Brown has a good thing going on with his what is sexy series. Here's another set of Brandi Vonne in the series. Keep up the great work.
karina lopez Clothed or not, Karina Lopez is the truth. New to the scene of the urban glamour modeling set, Karina is sure to turn a lot of heads and get a lot of attention.
mia cola We just keep getting (very) pleasant surprises. The more popular we get the more beautiful women we get. Here's the latest model who's GGurl material, Mia Cola. Very shapely and very fine.
ashlai box Pretty goddess alert. Ashlai Box sent us pictures, that we liked so much that we put them up within five minutes of seeing them. She is truly a pretty model. Enjoy.
jae choice Wow. We weren't even expecting these pictures when we opened up our email today. What a GREAT surprise!
jessica murphy Dig this! Jessica Murphy is. the. shit! We love her pictures and we hope we can keep getting more an more. This is a hot model and she's now a GGurl!

Twitter: @Ms_JRabbit

miss london Been waiting on Miss London to get back with us and submit her beautiful self to Glad to have her as a new GGurl and after seeing these pictures you'll be happy she's here too.
kristal ashely Kristal wanted to update her feature on Ggurls with these super cute pictures of herself. She's adorable ain't she?
rima van lovelace Like 'em thin and sexy? Here's hot Asian Model Riema Lovely. Perfect for you :) Sent in by photographer Darren Gray of
benson twins We like a set of twin (you don't say it with an "s" if it's one set), who doesn't? Here are the super smooth set of Twin by the name of the Benson Twins. Wonder if they have other powers other than being sexy?
miel bella Hot Mami! Miel Bella is so freaking fine it's crazy, in fact she's dope! So excuse her dopeness and check out her pictures right here on
carmen nichole Ebony big booty princess Carmen Nichole has a cute face and a round derriere that'll make any man happy. These three pictures are just fucking outstanding.
simply siamone We like what we see right here and so do you! Body is thick and she has curves and lumps that seem to be perfect. Let's give a big ole welcome to Simply Siamone!

Awards: Ggurl Week
naked stephy c Stephy loves to be naked, so she's naked Stephy C, and she's bad as fuck. We know you've seen her before but see her here again with new pictures by MQ Images Inc. Stephy can get it. Easily.
armani staxxx Damn. Some of y'all are about to have a new favorite pornstar after looking at these pictures. Armani Staxxx is a yellow bone model with a thick ass, and the ass looks really good to be that big. After you see her here, she's going to get popular really quick. As of right now she has 250 followers. Lets see how many she has after we showcase this article. You met her first on Shout out to Green Clover Entertainment. They manage some bad ass chicks over that way.
rikki leigh diwata Slim and sexy with an exotic look. Rikki Leigh  is photogenic, we doubt she can take a bad picture. She just has the look and body that photographs well no matter what.
heather nikole You like that picture on the top of the site of GG representative Heather Nikole? Well here is the entire set by Risque Curves. Heather has an exotic look doesn't she? Body just looks so creamy and smooth.
tonya michelle In her own words. "Tom boy, Sports Geek, Published Model, Nerd, Fluent in sarcasm, hopeless romantic" but she forgot sexy hot girl! Here's Tonya Michelle this time by our people over at Venge Media!
raya reaves This woman fits on GGurls with her amazing body, but the most captivating feature she possess is her smile! Very refreshing to see such a beautiful smile on a pretty woman, who's not scared to show it.
livvy sweets Nigel Guy is that guy. Check out his new muse Livvy Sweets smoldering pictures! Nice specimen here!
misz queen b We had to feature Misz Queen B again. She's just the cutest thing and her pictures are so sweet and artistic. Great job by her and the photographer.
rican bombshell naked stephy c One of the hottest shoots we've ever seen. Rican Bombshell (Jossie) and Naked Stephy C posed together in the raw for RHO Photos. You WILL be staring at this screen for a good minute. Both of their bodies is so damn curvy and perfect it's scary. It's the perfect blend of sexy.
kiya renae The true definition of thick. Kiya Renae will amaze you with her pretty smile, pretty face, and her body will amaze you even more. Most women only have one or two outstanding qualities. Kiya has them all. Plus check it out, Kiya is a grad student too!
nikole hen Every time we see new pictures of Nikole Hen we must showcase them. The way she bends and poses is enough to give a super healthy man a heart attack. Messing with Nikole will make you lustful rather you like it or not.
left Ya like the innocent type? Well how about a cute innocent type like Makayla Goings? We like this type, makes your imagination run wild. Big shout out to Alex Tirado for introducing a hot new model to the world.
villaina duvall So pretty you'll be looking at this page for a minute. Then you'll right click save or download them to your phone. Quit playing. This is one of the baddest urban glamour models ever. We know right?
keani cochelle Damn, make that in capital letters! Keani Cochelle is one bad ass woman! Her curves shape, face, and ass put a lot of women to shame! Look at the muscular tone in her stomach.  Any man (and some women) would love to wife this model up. Welcome to your new home Keani!
dolce after dark One picture wasn't enough! We had to get a whole set of Dolce After Dark after we showcased her in that one article. Wow, this woman doesn't take a bad picture no matter what. It may be after dark but she still keeps it hot.
brittany dasani Different locations, different poses, all hot. Brittany Dasani got some modeling moves for ya ass with her little sexy self. Enjoy
elle chanel Try to ignore these pictures. You can't! Elle Chanel brought it when she posed for these pictures didn't she? Welcome her as a new GGurl.
cream Smoking eye candy here. Miss Cream has a tight body on her and it's perfect for showing off. How could you not like what you see here? Pictures via
rebecca london Well what do we have here. It's Rebecca London the latest GGurl and she's good to go! That very first picture shows you exactly what's she's working with. Fine from head to toe.
lexi de la rosa We like these pictures of Lexi De La Rosa, she has a unique sexy look. She just needs to get us some more pictures to showcase :)
princess roxy Beautiful. Sexy. Hot. Take your pick. Princess Roxy is a very welcomed new GGurl and we're glad to be the first to introduce you to her. Follow her on Twitter.
dj daisy dukes What's wrong with us? How did we slip on Dj Daisy Dukes? We've been knowing her for a minute via Twitter and we didn't realize her sexy self wasn't on Well let's change that right now. Here are pictures of her to enjoy and you want to see how good of a DJ she is go here: Download DJ Daisy Dukes Summer Slaps Mixtape
danielle miller We like Danielle and Danielle likes GGurls! Here she is again folks with some more sexy pictures just for you! The 5'10 model is just so easy n the eyes. Check her site out too DanielleMillerOnline.Net for even more.
nay nay Usually Nay Nays don't look like this. This Nay Nay is stacked, and we love every curvature she has! So let's welcome our very first fine ass Nay Nay to GGurls! Welcome Nay Nay.
holly Our family over at has some of the most gorgeous models on the internet. Here is one of these pretty ladies by the name of Holly.

kyra Kyra hit us up on Twitter with this tweet: "I'm definitely going to be the newest @GGurls". She sent in an email and we agreed! We put her sexy ass on immediately. Confidence and beauty, nice combo!
brooke bailey Now that's what's up! The popular and most gorgeous Brooke Bailey is now on GGurls! If you don't like this model then you just don't like women. This is the ultimate head turner. We love you Brooke ;)
yuri edwards Yuri has yet another feature on! We just so love this her over this way! This time she's shot by CE Wiley Studios
juicy badass Your favorite GGurl rapper is back! It's Juicy Badass in her latest photo shoot. She's gearing up to drop a mixtape. What? You didn't know she could spit rhymes? Yeah Juicy is a multi talented model. Go follow her on Twitter.
taja cupcakes Thickems! And you can call her cupcake and she won't get mad! Taja is a baker and probably the sexiest one you ever seen.
macee Now this is what we mean when we say we love dark skin women. Very nice complexion, nice shape, nice lips, pretty face. We like MaCee as you can see and you'll like her too after you scroll down. 
britini chante Well lookie here! We have Britini Chante proving she has what it takes to be a GGurl. Little sexy cutie looks edible don't she? Let's give her a nice welcome and a new home.
batavia h Great pictures here! What a great surprise we got when we saw this email! Batavia pictures hit the spot we oh so crave. Scroll down and enjoy!
tali mills You love 'em like this don't you? Tali Mills has that body and booty we so crave on Let's give her a nice warm welcome and a new home.
jasmine alexis She's back and this time she does a quick interview so you can get to know her better. Exotic Alexis not only proves she's a beautiful exotic type but she tells you what's on her mind.
marie inez soto Kick ass! Marie Soto is the shit and we love her already. Look at those curves, look at how she poses, she extrudes sexiness don't she?! Very nice addition here! Welcome home Marie
taneka jo We think Taneka Jo is just so damn fine. We love her body and her look. Here are some more pictures of her for you to see what we're talking about. Couldn't wait to have her back again.
taylor renee Wow! This woman's body is on point son. Taylor Renee is our latest GGurl and we're just mad because we haven't seen her before. She's absolutely bangin' and definitely a keeper.
elinka latincic Hmmm? Have we ever had a model on here from Yugoslavia? Are all women from Yugo this damn fine? Ina is fucking beautiful son and we're happy to have her on the double G. Our boy Alex Tirado did his usual great job in the photography department. Hot pics!
hasana nvus Can you believe this. This fine specimen of a woman is part of a set of twin (yes you don't put a "s" on one set of twin, we said it right). There is a duplicate of this bad ass girl out there. This is Hasana Nvu and we love every inch of her. DAMN! Big shout out to
kiki kayo Kiki's back, Kiki's back! Our good people over at updated with gorgeous new pics of gorgeous Kiki Kayo and we love every single one of them!
dani-denier What a bad ass body on this chick! This is Dani Denier from Green Clover Entertainment. Thanks guys!
book angel nyc One of the sexiest GGurls ever. Angel loves to show you her body, because her body is perfection. She has such a high sex appeal she'll make men and women alike fall in love.
nickii jean You're used to sexy right? What about a sexy model who's very versatile with her modeling? Nickii Jean can pose her ass off and she looks great with whatever she wears. Check her out
melissa lorenzo Long awaited pictures! We finally got this super bad chick to show us what she's made of, and we love every single inch! Go 'head Mel! You know you're super bad!
xtina noel Good looking woman here! Xtina Noel is very photogenic and is sure to go far when more people see her pictures. She's a great addition to the GG family. Welcome baby.
blacc diamond The donk from the Bronx! Blacc Diamond is definitely one of our favorite urban models. She's always on her grind too with various links around the internet including her own website Smoking baby, smoking.
shay moss Well hey! Sexy girl Shay Moss took some more pictures and sent them in just for us to show you! We know you'll like them.
mz 36 28 40 You like curves? Well check out the curves (and booty!) on Mz 36 28 40! That's her name and her measurements! Hot stuff here
nona malone Representing the 3-1-third it's thick body Nona Malone shot by Shawn Darnell. Guaranteed to be a hot topic around these parts Nona's big round booty alone will be the source of many comments. Scroll down and enjoy
mileena hayes That's right. Mileena Hayes is now on You ain't going to get much better than this. Mileena sent in pictures and they simply prove why she is so popular and why she's becoming one of the better known urban glamour models out there. This woman has body for days. A curve in all the right places.
jessenia vice Already a hit! Why wouldn't she be? Jessenia Vice liked her first feature so she sent us these set of pictures to show her versatility. The woman is bad. Easily a top notch GGurl. What's your vice?
carmel candy A UK glamour model now in the Big Apple. Model, actress, singer, and dancer. With whopping measurements of 34-30-45 and a 100% real ass! You gotta love this chick! Go check her site out
megan chase Published in Smooth Girl Magazine Megan Chase is already making the rounds as a successful glamour model. She has a nice pretty much everything. Lets see if we can get Megan for another feature.
sophia labelle Back for the second time Sophia Labelle shows you more of what she's working with. Curves in the right spot and a easy on the eyes face to go with them. We like Sophia over this way.
lana lang Hot! From GGurl photographer Ricky Fontaine, this is the ass smackable (lol) Lana Lang! Ricky just shot her in his Iconik style and we like the pictures over this way. Can't wait to see more of Lana :)
nathalie day Check out new model Nathalie Day. She just sent these in and we like 'em. Follow her on Twitter now, she just made an account.
cece morgan Welcome the sensual Cece Morgan to team GGurls. Nice addition ain't she? So go hit her up on Twitter and tell her we sent you

kameco cuaolo We got her! Kameco Cuaolo fine ass is now on GGurls courtesy of Kameco Cuaolo! Go ahead and enjoy these pictures and lets see if we can get even more fire pictures from here later.

alba zapata The Colombian bombshell makes a comeback with these bad ass pictures by the homie Alex Tirado. Nobody can say that this is not a hot ass woman. She's sure to burn up the web with these pictures.
feisty pinay Yes baby yes! Feisty Pinay strikes back with some super hot pictures by Maurice Chatman. This time she's revealing more of her sexy body and that pretty booty! Yes baby yes!
jessenia vice These pictures are so kold we just had to post them as soon as we got them. This is Jessenia Vice and she is the shit! Gorgeous young lady and now a featured GGurl thanks to IEC Studios. It took us a while to post the feature because we were too busy staring at the pictures. Check out her website:
tierra michele If you like chocolate (and you do) you'll love Tierra Michele, she's a Hershey's kiss only sweeter! These hot pictures were provided by Fyne Girlz photographer Shawn Darnell. Good job!
marianne sylvia Now this is what we're talking about right here! Beautiful hot model with nice clear artistic pictures! Marianne Sylvia makes her debut on with pictures from MQ Images Inc. Perfect combo!
ashley o Exclusive to Ashley recently took some hot pictures with GG photographer Ricky Fontaine. Look out for Ashley in the GG print magazine coming late this year!
shay moss Thick ain't she? This is Shay Moss' latest set of pictures by James Rich and we love what we see. She's a very curvy model with a hot look.
sashia summers She's back and better than ever! We've always thought Sashia Summers had a high sex appeal and these pictures prove it! Damn is she ever so fine! She represents London well!
ellesse danielle Pretty? Yes! Curvy? Yes! Booty? Yes! The type of woman you see in public but you're too scared to talk to. Welcome Ellesse Danielle to the GGurl roster!
ksharna 6 Foot tall and gorgeous. Ksharna is bold and daring with her modeling and her sassy attitude. We like that! You might be able to catch this honey somewhere in Houston.
brandi vonne This is why we're so popular, because of hot ass glamour models like Brandi Vonne here. They way she poses she makes it look easy to look that good. We love her already. Now did these measurements: 36-26-38 just wow!
gabriella bobe So bad that we had to showcase her again! These are the pictures that she chose. We love how she's sexy yet cute at the same time. See the definition of a babe, Gabriella Bobe again.
jessica hassan You like her huh? Yeah, we do too. Jessica Hassan has it going on and you're really going to enjoy these pictures when you scroll down. Beautiful chocolate skin, hot look!

yummy Always thought this girl was hot, so imagine our surprise when she sent us pictures of her lying nude in a pool. Needless to say we couldn't believe it and of course we loved it. Thank you very much Yummy, you are so damn hot.

carmen fitness shaw We finally have more pictures of Carmen Fitness (Shawn). We loved her first feature so much we couldn't wait to get our hands on some more. Well thanks to C.E. Wiley Studios we now have some more. Carmen has a perfectly fit body and she's just simply stunning all over. Enjoy.
candy d Three hot pictures of Candy D is all you need to get a good idea of what she's working with! This white girl got body! We love her over this way, @CEWileyStudios keep them coming!

patrice Our people over at CE Wiley Studios does it again! They have been sending honey after honey for features and Patrice is going to be an instant fan favorite! Just look.

tasha ford A model who needs no introduction, you've probably seen Tasha Ford from a commercial, magazine, website or T.V. show. If you haven't well here is a great look at this beauty.
lick my peach Yeah we spelled the name right! it's a '3' not an 'e'! But forget that, pimp on this pimpin'. These new pictures of Lick My P3ach are magazine material and erotic! Love 'em.
yuri edwards We like Yuri! As you can see because this is her third feature on and this time she took pictures with the talent of 2020 Photography so you know when you scroll down the page you're in for a treat! Enjoy.
esaucey Bold and daring is the best way to describe this new set of pictures of E. Saucey. She's doing some real modeling in these things and it's not just erotic but artistic. Love 'em. Shout out to official GGurl photographer Ricky Fontaine for the set!
redd duville Whenever a model takes a close up picture of her face you know she's pretty. Redd Duville has body and face that exploits her beauty. Can never get sick of someone this good looking
nalanie You can search long and hard but it's going to be a long and hard time before you find another model as pretty as this. Nalanie is a cutie and a keeper and her skin looks so soft and smooth. Big thanks to Alex Tirado Photography for the pictures!
yvonne renteria Welcome Yvonne to Team GGurls, she's a fine specimen of a woman and her pictures fit right in with the many hotties we already have. You've probably seen Yvonne Renteria all over the web, but now you can be happy she's part of the quality team of GGurls!
dionne jones pure 100 Only on GGurls! Now we are absolutely sure that these pictures will circulate the internet in no time. After people get wind of Dionne (Pure 100) she's going to have a nice buzz going. Look at her body! Look at her booty! Wow, man, wow!
sexii nia Now this is hot! Love the way she takes pictures, she is really fine and those tattoos add great pizzazz to the photos! Sexii Nia is just that, sexy!
nicholle monique Little cute ass. We like Nicholle Monique, from her name to her looks she's a keeper. Here are several pictures of this new GGurl for you to enjoy.
red lickherish Actually been waiting on this one to get featured on GGurls for a minute. Thanks to the Kollage King we now have her pictures on here. See why we wanted Red Lickherish to be showcased. Put simply, the woman is a dream come true.
chenade laroy You know how people always name places that are famous for fine ass women? You know like Southern California, Miami, etc? Well here's a place that does too, the United Kingdom. Our UK counterparts have some of the sexiest women in the world! One of our favorites (she has 3 features on GGurls) is Chenade Laroy's super fine ass. Here are 19 pictures to prove our point on her beauty and the UK. Thanks to Koshmo Photo for the pics.
diamond showstopper Hell yeah, stop the show because it's going to be hard to top this! Diamond the Showstopper has the right curves in the right places and of course one in our favorite place! Thanks to @CEWileyStudios for the pictures!

jenice marie diaz Looking at these pictures make you want to grab something! The football right? Lol we know what you're thinking! This is the 4th installment in the C.E. Wiley Studios NFL Lockout series, featuring Jenice Marie Diaz. Hot pics!
heather bianchi The third entry in the C.E. Wiley Studios NFL Lockout series features Heather Bianchi with 5 hot pictures! You can't go wrong looking at her!
bella bunny We love Bella, just look at her and tell us you don't love her too! She's so stacked with a pretty booty, we love it when she has new pictures to showcase. Here's her second set of pictures for Shoutout to Bella!
lucy lvette Part 2 of the NFL Lockout series by CE Wiley Studios' NFL Lockout includes Lucy L'vette! She makes everything look sexy don't she? Stay tuned for part three and four tomorrow!
sade robinson We were happy to get these pictures of Sade, we thought she forgot about us (inside joke). So when we saw an email from her we knew even before looking that a new GGurl feature was going up! In a sea of bad pictures submitted, Sade was a cool breeze of fresh air! Thanks! Pictures by 2020 Photography
flame jennings Love the sequence of these pictures of this squeezable adorable babe, Flame Jennings. CE Wiley Studios does it again!
sarah oliver Now check this out, we know what you're thinking. "Damn she's fine and look at the booty!" Right? Yep! Want to know how we know that? Because that's what we thought too! Sarah is Slavic and Japanese with measurments of 34D-25-39. This hottie stays in the ATL now. Sarah has it going on.
kaisha corrien Kai sent pictures over to Lewis' phone and he instantly liked them. So then she sent pictures in for a feature and damn they were hot, everybody liked them. Ka'isha has sexy eyes and her body is bangin' her hips are thick and they look lickable. Make sure you befriend Kai on Twitter.
helly merd Don't mean to be mannish but damn does she have a nice round rump on her or what? Okay okay, let's be a little more professional (hate that word). Helly Merd is bold and daring with her pictures and her style and it equals good quality modeling and pictures. The rump helps too :)
gabriella amoroso dynasty magazine Our 2nd feature of Gabriella Amoroso comes from These pics are even hotter than the first set of pictures and we can't believe it. Gabby has a pretty face and a nice little tight package. We love her around these parts.
danica logan Some super hot pictures of a super hot chick from We like what we see over this way. Thanks for the pics fam.

desi doll Another hot one! They're coming in droves! Desi Doll makes her own mark though because her sexiness can't be denied! She's definitely a keeper and we're keeping her fine ass right here on GGurls. Thanks for the submission!
britney love Like yes baby! Anybody not liking Britney is a hater! So hater read no further. Hot girl alert!
auchane sierra Whoa! After seeing one picture of Auchane on Twitter we requested to see more. So she sent us these and oh man what a great surprise! She's pure uncut dope! Now she did send us a completely nude one that we can't post (too bad for you guys lol) so we know exactly what she's working with. This girl is bad.
casey chasem GGurl photographer Ricky Fontaine got a hold of Casey Chasem and took some pretty good pics. For you top heavy fans you'll love her, she's good to go! Enjoy
estefania nino As seen in Sean Kingston's video "The One", Rick Ross' "Pandemonium" and featured in Zaria Magazine, now this hot ass woman is now a GGurl! Estefania Nino is set to be very popular! Check out her pictures.
ashle danger Ashle has a strong sex appeal and the tattoos she sport are bold and hot! Photographer Lloyd Parks of 43 Studios really know how to take pictures and he did a great job of presenting Ashle to the world. Ashle is so hot she's also been in Straight Stuntin', (picture by Frank Anotonio) make sure you go pick that issue up soon.
tiara dixon GG material! We love 'em thick in the booty like this! Tiara also goes by Amazing 100 and we know what amazing means and we're figuring the 100 is for ten times a dime! We like.
deaja vire We like Deaja, because she brings a unique aura with her pictures, different yet good looking. This is Deaja Vire's second feature on
tonya michelle What do you get when you mix real modeling and sexiness? You get Tonya Michelle. Tonya and the photographer did a great job with these shots. We love 'em.

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