maya michelle rew The definition of sexy is define here. Maya Michelle Rew has that sexy confident look. Every picture she took in these sets with TL Glam Studio extrudes sexiness. We like. We like Maya Michelle Rew a lot!
shana patrice Heeeeey! Got new pics of Shana Patrice and they're looking great! She just shot with Inergee Studios and we're happy to present this cutie to you again. Scroll down to get a gander at Shana Patrice!

kimmie leeThe Puss N Boots series is here to stay and the next one feature is the gorgeous Kimmie Lee! Everytime we get an email from Inergee Studios titled "Puss N Boots" we get excited. Shut up, cuz you do too. Oh yeah, this set and series is exclusive to! Don't hate.

maserati the home wrecka Maserati the Home Wrecka is thick with it nephew! She just sent us some more pics for your viewing pleasure. Dig her!
princess kai One of our favorite GGurls has new pictures for you! Princess Kai aka Princess Dairys is back and strutting her stuff in each and every pose. You're really going to love this set.

jenny sebasJenny Sebas is a new GGurl with some great pictures! Soon as we saw these pictures we knew they MUST be on Hope to see more of Jenny Sebas in the near future!

ashley kim We love D Brown's implied nudity shots. Jasmine Renae shot with him recently and of course, as usual, the pictures came out steamy and classy. Check out Jasmine's latest pics on
taniqua coleman You know we love 'em slim and sexy. Taniqua Coleman is guilty of this description, she fits it!
lana elyse Wearing nothing but lace, new GGurl Lana Elyse shoots with DDG Photos and we couldn't wait to put this one up people. She's pretty, slender and going places. Give Lana Elyse a warm welcome.
lana lang James Williams of Inergee Studios says he has a thing for girls wearing nothing but knee high boots. You may have noticed that a lot of sets he shoots is girls wearing only thigh high boots. He calls this his Puss N Boots series.
alexandria kingston Sex appeal to the max. Alexandria Kingston has modeled for Playboy and her name is just getting bigger and bigger! Check out this feature.
jasmine jones New girl in the game. Here's is Jasmine Jones (notice we never say "introducing?" so corny). from photographer Fab Pix. We like what we see.
yvette martinez Annnnnnd here's another great set of gorgeous ass Yvette Martinez from Ricky Fontaine's iKandy Series. Yvette can keep 'em coming and we'll take every single one!

kirsti narniBeen cool with Kirsti Narni for a long minute now, and we've always wanted pics of her. Well now we have them. Kirsti Narni has a sexy body and gorgeous booty, and now we can show you all. See? Patience pays off.

natasha Let's rap a taste. This is Natasha from @Ricky_Fontaine's iKandy Series. Love these shots, we only wish she had some kind of social network to point you towards.
cillah brown Cillah Brown hit us up wanting to pay for some promo. No Cillah, we include the hot girls for free! This set of pictures are pure fire people. Welcome Cillah to the GGurls' family.
ashley adore This new model is gorgeous baby! Her name is Ashley Adore and the name fits. Book her now This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
treasure 95 Thick booty, female pimpin' Tiffany Davis' pictures are finally up! Catch her in her birthday suit showing you what she got by scrolling down.
alana noel Just got these pictures of new glamour model Alana Noel from CClark Fotos. Crispy! These are some nice clear sharp pics of a nice booty cutie! Alana Noel is going places ;)

dolla kold

Dolla Kold, aka Kold Kisses always cause a buzz whenever people see her pictures. We shot her again when she came back to Detroit to visit. This time she' modeling a GGurl's shirt, her pretty face and gorgeous body.

suhmer amir Summer is over but GGurl Suhmer is still on the grind. Here is her lastest set of pics shot by Show Magazine. Pretty damn good Suhmer, always keeping it hot. Hey now we know why they call you Suhmer.
tori grace Almost missed this email! Glad we didn't. Here is fine ass Tori Grace!
tazzy tay Wanted Tazzy Tay on GGurls a long time ago. So when we got this email from 2020 it was a very nice surprise indeed. See why we wanted this bad ass chick on the site by scrolling down. Nice ain't she?
yvette urena Fan favortie. Yvette Urena was a hit with her previous pictures and we're sure these will be a hit too. Damn is she sexy!
tiffani lareaux Almost missed this email. Glad we didn't. This is new sexy girl Tiffani Lareaux entering the urban glamour scene with pics from CE Wiley Studios.
lira galore Lira Galore actually has another feature on here titled: "Lira". However since we only received two pictures we won't consider that a full feature. When we saw those two pictures we instantly fell in love and now that we see the rest, we know think we'll stalk her ;)
tanedra houston You gotta love this set of pictures. Ta'Nedra aka Houston is so damn curvy it's scary! Truly thick and truly fine, with a round phat booty, she'll make any camera happy!
lala amorii Check these out. Lala Amorii took some hot shots with 2020 Photography for Straight Stuntin' magazine. Girl got body dont' she?
sharmaine hunter Very stylish pictures, very sexy model. This is Sharmaine Hunter shot by Courage of 2020 Photography. Sharmaine is a very sexy model, with a curvy slender frame. These are the kind of pictures that make you appreciate photography just a little more as well as the sexy girl in them.  Very stylish pictures, very sexy model.
yeivanny Photographer Trent Nathaniel sent us these pictures he just took of a beautiful woman name Yeivanny. We thought both the pictures and the girl were smoking, so we had to post them for you. Nice work man!
dd mccoy DD McCoy has a nice soft round booty, you can tell by looking at these pictures. But don't think she's just about booty, she's cool and sweet and she's now a core GGurl after shooting with us. Scroll down and get a good look at DD McCoy.
pretty mi Pretty Mi wanted to shoot with us, so she came to Detroit (one of our spots) to get down. While shooting, she said she love to be naked, so you already know what kind of pics we took lol. Well here we go! Introducing new glamour girl Pretty Mi.
phoenixx Yeah! We just keep bringing you the fire thanks to James Williams of InergeeStudios! This is Phoenixx and her curvy beautiful naked body. This girl is the business from head to toe. Nobody can say no to this. Hi Phoenixx!
london viish You can brag when you have London Viish gracing your pages son, and that's just what we're going to do, brag! Here are some great super sexy shots of London Viish from bad boy Courage.
miss joie Popular and gorgeous model Miss Joie is now a part of thanks to these kick ass pictures from 2020 Photography! We love every single one and so do you! Welcome Miss Joie!
megan nicole It's obvious we love Megan Nicole, hell, how could you not? She's not shy about showing you her body and she just recently hit us up saying she wants even more exposure. You got it baby! Just keep taking pictures with Inergee Studios!
dee manni Dee Manni is a super bad new glamour model with exclusive pictures just for She has a fantastic body and unbelievable shape don't she? We think she'll go far!
lafeysha hill Very nice body on this one. You'll love her lips too and that backside. Introducing brand new model Lafeysha Hill from Inergee Studios!
shawty redd Introducing new glamour model Shawty Redd! She's a looker and a keeper and she's brand spanking new. Scroll down and enjoy!
brionni lamberth Dig it. This is Twixxx, Brionni Lamberth from Inergee Studios. The name fits don't it? We like this particular one. Nice set (of pictures you pervs).
bea taylor Got some more hot pictures of Bea Taylor and this time its from bad boy Courage of 2020 Photography. Scroll down and take a look at these babies and fall in love with Bea Taylor all over again!
dazia moore We just posted pictures of Dazia recently and she was an instant hit. So imagine how happy we were to get EXCLUSIVE pictures of her! Here is Dazia Moore shot by Inergee Studios just for These are some fantastic shots.
asia gonzalez Asia Gonzalez aka Asia Vanity classifies herself as Puerto Rican, Native American, Cape Verdean and Japanese! Damn, we just know that's she nice looking! Check her out
chawanda love This is not fair. This is our type. A pretty brown skin girl with a coke bottle figure. Her face is easy on the eyes and she's fine and sexy. Chawanda Love is not fair :(
abigael nikkol Gem! We got one! This is brand spanking new model Abigael Nikkol shot by James Williams! Mock our words, she's going to be big news one day and you saw her here first!
khristine monroe Thick girl from Atlanta! Khristine Monroe is sure to please a lot of people with these nice clear pictures from Visual Cocktail. We dig everyone of them.
charmaine delarosa Damn! Yet another set of Charmaine De' La Rosa is here! She was just Cutie of the Day and now we have a full feature. Not going to lie. We want to see some dead on booty pics from this woman. That would be nice!
veronica alexis Here she is! Veronica Alexis, that's Ms V to you son, sent us some great pictures to feature and we're sure you're going to love them. Give her a follow on Twitter and Facebook.
kari novelli Kari Novelli has a strong portfolio. This is her third time on GGurls and this time she shot with Ricky Fontaine of Ikonic Images. These are easily some of her best yet. Great job.
shanae caramella Lucky for Shanae (aka Shadaey) Caramella we found her on Twitter, because she forgot to tell us who she was when she sent in these sexy ass pictures. The UK represents well on Ggurls!
madame sade Sade took these shots wearing nothing but her birthday suit, sorry but we had to censor the money shots. She's a frisky little sexy something.
marisol mercedesLet's give a round of applause to the latest GGurl Marisol Mercedes for sending in these bomb ass pics. Gonna have to stalk her around the web and see what else she has!
jenny mercado Something different for GGurls and yet very well welcomed! This is "Super Hair" Jenny Mercado by Alex Tirado. We love these pics.
chi chi muy bonita Yay! We landed exclusive pictures of Chi Chi Muy Bonita another one of our favorites of all time! If you haven't seen Chi Chi before then you're missing out. This is one kick ass woman, she'll make a gay man turn straight!
shabria We finally got the whole set, and we have it all to ourselves! These are exclusive pictures of Shabria aka Ms Jai from Inergee Studios for GGurls only! You already know how bad we think she is!
kimmi kennedy Still going strong! Kimmi Kennedy can teach other models a thing or two about grinding (and looking good for that matter). One of our first GGurls ever and still one of the sexiest ever to do it. It don't get much better than this.
amber cantero This hot little number surprised us with pictures today. Her name is Amber Cantero and we like what we see. Just wish we could see more :)
miss morgan Almost missed these pictures in our inbox! Glad we didn't though. This is sexy Miss Morgan latest photo shoot from TL Glam Studio, hot right?
rox New model! She's promising too! Her name is Rox (we think) and she just did a basketball theme photo shoot with Alex Tirado. These are very nice.
melody quan Damn this woman is fine! Melody Quan is very shapely and has such a huge sex appeal it's scary. These pics will be in the next 504 Dymes Magazine by CE Wiley Studios. Pick it up at a store near you!
jordana reo Well well well, check out this new hottie submitted to us by the name of Jordana Reo, she's definitely a keeper. Follow her on Twitter.
lavish styles This Rihanna look-a-like pornstar Lavish Styles just shot with GGurls photographer Ricky Fontaine and the set turn out pretty damn good. Get a gander at these photos fam.
victoria belle Excitement literally cross my face when I opened this email. Victoria Belle aka Qu33n Victoria shot with DDG Photos and in his typical classy nude style he produced some great pictures! If you only look at one feature today on here, this one must be it.
topnotch cuban Dig this new hottie! She goes by the name of Topnotch Cuban and nothing else. Big shout out to Biohertz for the pics and the heads up. Nice!
jasmine alexandria extoic alexis We can never ever get enough of Jasmine Alexandria aka Exotic Alexis. This is like her third or fourth time being on GGurls and we'll take even more when we get them. These beautiful pictures are done by CClark Fotos
the suarez This Cuban honey got cakes! She's fine with a round behind! Visit her on Twitter and her website listed below. Ingrid Suarez baby!
jessenia veras Oh do we love surprises (we always say this). Jessenia Veras hit us up in our email with these pictures and of course she was instantly approved. Welcome the latest GGurl Jessenia Veras.
ashley kim What is Sexy? This is sexy! Askley Kim shoots with D. Brown and together they made sensual art. These very tasteful pictures are sexy indeed! Enjoy.
natasha lucas New to GGurls! It's Natasha Lucas in her Ikandy Series! Dig her fine ass.
kendria Inergee Studios sent us over these pictures of new glamour model Kendria, but we don't think she has any social presence yet. Well at least you get a peek of these beauty and you saw her here first!
andrea calhoun C.E. Wiley is doing a pretty good job with his 504 Dymes print magazine. He finds cutie after cutie and the latest one is no exception. Andrea Calhoun is the definition of a cutie in every positive form. Here are several nice shots of her.
brittney wilkes The sensual looking Brittney Wilkes has been on GGurls before as Misz Qu33n B. So once we got these new pictures of her we had to do it again and let you know exactly who she was!
lani pop This is a pleasure! We now have Lani Pop pictures on GGurls! We just featured a video of her showing you how she knows how to pop that thang. Now dig these still pics showcasing her curvy body.
lyssa marie Here is new model Lyssa Marie! She's a petite cutie with a nice frame and pretty face. She's the latest find from Inergee Studios. She's very welcomed here.

chrislynn jacquelineFrom a cell phone cutie to a featured GGurl, Chrislynn Jacqueline has taken some professional pictures to show you she can do it all!

adrianna CClark has been putting in work! Here is new model Adrianna! Very nice pictures.
dazia moore Oh man! Dazia Moore pictures will get you hot and bothered so fair warning, don't scroll down if you're in an awkward place. Look at these astonishing outdoor shots by 2020 photography and enjoy yourself. Not too much though.
kitty shine Great post here. Kitty Shine has been in Black Mens' Magazine and in Urban Ink. More magazines should put her on, she's the shit. Check out these pictures sent in from CClark Fotos.
foxy k Inergee Studios sent these exclusive pictures of new model Foxy K with the byline: "Now... you can't tell me she doesn't look like Foxy Brown... :)" Does she?
alicia hartwell We're known for hotties, and here's another one we'd like to introduce to you. This is Alicia Hartwell, the newest GGurl!
erica lynne Finally! We finally got pictures of Erica Lynne from the bad girls' club after all this time. They were worth the wait though. Just scroll down and take a look at these gorgeous pictures!
yella diamond Oh are we proud to introduce to you dorks, brand new sexy ass lady Yella Diamond! These four pictures by CClark Fotos will soon be floating around the internet. These are fiyah!
cynthalia bella We loved Cynthalia Bella as a Booty of the Day feature. Now here she is as a GG exclusive! Watch out there now!
coco francesca exclusive Always liked Coco Francesca. Always thought she was just too damn sexy. Now we have exclusive pictures of her thanks to James Williams of Inergee Studios. This made our day.
vinese ross Okay! Vinese Ross has another spread on GGurls thanks to CClark Fotos! These pictures show that she has curves in all the right places! Go ahead and get you an eye full!
latifah drinks What a nice set! (Of pictures you pervs). Latifah Drinks is back again with another blazing spread! We love showing her pictures off. You're welcome people!
tyrie b Mr Polo keeps 'em coming! This is Tyrie B in her second feature making a common refrigerator look good! Those shorts are a big tease!

Twitter: @Ha_Lee_Wood by @PoloGoHard

ms washington Introducing a brand new sexpot! Ms Washington shows off her body and gorgeous butt in this see through fishnet lingerie. We love every picture son!
nikki delano Wow! We got Nikki Delano back and the pictures are better than ever thanks to our new photographer DDG Photos! Did you miss her? We did! And now we have some hot nudes you'll see here first!
dez mai Dez Mai is new in the game and a welcome site too. She shows you that thin will always be sexy. She a cutie fa sho!
lana We got so busy that we didn't have time to post these pictures. These are long overdue. This is new sexy ass GGurl Lana with pictures by Lewis. We got it in that day ;)
ashley alexiss Whew! Playboy model Ashley Alexiss tweeted us some hot pictures just a few days ago. Of course we had to make her a GGurl. Look how hot she is.
honey pot Nice! Take a look at these hot pictures of new glamour model Honey Pot from Chicago by bad boy Shawn Darnell
lindsi vegas Ya gotta be 18 years or older to scroll down on this one folks. Meet Lindsi Vegas the newest nude glamour model from DDG photos. She's a very welcomed addition to the GG family.
karma red Fan favorite Karma Red is back with even more pictures from MJ Flix. We have a strong feeling you'll love these. Take a gander.
cierra pashawn We just featured Cierra Pashawn a few GGurls ago but she didn't send in any social networking links. Ricky Fontiane just shot her and sent us her pics and her Twitter link. What were the chances of that?     

malicia santanaDamn! Glad we ran into Malicia Santana on Twitter. This is sure to be a lot of youse (yeah YOUSE) new favorite model. Pretty face and a phat round derrier makes her a perfect GGurl don't it? She's Puerto Rican and El Salvadorian. MJ Flix (King of Curves) knows how to find them!

ms hermosa Finally! Reachelle aka Ms Hermosa is back! Now you can see why we're so excited to have her back. She is fine as fuck and can't nobody deny that! Let's hope she send in even more pictures!
kimmi cash Wow! DDG (Drop Dead Gorgeous) photography style of pictures are always top notch! Here is the latest sexy vixen he shot, Kimmi Cash! You love every single one of these pictures.
cierra reidThis yellow bone cutie extrudes sensuality in every single one of her pictures. Not too big not too small, she's just right! Looks like wifey material fellas.

leticia marie Leticia Marie, officially GGurl Goddess is back! This time her fine ass submitted two different sets of superbly hot pics showing off not only her sexiness but her modeling skills. Here she go!
leya falcon Been getting chummy with a lot of hot porn stars lately. Leya Falcon instantly became cool with us every since the first tweet on Twitter. She sent us over some great pics proving her sexiness and we just had to put them on. She's pretty with a nice shape and long legs!
tyrie b New pics! New model Tyrie B graces with pictures from Polo Go Hard. Enjoy.
real savvyAsk and ye' shall receive, we now have two more pictures of Real Savvy to complete the set! Here's the full feature of her.
yvette urena You can NEVER get enough of pretty curvy women. Yvette Urena has a body and face you'll never get used to, you'll be amazed EVERY time you see her. We're proud to present the newest GGurl.
kat cordova She's finally on! Kat Cordova thought we forgot about her but of course we didn't. Her email just got lost in the pile. Here she is!
danielle v Loved every picture we saw when we opened this email. Danielle V is shapely and enticing and she extrudes sex appeal in each pose. Hope to see more of her soon. Oh, and she's getting into photography herself! These are great shots from new photographer Sun Archer Photos.
miracle watts Lookee lookee! Miracle Watts is now a GGurl with her fine ass. Once again 2020 Photography delivers! These are some bad ass picures!
bella sandiego You do not want to miss this at all. This is Bella Sandiego and these pictures are pure dope! She is GGurl material fa sho son! These will be floating around the net very soon!
tierra marie Check this out, and hate at the end of this paragraph. Tierra sent us some exclusive pictures and we fucking love 'em! That blue set was just for us! That naked booty pic made us fall in love again!  Follow her on Twitter.
mandy nicole Got some new fire for you from CE Wiley. Here is new GGurl Mandy Nicole and her three hot pictures! You'll love all three son! Go ahead and scroll down!
lerisa New model, new photographer. This smoking hot girl goes by the name of Lerisa and Photographer Dex sent these pictures in for a feature. It was love at first site.
ashley beautee How did we not have Ashley Beautee on our site? How did we miss somebody as fine as this? Well now we do thanks to Ashley herself and Magic City Studios! Enjoy.
diina meana Yay! We finally got some new pictures of Diina Meana and this time she's showing her modeling skill off posing on a beach! Nice!
mercedes scrivens Mercedez Scrivens just keep taking better and better pictures. She doesn't take a bad one ever. These pictures had us staring at the screen for a minute now! Dig 'em!
dolly jay Damn! Dolly Jay is a bad you know what! She has a perfect body! We know girls be hating on her. Which makes her a perfect fit for GGurls ;)
tamz Well check her out. Tamz is a newbie and a hottie around these parts. Let's welcome her to the GG family with these nice pics by Mykeon of Magic City Studios.
anise tai naked booty Anise Tai is not shy. She loves to show off her curvy body and beautiful butt. These three pictures will be floating around the internet once the word gets out. Remember where you saw them first!
shay johnson Shay Johnson is still going strong. Her sexy ass is in the lastest popular reality show For Love and Hip Hop and it's always a pleasure when she pops up on the screen. We got some new pictures of her thanks to CClark Fotos.
j beauty Ms. J. Beauty has been on the Tyra Banks show and is a published photographer! You know we have respect for that. Wanna book her hit up @QsFlavas
china dolle Ole sexy ass Filipino and Chinese China Dolle has some new pictures to showcase. She's been on the grind getting her name out there in the new Naked Hustle Magazine and in videos with Flo Ryda Snoop Dogg and much more. She's also been on Playboy TV!
the brooks twin Man oh man are we geeked! The Brooks twins, Shelly and Simfany shot with GGurls' iKandy iMages and the outdoor shoot came up hot! Why settle for one pretty girl when you can have twin goddesses? Only on GGurls! Nice pics Ricky.
mia monroe Talking about classy and sexy at the same time! Meet Mia Monroe!
Alexxandra Guerriero We got this submission today from Alexxandra Guerriero but no social network link. Well you can always Google her and see what's poppin
camiyah spice We know a lot of y'all will love these pics! Camiyah Spice has a spicy body on her don't she? Welcome her to the GGurls' family.
kay sharee Now these are some sexy pictures! Kay Sharee is back with new pics from CClark Fotos.
neveah markz Hey it's Nevaeh Markz with a GGurl exclusive from Inergee Studios! Check out these three nice pics we're proud to present!
nandi Nandi has even MORE new hot tastefully done nude pics just for you! Her and photographer D. Brown make a great pair. Hot pics here!
cierra lache Well hey now. Look what came in our inbox! New GGurl Cierra Lache!
jessica cruz Sexy little Cuban Jessica Cruz makes her first appearance on with hot pictures from Alex Tirado Photo. All these pictures are eye candy. Why is she teasing us sucking on that bomb pop though!?
jamzz baby Soooooo Jamzz Baby Jamie sent us some pics to be featured and we like we like! Go follow her on Twitter now.
angel reigns Angel Reigns has been working and grinding so much so, she now has an Android app on Google Play "Angel Reigns" look for it, it's hot! We downloaded it.

blacc diamond So Blacc Diamond is not just a sexy ass model, she's an author! She wrote a book called "Bitch in Distress" and you can purchase on either or She's also a veteran GGurl who now has her 3rd feature!

jeniffer morel Here we go again baby! Jeniffer Morel got three simmering new pics that we posted immediately after viewing. Nothing much more to say, just scroll down and look!

marica linnMarica hit up Lewis up on the phone out the blue and said she wanted to shoot in like two days. We made it happen two days later. What we got was pure magic! These pictures is what it's all about. Shout out to Marica Linn for coming to the D to shoot with the double G.

rayven angel We are getting an influx of brand new models thanks to people like Qs Flava and many others. This gorgeous woman is Rayven Angel and she has 4 nice pics just for you.
lissa aires Lissa Aires is back on GGurls with this brand new set of pictures by Fab Pix photography. Looks like a naughty school girl theme going on here. We like!
kristina v Short haired beauty Kristina V now graces the pages of with her nice curvaceous body and thick bootie. She has a very high sex appeal!
topaz west Topaz has been on it! She's dedicated to the cause by keeping her portfolio fresh with hot pictures. This last batch is the best set yet!
nikki renee Nikki hit us up via email and flattered the shit out of us. But flattered or not there was no way we were turning her down. Damn she's fine
michaela Check out this cute little shorty by the name of Michaela she's been featured in Videos with Lil Wayne, Pharrell, Nore and various other artist. Her measurements are 34C-26-36.
erica racine So Erica Racine showed up this time with so very nice professional pictures! Now we can call her an official GGurl. We must say that these pictures are very nice shows off her modeling skills and sexiness! Nice!
biranna amor When we first saw Brianna a long time ago we thought she was the creme of the crop, never did we imagine we'd have exclusive pictures of her. Thanks to Inergee Studios we do now!
melody quan We oh so love surprises! In our inbox was this adorable thing name Melody Quan and after scrolling through what she wrote we posted her immediately. She's oh so nice!
nina marleena Talk about pretty. Nina Marleena is VERY pretty son. She would make the perfect trophy piece for any man. She is freaking adorable!
alba zapata Alba Zapata is a fan favorite! We have her featured on GGurls 4 different times and this latest set is just as hot if not hotter. Lawd is she fine!
teena starr Ooohwee! Here's another new entry by the name of Teena Starr who just shot with new GGurl photographer Go Hard Photography. She's a looker and a keeper.
nikki giavasis New model. New sexy model. Nikki Giavasis is a nice addition to our family with these pictures from La Firm Inc. Let's give her a round of applause people.
fantastee Well damn. Fantastee is brand spanking new thanks to Mr. Polo Go Hard, who has Minnesota on lock. We don't have any social networks for her yet but we'll find 'em soon.
treasure Our friends over at sent us pics of this new hottie, Treasure to be featured. She's a hottie with a great body. Follow them both on Twitter!
tiarra larae Annnd let's have a big welcoming party for slim goodie Tiarra Larae who has some nice pictures from our homies Alex Tirado and MQ Tease. She's a keeper!
kalia kisses These classy black and white nudes of Kalia Kisses compose a pretty nice entry into our ranks. We loved them as soon as we saw them. Must be 18 years or older to veiw
flame emin Well damn. When Flame Emin hit us up via email she said she wants to be known in the States so she came to us. Now that's flattering. So everybody let us introduce one hot upcoming glamour model who definitely has what it takes to become popular. Flame Emin.
envy goldzOnly on baby! Envy Goldz sent us these exclusive pictures to showcase and we're very proud to have them. She is fine as fuck and this is the type of pictures that got us known in the first place. Haters now you have something else not to like about us.
iesha Well check her out! Iesha Iesha, so glad to me ya (Lol if you remember that saying you're old!). Okay okay, Iesha is a nice piece of chocolate ain't she? Follow her on Twitter now.
kai lynn Kai Lynn is well known around the internet, and you can see why! She's a fine thick ass (36D-27-46) woman who takes gorgeous pictures and videos. We finally got her on Follow her on Twitter.
shunta Well check out this new hottie by the name of Shunta. Tell us how you like her.
letetra gilstrap Man, the lips and booty on this new GGurl scream SENSUAL. Very seductive!
lashar Our people 4ShoMagazine found yet another hot one. Her name is Lashar and she takes some very nice pics.
marie starr When we saw Marie Starr on Twitter we just had to have her. Just look at these pictures! She's a keeper and we got her.
clanese monae Annnnnnd introducing new hot girl Clanese Monae from Urban Soul Photography. Scroll down and get an eyeful son!
tara free We love 'em slim and sexy around these parts! Here is new GGurl Tara Free ready for the world! Nice pics, nice poses!
gucci bitchGGurls is Gucci's home, whenever she comes out with new pictures you can count on seeing it here. Here are some exclusives of Gucci! Damn she's fine.
new stephanie tejada Stephanie Tejada is a hot commodity in the urban glamour game. This is her 3rd feature on and this time it's by new photographer S88 Studios. Very versatile set.
mikal blair Thick booty Mikal Blair is back with a second pair of pictures from Brown Photography. In this segment she shows off that nice round booty by putting it right in the camera.
sierra James Williams of Inergee Studios does it again! He has a knack for finding new hot talent. This is Sierra aka Lovely Amazin' and she's the latest in the GGurls exclusives!
airica linh Oh how we love new models we've never seen that are hot like Airica Linh. Great photography too by Ace King Photography. Scroll down and get an eyeful of this gem!
kitana j Coming from the motor city, Kitana J is new on the scene and she has some sexy pictures to introduce her self with. Let's welcome her to the GGurl family people.
tabby brown Oh yeah baby. Here's Tabby Brown's GGurl exclusive pictures brought to you by Ricky_Fontaine. This is a nice set of pictures as it shows off Tabby's curves and overall body! She's bad!
kera Like whoa! Let's welcome new GGurl Kera into the baddest online club of females: GGurls! She's a knockout fa' sho! Love these pics!
juicy Remember the video we just posted? Don't worry we'll post it again at the end of this article. Well anyway we didn't have the pictures from the shoot but now we do! Here is new red bone Juicy from Inergee Studios
ab babydoll Nice and thick, cute and sexy glam girl AB the Baby Doll took some fiyah' pictures with Rho Photos. We put these bad boys up as soon as we got them! Nice set of pictures here people.
vanessa v Another brand new hottie by the name of Vanessa V, she doesn't have a link to any social networks yet but when we find one we'll post it. Nice pics!
nicola ramos Introducing brand spanking new model Nicola Ramos from the homie Alex Tirado. She's a pretty and petite sexy model with a nice backside! Scroll down and see for yourself!
nina mercedez When Nina Mercedez tweets you and says "I want to be a GGurl" you get right on it. When Nina sends you pics never seen before just for your site you get excited. So here they are, EXCLUSIVE pictures of Latina porn star Nina Mercedez.Yes!
kaeo black Kaeo Black is just too damn fine ain't she? She belongs in front of any camera. Can she even take a bad picture?
jasmine love Whoa there! Glamour girl Jasmine Love went completely nude in this shoot with Nureign. She has the looks to do it, that's for sho. Scroll down and get a look for yourself.

silvia uribe When we saw the model release form from this hottie we got excited! Here is new GGurl Silvia P. Uribe for your viewing pleasure.
kandis marie Kandis has it going on my dude! She has a very sensual body, it looks so nice, soft and curvy with beautiful brown skin added! We love new pics of her. Zach Taylor of Dynasty Studio knows how to capture her right!
tierra marie Man you won't believe what this sexy vixen does to men! Say she's not hot and she'll kick you in the nuts! No really! Watch the video attached to this article. We're so happy to have this fine ass girl on GGurls, she really does have it going on. Welcome Tierra Marie (guard your nuts though! lol).
misz pretty mee Dig it, Misz Pretty Mee aka Miss Draya aka Andrea is a nice petite cute little thing ain't she? We like these pics a lot. Shout out to IceBox Studios!
tarina Hot new model here! Her name is Tarina. Dig her.

Twitter: @Lovely_Tarina

Where are you from? Flint MI

How long have you been in the game? (modeling) 1yr and 4 Months

Single? No Happily Taken
summer santiago Hmmm? Thought we already had Summer Santiago on before? But after searching for her, we couldn't find her. Well mistake corrected! We now have the sexy Summer Santiago on GGurls after she sent this set of hot pictures in. Enjoy.
larissa monique She forgot to send us her social network links but she filled out the model release form to post the pics. So when this hottie, Larissa Monique gives us her Twitter (or Facebook) name we'll update this! Here goes.
mileena hayes live You have to check out Mileena Hayes, she's always updating her site with smoking hot pictures like these. After looking at this go look at
lovely chanel Tight body cutie Chanel returns with these smoking hot pictures. She looks a little hot and bothered and we love it. This is a nice set!
deevah Well damn! Deevah aka Coke Bottle Swagg will make you a Red Sox fan after looking at these pictures son. Shout out to the Jay Hunt for the pics!

kansas patrickOne of the sexiest GGurls is back and with even hotter pictures than before. Kansas Patrick hooked up with CClark Fotos and took some steamy pictures on a nice lawn landscape. Wouldn't you love to look out your window and see this?

dd mccoy We see why Shawn was excited when he told us about this new set of pictures with new model DD McCoy. This a very sexy feature here, and we're happy to present her to you on Welcome DD McCoy!
topaz west Whoa! We almost didn't see this in our inbox! We would have been mad if we'd had missed it. It's new pics of GGurl Topaz West just for you!
kristal solis Look what Kristal just sent us. Her new photo shoot honoring the military. We like this one a lot, we have a lot of respect for our troops who're putting in work for our freedom. Nice set Kristal!
mary lou Mary Lou is back with some more fire by 2020 photography. You just have to take a gander at these sexy ass pictures.
tiera kay Let's get a load of new GGurl Tiera Kay! She got a great shape with a round booty on her!
lira mercer We we first saw Lira all we could say to her is "Damn you're fine". We may have came off a little lame but her beauty caused it! If you don't like Lira then you don't like women because she's the epitome of a baaaaaad chic!
kymastry She was already booty of the day and now she's an official GGurl. Here are pictures of sexy ass Kymastry from Inergee Studios.
yazmine li Yazmin asked us on Twitter "can I be a GGurl now?" Wonder why she said that? Because we never knew she even tried in the first place. There's no way we would have said no to Yazmin. Take a look.
keiona veney Sexy ass. Keiona Veney is finally on GGurls thanks to Ricky Fontaine. These are some great pics and she's just too damn sexy not to brag about. Great job guys!
kaci lyn In her 4th feature, Kaci Lyn returns to show off her thick curvy body with nothing but a scarf! (We think that's a scarf). Anywho, you'll like all of these exclusive pictures.
candy robinsonVery seductive looking hottie right here. Candy Robinson has one of the cutest smiles we've ever seen and then she's just plain ole fine too!
lana langThis is a very sexy set of pics from Ggurl Lana Lang by GGurl photographer Inergee Studios. Very tasteful and classic and simply well done. We like!
benilda CE Wiley of 504 Dymes magazine has been sending us hot stuff for a minute now! This is his latest catch. Benilda, a nicely shaped model with a pretty face. Look for 504 Dymes Magazine at a retailer near you.
jorgie Slim sexy Jorgie is back with some hot new pics from Inergee Studios, she has a nice sex appeal don't she? Follow her on Twitter.
princess roxy Princess Roxy is back with some more nice pretty sexy pictures. She's a looker for sho! Follow her on Twitter.
jazzma crofton What a super pleasant surprise we got from BioHertz! This is Jazzma Crofton, new to the game, but will soon be popular as hell after taking pictures like this! We're glad to have her on here!
candy christine We like beach shoots. We like them even more when there is a sexy girl like Candy Christine standing in front of the lens. Dynasty Studio captured her perfectly. Great job guys!
bella vita What gives? We know we posted pictures of this sexy phat booty cutie on but how did we forget to feature Bella Vita? Damn we're just a little too overloaded to overlook such a bad as woman. She is gorgeous and sensual from head to toe son!
shabria When we say we think this woman is bad as fuck, we mean it. We see hot women all the time but Shabria still made us do a double take when we saw these pictures. She and Linkz Photos kicked ass on this set.
italia jones We gave you a sneak peek a few days ago from our boy @MrBrickJohnson and now we have the whole set he gave us of Italia Jones. This is soon to be many of y'all favorite model.
jayda starr Big booty cutie Jayda Starr took some hot pics with Nigel from DP Seduction and we got the results. Scroll down and see why we call her a big booty cutie!
lala Lala goes hard for her modeling and we love hustlers over this way so it was a no-brainer to put thick booty Lala on

leticia marie Remember just yesterday when we posted this?. We found some hot pictures of a hottie we didn't know. Well we forgot how popular we are because Leticia Marie (who it turned out to be) tweeted us on Twitter: "That's me!".

yvette martinez Ya see, this is what this is all about, hot women like Yvette Martinez. Hot curvy women like Yvette Martinez. Hot sexy curvy women like Yvette Marinez. Hot pretty sexy curvy women like Yvette Marinez. You get the point. This is a GGurls' exclusive.
ashley steele When we found out Ricky was shooting Ashley we actually got excited. Ashley is just sooooooooo hot. So now we have some GG exclusive of Ms Ashley Steele! Yay!
csilla ray A lot of girls pose simply throwing their booty in the camera. Well Csilla Ray has a nice booty and body but also knows how to model. These poses are outstanding and super sexy at the same time. Show us what you're working with Csilla! Very very nice.
ana bella Check out this little hottie by the name of Ana Bella. She tooks some hot pics with the home MJ Flix.
babi doll q Wow! Now this was a super nice surprise here. This sexy thang is name Babi Doll Q and we're in love. Shawn Darnell hit us up saying he had something really nice for the site and dammit he was right! Here she goes!
bella november We always though Bella November was stacked and now we have the pictures to prove it. November is a part of a group of sexy women who called themselves the core models and they're down with us. Enjoy these pics!
access lauren Model material right here. 6 foot tall Lauren Marie shot with GGurls recently and we must say the pictures turned out great! Lauren is a natural in front of the camera and we're proud to have her as a new core GGurl.
taryn lyymon We hate using words like "introducing" because it's corny and everybody says it. So let's say "Let's put a spotlight" on new GGurl Taryn Lyymon from Detroit! She's a petite cutie with a booty!
megan nicole Our current avi on Twitter features Megan Nicole's fine ass. Thanks to Inergee Studios we have some very great shots of Megan no other site has. Check out these classy implied nude pics.
shayna kelly Shayna Kelly aka Rose Kelly made a lasting impression on us when we saw her way back when. She's just as comfortable nude as she is with clothes on and looks great either way. All her pics are classy and sexy.
erika mayshawn Here is a sneak peek of Erika Mayshawn pictorial from Asis Magazine by Treagan Photos. Erika always take some hot ass pictures and we got our hands on some exclusive ones thanks to Mr. Brick Johnson!
salacious b When we first met Salacious on Twitter we thought she was fine as hell. She told us she has her own TV show in Baltimore and that she didn't model. Obviously the lure of the double G brought her in and she flew out to shoot with us in Detroit.
eva kristine Eva Kristine is a new urban glamour model from GlamourXposure photography. Tell us how you like this new hottie fam. Follow them both on Twitter.
trista t Oooh just when we thought Trista's other pictures were very sexy from the back, we got these from Inergee Studios. These show that she's sexy from the front just as well as the back.
monica carter This little sexpot returns in this GGurl exclusive by Inergee Studios. Monica Carter is a lil cutie with a sexy booty!
shirlee This German and Irish video vixen is making her way in the industry thanks to a great look, nice body and outstanding booty! Her name is Shirlee!
jlisa lii Now this is sexy! New GGurl J'Lisa Lii poses very sexy on a red couch! Imagine waling in a room and seeing this waiting for you. Yep, you'd lose your mind son.
alba nitza We sooooooooo love Alba Nitza 'round these parts. It's great to have such a beautiful girl on our team like Alba. So when we got these pictures from Alex we knew it'd be a great treat before we even opened the email. Very, very nice.
dmv finest Back for a 4th time Miss DMV Finest has a GGurls only session with Inergee Studios. You know our boy Big Jay will love these pictures (insider). Enjoy
whitney conner These abs will make you jealous. Whitney Conner is a fitness model and proves it in this pictures. She has a very well sculpted body and some of the sexiest abs ever.
tiara harris Tiara has appeared on GGurls a while back, but we never knew we'd get exclusive pictures of her. Well thanks to Inergee Studios we have pictures that you can only see here or on her site. Now that's some good shit right there.
kandis marie Kandis is fine! This set of pictures prove it. ZT Dynasty Studios found a gem right here baby. Let's see how her ratings goes after everybody see this. We suspect she'll get a lot of 5 stars.
miko milan Let's call this set part two! Miko Milan sent us some new pictures from the same shoot as the first feature. We immediately put them up. Very, very, nice.
miami marie She's down with the GG squad and she's sexy as hell. Miami Marie is one of our favorites and now we have some sexy pictures to present to you thanks to Nureign.
kichelle renee schoolgirl Kichelle Renee is becoming pretty popular around these parts and her versatility may be the reason why. Her last set of pictures was completely nude and this set is of a naughty school girl. She's pretty good.
jessica brazil Whenever your favorite artist makes a new song, you just buy it because you know you'll like it. When Alex sends us new models we pretty much just put them up, we know they'll be hot. This is Jessica Brazil.
jorgie Look what we got in our inbox. A hottie named Jorgie by a photographer named Daryl. Dig it.
sunny brown Perfects hips and abs, Sunny's pretty self is sure to be a big hit!
suhmer amir We love our exclusives baby, and this is one of Suhmer Amir just for us. She's even showing some pretty booty in one of them. Thank you Suhmer, we like it a lot!
tanieka eyecandi Tanieka Eyecandi has the right name. Her pics are a great pleasure to see. This chick has body son! Let's see if we get her to turn around next time ;)
avia-clevett We love brand spanking new models. Avia Clevette now graces GGurls with some sexy new pictures just for you! Dig her.
janese marie One of our favorite GGurls returns with some smoking hot pictures by Shawn Darnell. We already knew Janese Marie was sexy but damn we didnt' know she could bring it like this! Hot!
crystal lynee In normal DDG Style we're introducing new sexy girl Crystal Lynne! She's sure to be a hit with these pictures. Make sure you follow both on Twitter.
thasha reneVerified GGurl :) Thasha Rene joined the site and as soon as we saw her pictures we had to give them a spotlight! She is curvy and exudes sex appeal!
nicki bottomz Talk about a heart shape round booty! Nicki Bottomz body is bangin' ain't it? Glad she sent these pictures in because we know y'all pervs will love it!
alexa randolph Love talking to Alexa Randolph on Twitter, but how come we had no idea she was this fine? She joined the site and uploaded some pictures and we immediately wanted a feature. Well here she is. The pretty sexy Alexa on!
ivie damone Good Lawd! Our people over at BioHertz found a super hottie for us to present. This is Ivie Damone, and after her debut on here, you'll probably start seeing her everywhere. Ivie is bad as fuck and looks like a 10 in every category.
lovely chanel So sexy. Chanel has a nice slender body with curves, especially a nice curve on that booty. Here are three hot pics of her just being sexy. She's a keeper.
renee g ass We can't get enough of Renee G and it seems the internet loves her too. Racking up impressive numbers on Facebook and Twitter in a very short period of time Renee G is primed to take over as the new Whooty in urban glamour modeling (white girl with booty).

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