Cellphone Cutie: Candace Featured

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cnadance Welcome our latest cell phone cutie, Candace!

Twitter: @dollbabys_ass

  • When I take pics with my cellphone I think I'm...? Gorgeous
  • How many pictures do you take before you get a good one..? 5
  • What kind of cellphone do you have..? Smartphone
  • How many naked pictures of yourself do you have in your phone..? 10
  • How many naked pictures of other people do you have in your phone..? 0
  • Can you live without your cellphone or are you too attached..? I'm too attached
  • Where do you take most of your pictures..? (outside, bathroom) bathroom
  • Do you get dolled up before taking a cellphone pic..? very much
  • Where else can people see your cellphone pics on the web..? Facebook/Twitter
  • How much do you love GGurls for posting your pics..? (browny points!) A hell (of a) lot

  • Candance