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cellphone cutie Want to be a Cellphone cutie? All you have to do is send us 4 or five (hot!) pics or yourself using your cellphone. Send 'em to Staff(at)GGurls(dot)com. Make sure you title the email "Cellphone Cutie" and include your name, and social network links (Twitter, Facebook etc). Need an example of what we think is hot? Here ya go!

Full body shots are welcomed:
Cellphone Cutie
Cellphone Cutie2

Face shots are very welcomed:

Natalie Gabriel1

Naked booty cheeks, but NOT booty hole is welcomed:
Cellphone Cutie6
Cellphone Cutie1

Must be female
Must be 18 and up
Must state in the email your name, age, and that you are the owner of the pictures.
No one else can be in the picture with you
Naked breast are not allowed
Xrated pics are not allowed
No photoshopped pictures are allowed
Use common sense

You better be hot, we're not accepting just anybody, you don't have to be perfect just hot
You should make sure your background is clean, people love to make fun of messy houses
Make sure the pictures are clear
Make sure you include all the social networks you're on in your email, we prefer you have a Twitter account but it's not necessary

What we'll do for you
You'll be on! The biggest urban glamour site in the world! You'll get noticed!
We'll stamp our logo on your pics so you can brag you're on GGurls ;)
We'll link your Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, etc to your CC feature

Questions to answer for your Cellphone Cutie feature
Answer these questions and include them in the email

  • When I take pics with my cellphone I think I'm...?
  • How many pictures do you take before you get a good one..?
  • What kind of cellphone do you have..?
  • How many naked pictures of yourself do you have in your phone..?
  • How many naked pictures of other people do you have in your phone..?
  • Can you live without your cellphone or are you too attached..?
  • Where do you take most of your pictures..? (outside, bathroom)
  • Do you get dolled up before taking a cellphone pic..?
  • Where else can people see your cellphone pics on the web..?
  • How much do you love GGurls for posting your pics..? (browny points!)

    So go ahead and lets see what you got! We dare you! You just might be a GGurls Cellphone Cutie!
  • Email Staff (at) GGurls (dot) com