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  • Trying to get back started. I lost so much motivation it's ridiculous. Let's start off with a sexy little number by the name of Sadea
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  • Hazel Dior is new to the site as well as the modeling game. This short thick cutie lives in ATL, but is repping South Carolina.
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  • It's of course always a pleasure to post Gabrielle Ariona on here. This is where she started and it'll always be home. Here are her
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  • A naked woman is always a good thing. A fine naked woman with a big booty is a superb thing. Here is Mz A1 and
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  • New Set from CWalk of Jai Love. Definitely want to say this is an Exclusive GGurls Drop of Jai Love in the shower. 
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  •  How do you read your newspaper? Well Jackie B reads it in the nude wearing her Chucks.
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  • It's been a minute since Lovely has been on the site. This time she comes back naked wearing some pearls. It's not the first time
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  • I just received this set of Mrs. Bri from Marcel Anthony. If I'm not mistaken, I believe it's her first time on GGurls. Sure glad
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  •  Pearl Romero is back, this time it's in front of a vanity mirror. 
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  • This is Haley Babii's second time being on here I think. I can't wait to see more of her already. She's do damn bad it's
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  • Maybe the most curvy I've posted in a while? Una is back and this time with Alcole Studio. I think she's really really pretty and
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  • Ms Nina Badd is back and she's flashing that backside too. It's nice as ever and we can't get enough of it.
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  • Another looker from the Smitty camp. This is Crystal Uriah. Very promising. She just needs to show more booty if you ask me lol
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  • Thin, curvy, brown and pretty. I love 'em like that. Praise fits my description of a pretty little thing. Do you like her too? Of
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  • Now this is shocking me. I would have bet 1000 dollars that Vivevevici was already on, considering she's my baby and I've been fucking
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